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A great logo for your business can make all the difference.

Small Business Logo Design Services

Small business logo design is one of the services rendered by Inkbot Design. We have a lot of work to do with a small business that needs a cheap and practical logo design.

We cater to budgets of all sizes.

Starting a new company may be intimidating, but we can help you with your business logo design and brand identity.

We could support the journey throughout the whole design process. Small businesses require more affordable logos than well-established firms with more money to spend on publicity.

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Specifically, we need to know a little about your project requirements, your budget and what you’re looking for exactly – Tell us about your Business: What do you do? What Services or Products do you provide? What budget are you looking to invest in your Brand? – See our Calculator for more info!

Client Testimonials

Small Business Logo Design Review Christine Yang

Inkbot Design has some of the best logo designers I’ve ever met. They have a deep knowledge of the logo design business and connect the brand value and business within the logo design. I enjoyed discussing the design concepts with them. Most importantly, we got the best results from their professional work.

– Christine Yang (Small Business Owner)

Roy Bennet Testimonial

I cannot recommend Inkbot Design highly enough. They ensured that they really “got” the brief throughout the process. They devised some great logos and carried out many tweaks to ensure we were delighted. Stuart is straightforward to deal with and maintains an air of calmness from start to finish.

– Roy Bennett (Startup Founder)

Why Choose Us?

Some competitors sell logos for as little as £5, but any serious business owner will know the need to invest is greater. 

You must hire a professional logo designer if you want your brand identity to succeed.

Amateur designers found on crowdsourcing sites do not have the time or the inclination to spend more than an hour per design. Frequently, they rip off or copy clip art and low-grade design templates. 

As professional logo designers, we dedicate considerable time to your brand identity. We conduct research, experimentation, and development to see which concepts work best for your company. This means the final business logo design is considered 100% unique, and effort has been spent developing an image representing your new or growing business.

To Spend or Not to Spend?

Running small businesses has many headaches, from payroll to overheads and other miscellaneous costs. On top of that, “Do I have to spend money on getting a small business logo designed as well?”

That is one of the most intriguing questions a small business owner or a startup needs to ask before jumping in. All your focus will be breaking even within your estimated timeline; then, you must worry about sustainability.

So, you are probably deciding not to keep the company logo as one of the top priorities. Are you? Well, the answer is not all that objective.

You have to consider many factors that will assist you in making an informed decision. The nature of business, types of customers and budget are just a few basics that form the tip of the iceberg. However, let’s lay down some groundwork.

Get a Professional Logo Design.

What makes a good Small Business Logo Design?

The company logo is primarily the visual representation of your identity. In the initial contact with your customers and other stakeholders, the first thing they will look at is your logo and other aspects of your branding, and they even judge your brand subconsciously.

As you can see, in the interest of brand recall, the company logo will be present on all business collateral as the first visual cue for your brand. It is much more than just a creative piece of art to give your products some style.

It serves the unique purpose of visually arranging all visible elements of your company under one umbrella.
Companies that stay ahead of the curve usually invest significantly in their logo and branding.


Complicated logo concepts with intricate designs might be challenging to pull off. Many companies with the most iconic and memorable logos use simple designs that are easy to recognise, and in time, they become widely known globally. The Nike Swoosh is one of the most recognised brand symbols, and it is the epitome of simplicity. Almost anyone will recognise this mark without the need for textual stimuli.


When designing their logos, companies must consider the following: StyleFontsReal-World Context and Colour.

These elements must be eye-catching but not over the top. Secondly, you must choose something appropriate for your business principles. Finally, you have to work out the kinks, for instance, deciding how much text to use in your logo.


Companies put in much work to make their logos memorable. Sometimes, they can spend millions of dollars to create a fantastic logo from scratch; on the other hand, companies like tech giant Apple use minor tweaks over time to retain the overall essence.


The business letterhead, stationery, and most products will contain your small business logo design. It must have the versatility to be used in multiple ways and be appropriate, i.e., about your business in some way or concept.

Why Small Businesses Need to Take Logo Design Seriously

Building a business or brand is a process that takes time and effort. It takes time, money and a lot of other resources. You might skip some minor technicalities, but you will critically deter your progress if you skip over crucial elements. Here’s why I think a well-designed small business logo is one of those critical elements:

Standing Out

Standing out from competitors is essential in an industry where most products are usually generic. This quality helps potential customers recognise your brand, leading to a more significant market share.

What better way to do this than having a distinct logo and branding? It is the same reason why companies spend so much on packaging. Research indicates that customers are likelier to buy from a brand they recognise.

Looking Professional

A company with serious design flaws in its logo will inevitably negatively impact it, regardless of its product quality. However, if the logo looks “professional”, it gives the impression that a lot of time and money has been spent making it look good.

Such a company tends to be taken more seriously because a customer cannot help but wonder if this is the effort that goes into a company’s logo and how much they would put into the work.

Highlighting Your USP

You have a great product, and your initial market share is high, but you must create a positive brand identity to reinforce your USPs. Some companies use their logos very effectively to highlight their USPs.

Amazon uses the curve arrow in its logo to reiterate that it sells everything from A to Z. Ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins uses a different colour scheme to highlight that it subtly offers 131 flavours.

The Tour de France logo creatively hides a cyclist in its logo design. This subconsciously resonates with cycling enthusiasts the world over.

Putting your small business on the map

Expensive marketing campaigns and other mass-media advertisements may be out of the question for small businesses or startups with limited means. However, a well-designed small business logo with distinct creative elements can go a long way.

You can use these items for future marketing campaigns where you do not have to create new designs but play on the existing theme.

Brand Identity

This applies to any business, regardless of size.

Your logo is synonymous with your brand name.

Moreover, it is also a reminder to the customers of your brand’s perceived value. With so much at stake, you can spend a few more dollars developing a professional-looking logo.

Especially if you pitch a premium brand, an excellent-looking logo helps. A shabby-looking logo does not add pizazz to your brand identity and contributes to a poor brand image.

The reasons above justify why a logo is essential and the advantages a company can achieve if it has a professional-looking logo that oozes quality and modern design sense.

However, some factors may force a company to re-think this before breaking the bank to get its logo designed.

The shift to digital

As the digital age matures, we see fewer “physical” aspects of a company and more digital existence.

Previously, there was a lot out there to stamp your logo on. Even if you did not have physical products, the presence of paper and print made it possible to have your logo everywhere.

Companies that deal virtually and have no physical products might argue that they do not need to spend much to get a premium logo because it will hardly be seen.

Websites like Craigslist find such a need unnecessary.

The brand makes the logo – the logo design does not make the brand.

Many companies first became famous due to various factors such as work ethic, superior quality and excellent customer relations; then they spent so much on a new logo.

We must remember that all these giant corporations were well known before we started analysing logos and their impacts. Success makes the brand, and a logo is merely a visual representation of that brand.

Small businesses, small budgets

It is prevalent for startups to employ bootstrapping techniques to reduce costs during the initial stages of the business. A simple wordmark may be okay, but a premium logo might not be the first thing on the owners’ minds.

Depending on the industry, the breakeven period can be quite far off, and owners may cut costs wherever possible.


As expected, the list of reasons a company should focus on getting a professional custom logo design for small businesses is considerably longer than the limitations. Unless you are in a unique line of business where logos and branding are of minor importance, or you are seriously struggling for cash, it makes sense. 

As a business, you have to realise the value addition your brand receives by having a solid logo in both design and marketability.

Final Verdict

Small businesses, in particular, need to establish their brand identity. It is vital to gain permanent customer recognition in an age where highly evolved marketing techniques make each marketing space available a coveted spot with many suitors.

Therefore, small businesses should prioritise creating a logo representing their identity despite the associated costs.

These costs will seem insignificant compared to an iconic and well-known small business logo design in the long run.

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