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Charity Logo Design Services in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In many ways, charity logo design and non-profit branding organisations are no different for regular business customers.

Take Britain’s largest charity, Cancer Research UK, as an example. It has amassed around £250m in their work and provided paid and voluntary jobs for thousands of people. Their success has been astounding and is clearly due to their strong brand identity and public image.

By following tried and tested business strategies, your non-profit organisation can succeed. A professionally designed brand and charity logo design can take them from low-level activity to a high profile brand, receiving more donations than ever before.

Without a professional image, your charity and all its hard-working fundraisers will struggle. Donors won’t be interested and won’t trust you with their hard-earned cash.

How much should I invest in a Charity Logo Design?

Logo Design for Charities is slightly different from our ‘regular’ business logo design. We understand that your budget may not be on the same scale as a regular for-profit business, and we are happy to quote according to your charity’s information. Your design is given the same time and effort as any other, and we are dedicated to getting across your charity’s message in visual form. We are also open to an exchange of services, so if you think you’ve got something to offer, please mention it when you get in touch, and we will let you know what can be provided in return for free charity logos.

Please get in touch and Request a Quote if you need a professional charity logo design.

Inkbot Design is proud to have been involved in many free charity logos for non-profits in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We have also helped create free logo designs for charities and branding for non-profit organisations worldwide – from inner-city community projects to charities supporting African village farmers. If you run an NGO that needs a professional Brand, please get in touch.

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