Common questions asked by clients, answered.

I often get asked the same enquiries via email, twitter or contact form and have decided to lay out a brief Graphic Design FAQ to hopefully answer some of the most common frequently asked questions.

If you have a question that is not answered here please get in touch and I'll be sure to clear things up. Thanks.

Graphic Design FAQ

Logo Design Costs & Pricing Related Questions

This is the most common question asked of a logo designer and yet one of the hardest to answer.

I don’t work to set ‘rates’ since every project is different, with varying requirements of time, experimentation and depth. A similarity could be drawn to walking into a car salesroom and asking “How much for a car?” – there is no exact price, it depends on the what you are looking for.

Branding design should be seen as an investment, as supposed to a one-off purchase. A good one will last a lifetime, but a bad one will need redesigned much sooner than that.

Check this page on How much does a logo design cost which you may get a better idea of the value of a logo.


Can I get a free logo design?

Probably not. Unless you’re a non-profit or charity, in which case have a look at my Charity Logo Design page.


“Simple” does not mean easy.

“Simple” is one of the primary aims of a great logo design which is much harder to achieve successfully than people think. If you mean ‘basic’ then you also may mean ‘generic’, which is not something I strive for in creating a logo.

“Budget” is also not the best way to describe the amount you have allocated for this investment. My lowest quotes tend to come in around £800-£1000, so please keep this in mind.

If you're looking for a quick custom logo design, maybe as a temporary placeholder, I recommend checking out my Store where prices start around £100.

Do I pay before or after?

I require an as standard 50% deposit upfront before starting a project, with the remaining amount to be paid upon completion.

If the total invoice is over £5000, I will happily split it into thirds or quarters if preferred.

If you are wanting to pay 100% up front, that will open some advantages for yourself (ask me!)


What payment methods do you accept?

If you are within the UK, then a standard bank transfer is probably the best approach, more detailed payment instructions will be included on the invoice.

If outside the UK, a BACS transfer can be arranged, alternatively PayPal can offer a safe route, although you have to pay additional fees for currency conversion.

What is your hourly rate for Graphic Design?

I don’t charge by the hour for logo design, I charge a fixed price by the project. This means you know exactly how much you will be paying from the start, with no spiralling costs or surprises as time progresses.

Additional graphic design services such as layout, consultation or amendments to existing design can be charged at my hourly rate of £50 per hour or a day rate of £500.


Logo Design Process Related Questions

How do you create a logo? What is involved with the logo design process?

There’s a lot, so much that it gets it’s own page: Logo Design Process


What other services do you provide?

Again, this deserves a page of it’s own: Graphic Design Services

What information should I provide before I get a logo designed?

My Logo Design Questionnaire acts as a design brief – it asks all the important questions I would ask if we were to sit down for a face to face interview. In terms of what information to provide, be as detailed as you can. Think of me as an investor – sell your product to me and describe everything assuming I have no prior knowledge of what it is you do.

Can I get some free logo samples before making a deposit?

Unfortunately not. The deposit shows that you are serious and professional, if you are unwilling to make a deposit I will have to turn the project down.


Project Timing Related Questions

How long until I see some initial concepts?

From the initial deposit and completion of the design brief, it will usually take between 5 days to a week before presenting the initial logo concepts.

How many changes / revisions can I ask for?

As many as it takes until you are happy. Many graphic designers restrict you to 3 or 5 revision cycles, but I am confident we will find something suitable to work from so it’s not an issue offering ‘unlimited’ developments.

How long will the whole project take?

An average logo design project will last around 4 weeks from design brief to final files. The amount of revisions and development will  be the main factor in the project duration, a client who picks one of the initial ideas straight up may get final files within a day or two.

Can you start my project immediately?

Yes, I will be available to start immediately, unless I state otherwise in the quotation.

My deadline is tomorrow, can you help?

No. You need to plan better.


File Format Related Questions

In what file formats will my logo be provided?

Everything is created in Adobe Illustrator (vector) format and final files can be sent in any format you require.

The standard set includes: .AI (Illustrator original file), .EPS / .PDF (for print), .JPEG / .PNG (for web and viewing).

The .PNG’s will be set onto a transparent background to make web use easier and social media icons / favicons can be sent upon request.

If you require additional files in the future, I will be happy to oblige, or you can export from the .AI files. For more in depth details please see this page on Logo Design File Formats

How many logo design concepts will I receive?

A minimum of 3 and maximum of 5. The point of these numbers is to show a variety of options, without overwhelming you with too many choices. It’s my job as the designer to choose what to present, there may be 30 other concepts, but you will see the strongest approaches for the brand.


Who owns the rights to the final logo?

Upon clearance of final payment, you own all the rights of the final files. I do reserve the right to show the logo design within my own portfolio – if that would be a problem I would appreciate this being discussed at the earliest possible contact.


Can I make changes to the files?

Yes (upon final payment). I do recommend getting in touch with myself beforehand as I may be able to offer assistance, but the files are yours to do with what you wish.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

I live in a different country, will that be a problem with getting a logo designed?

Not at all. My clients come from all over the globe, the only requirement being internet access to receive the final files!

Do you provide printing services?

No. I can prep files for print specific to your location or even printer, but I can’t physically print. This allows you to choose your own printer and save money on postage.

I do however offer Print Design Services so if you just need business cards or stationery, feel free to Request a Quote.


Where can I see more of your work?

Check out my Graphic Design Portfolio where you can see a range of recent projects.

Do you work with contracts?

Usually not, but I will happily sign an NDA if you have one.


How do I hire you to create a logo?

You can email me: stuart(at)inkbotdesign(dot)com or Request a Quote for Design


All I'm going to say is…

Spec(ulative) work is a cancer within the design industry and all designers need to understand their role in fighting it.


Do you use clipart when making logos?

Why would I invest in learning this profession, studying it for years at home, school and university only to open Microsoft Office and squeeze out a pixellated image of a stick figure playing the mandolin?

All my designs are 100% custom, unique pieces, created by myself.

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