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9 Expert Tips to Create SEO-Friendly URLs

9 Expert Tips to Create SEO-Friendly URLs

Structuring the URLs for achieving that desired SEO is tricky. Crafting and structuring the URL is crucial at many levels. It can give you game-changing benefits for your online content.

The web address can elevate the ranking, and thus the SEO-friendly URLs can bring you so many perks. 

If you are looking for SEO success, too, you must work on the URL right away. The SERPs are impacted as a result, and the decision-making lies with the users to opt for your content or not. 

Therefore, knocking a random URL should be avoided, and a well-formed key strategy can bring wonderful results.

There are several questions in the minds of the decision-makers related to the placement of category in the URL, length of the URL, placement of keywords in the same. 

Though several ground rules are popular in the field, the URL must be focused and should not have stop words. 

Apart from this, they should be of the appropriate length for the best results. All of this must be decided beforehand to provide the audience with the best experience. Such common practical tips can move the business to the top quickly. 

Several organisations are still struggling with the appropriate length and other aspects; we hope that all of them will be addressed through the guide providing you with the best solutions.

Here, we have created a complete guide with crucial details to update you on the recent improvements in the field. Let’s dive in and find out more about SEO-friendly URLs.

The Importance of SEO-Friendly URLs

The Anatomy Of A Url

Impact on overall user experience

Search engine optimisation depends significantly on the users’ experience as the website provides. Going through the URL makes it easy for the user to get an idea about the entire page. 

Well-crafted ones take away the deal only and attract the users towards them. In this manner, the popular search engines also promote well-framed URLs.

Major Ranking determiner

Primarily, the popular search engines interpret the URL to rank the websites. Those URLs which fulfil the criteria of the popular search engines are provided with the top position in the search results.

The experts also believe that it does not impact search engine optimisation to a great extent. Yet, it is believed that popular search engines like Google will always have websites with SEO-friendly URLs at the top positions of the search results.

Points to Consider

Enticing Seo-Friendly Urls

1 – Easy to read and understand

URLs must not be confusing at any cost. If the user finds it difficult to read your URL, indeed, they will not take an interest in it. Along with it, the users cannot consider something too tough to read. 

Please make sure there are no breaks in it to get better results. If you encourage consistency through your URL, you should ensure that you are not using special characters. 

The experts at Growth Marketing Pro also recommend organising your pages through a specific folder structure if you have a complicated site with many categories.

Do not forget to include the keywords as a part of the same as it can help attract the users more. The words must be meaningful, and the ones at the starting must be more meaningful to the users than the ones at the end. 

2 – Comparatively easy URLs

Keep in mind that the URLs are easy to remember for visitors. It is seen that the catchy and easily recognisable ones are usually more popular and find their place easily in the sphere. 

You cannot memorise a long and detailed one quickly and thus is also shared less among people. Easy and meaningful URLs are considered the best choice of most popular search engines. 

Concise, SEO-friendly URLs written in lowercase letters are appreciated more in this field and used by well-reputed organisations today.

If you are also aiming at crafting a URL that becomes evergreen content, keep it free from years, digits, and any other form of stop words. This will serve as a barrier and harm the user too. 

Experts suggest it be precise and appropriate, providing a clear idea lying far away from the fields of confusion.

3 – Place the keyword organically 

To get more attention to your links, you have to pay attention to the placement of the keyword. Do not forget to include it naturally, as dropping it won’t be a great decision. Try to place the keyword in the beginning to attract the viewers. 

Go for a URL that generates curiosity among the target audience and makes them interested instantly. 

Appropriately placing the keywords organically will have a direct positive impact in several terms. The business must evaluate the same and make wise decisions. The permalink portion must include the exact keyword and place it appropriately.

4 – Exclude the stop words

It is usually seen that the stop words like and, but, the, etc., are usually ignored or filtered out by the search engine. You can also remove it from the URLs to shorten it up. 

They can also be put aside to improve clarity and generate user interest. The URLs look much cleaner and appropriate as a result. 

Those which do not include the stop words look much more approaching even on social media. It also looks more appealing and professional while increasing the domain ranking.

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Because of the generalised nature of the stop words, they are usually dismissed by the search engine. 

Popular search engines like Google eliminate such words, thus moving all your hard work straight to the vain. There is a need to work smart instead of hard to get better results online.

The dates do not benefit the search engine crawlers or the customers, so they should not be part of the URL. As it is considered that the complexity level is increased when the dates are a part of it, therefore, it does not provide any such benefit in these cases. 

The experts also favour the exclusion of data for the maximum benefit.

5 – Shorter URL for the win

It is essential to have a short and crisp URL to secure the desired SEO. 

Even the statistics suggest that the respondents to the shorter URLs are much more than the longer ones, which are not too impressive. 

There are numerous efficient URLs shortening tools that you can implement to create a shorter branded domain URL. 

It will help you with availability and earn more appreciation for the brand from the users. For the users, too, it feels that the brand is much more focused on the precise approach rather than description. 

It is desired that you must cut out the unnecessary words from the same, and it should not exceed more than 100 characters at max.

Many URL shorteners are available in the market to ease your work and provide you with the guidance required. If your URL is also lengthy, you should consider optimising its length and rank better in the search results.

6 – Security-centred approach

Every business should maximally ensure the security of the users and available information as they share the information regarding the credit and debit cards, email addresses, and contact information which elevates the organisation’s responsibility to keep them safe. 

Having a security-centred approach is cardinal to most top-level businesses today. 

In this regard, the website must assure security which can be possible through the special SSL certificate. In the absence of these special certificates, website users are more prone to data loss. A careful blend of SSL and HTTPS is considered a credible mark to gain trust. 

cheap SSL wildcard is utilised these days that serve the purpose of complete security, ensuring it does not dig a hole in your pocket. We recommend you figure out your requirements and purchase only from an authorised seller.

7 – Usage of hyphens

Separators In Urls

Popular search engines promote hyphens over the underscores. The information can be accessed easily wherever the hyphen usage is there. 

The visibility on the search engines is also elevated via hyphens. The experts believe that the readability increases manyfold with the measure.

Additionally, if you use the underscore as eCommerce websites, the search engine will assume it as e-commerce instead of two separate words, thereby confusing the audience. 

Using these two is a bit tricky, but if used correctly can help you change the SEO game big time.

8 – Trustworthy URLs and optimisation for better results

It is essential to optimise your URL structure, considering several factors to make it trustworthy. Apart from this, the user experience must be the priority of every organisation. 

Keywords must not be stuffed and should be used only once to optimise them. You must indicate the URL in general. It should well represent the field you are aiming to deal in. 

For example, if you deal in travel and tourism, it should reflect in the permalink, clearly prioritising your page’s key users. These small steps help bring out positive results in the long run.

9 – Long-lasting URLs 

Though the same point has been listed throughout the piece, this measure deserves to be mentioned separately. 

Even in cases where you are using the URL structure for a seasonal matter like Christmas, Father’s Day, and other events, the organisation’s experts must create evergreen ones that can serve a better purpose in the long run. 

The blog title must not be the URL, and we must keep all the points mentioned above in mind to have a great deal in the business. 

If evergreen content is considered crucial to the growth of the business, then evergreen URLs can give it neck to neck competition in terms of SEO. 

They help you keep your position secure at the top and provide you with the much-required future success. 

Durable URLs are thus considered crucial as the infrastructure of the kingdom of the entire business.


URL (Uniform Resource Locator) directs the links like a blog post and gives an idea about its position on the Internet. 

Consider it a huge library, and the uniform resource locator is the address to that page title which is highly desirable. 

There is much demand for SEO-friendly URLs in the market, and every organisation is working towards it massively.

All the points mentioned above justify the importance of the same, like creating readable URLs, keeping them precise and short, using the keywords in the URL organically, having a consistent URL, optimising according to the user’s experience. 

Apart from that, the importance of creating evergreen SEO-friendly URLs cannot be avoided. Several businesses are working towards providing the users exactly what they want. 

They must be created to make the users curious about the brand or the publication and attract them. These must be crafted creatively and sensibly. 

It can bring the brand to move towards the steps of success in less amount of time. An amalgamation of all the above-mentioned brings desirable results as expected by the company.

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