The Best Restaurant Marketing Strategies That Gets Results

Just like any business, operating a restaurant to become a top-notch establishment can be a challenging task.

On average, 60% of startups often fail within their first year of opening.

This shows that sustaining a restaurant can be a real struggle.

The fight of building up consistent revenue as well as keeping up with the latest social networks to be updated of what people are talking about is real.

However, these can be made easy if you implement these six best restaurant marketing strategies to be a competitive advantage and enhance your revenue consistency.

The Best 6 Restaurant Marketing Strategies for Business owners

Create a Blog

Restaurant Blog Design

You can create a blog about your restaurant and make a beautiful and informative website where people can find data about your menu, prices, special offers and story.

Creating blog posts about your business is a great way to build community and reach your potential customers.

Interestingly enough, you can as well use blogs to voice out your restaurant's personality, share your recipes, announcements, news, successes as well as struggles not to mention funny stories and much more that might get your customers attention and interest.

However, keep it simple to make it easier for various customers to read and relate.

A website for your restaurant is like going global with your business.

It's essential to create a professional website with your locations, phone numbers and all the required details to help and make it very easy for existing and potential customers to know where you are or find you.

Though you may think that creating a website costs much but believe me, it's worth the investment.

According to a survey, over 80% of Americans often look-up restaurants online, before going out.

This means that if you don't have a restaurant website, then you are missing out on potential clients.

Some of the things they view include your menu, phone number, dishes and locations.

Customers can and will make online bookings and reservations through restaurants websites (online booking).

This is made possible with a restaurant reservation software.

Make your website user-friendly by having all the necessary information available for customers on-the-go.

Additionally, restaurant owners can use their websites to reflect their brand, personality and culture as well.

Check out on the listing and review sites such as Zomoto, Yelp or even GrubHub to make it easy for your potential customers to locate and find your restaurant online.

There are commissions as well as charges involved while using such services provided by the platforms above.

Remember, a good website should not only help customers to find you, but it should also as well have a responsive design, adjusting automatically to various screen sizes.

You can track user behaviour while on your website such as, the pages on which your site-visitors go-to, the terms they often use to find or locate your restaurant, the duration of time they spend, their demography, where they come from and much more.

All these will significantly come in handy when tracking your statistics to help better optimise your restaurant marketing strategies, even in the future.

Some of the useful marketing tools that you can use to track user behaviour include Google Analytics and Mondovo.

Register in restaurant reservation apps

Restaurant Reservation App

Did you know that about 75% of Smartphone users find information about restaurants before they come out while 50% of them tend to search when in the car?

It's important to know that guest behaviour is changing.

These guests are mobile, and most of these searches are done based on a restaurant's branding, menu, atmosphere, the location and pricing.

Ensure that your restaurant is in the database of the listed applications.

Not to mention being connected with your guest using this platform as potential customers use their mobile phones to check-out on restaurants reputations.

Always keep up with the latest restaurant marketing trends or risk being an irrelevance.

That's why it will be good to register in an app like Eat App.

Such an app will help your customers to find you and quickly make a reservation; moreover, it's top-rated software, so such action also will work as an advertisement.

Through the Eat app, your customers can conveniently order their food directly from their phones, cutting down on operating costs.

Have you thought of increasing your customers' loyalty?

Well, it is possible with the use of such software as you can implement the easy-to-use mobile loyalty program.

You can match all these features with push-notifications to enhance your client's experience as it becomes part of your core business.

The restaurant reservation system is a profitable investment for your restaurant business.

Use social media Channels

Market Your Brand Social Media

If you're looking for the most powerful tools that any business can use for restaurant marketing then, look no further because social media marketing is the best option.

It can put your restaurant business in front of thousands of potential guests.

Hence, it's way more than just brand awareness.

Apart from helping restaurant owners to gain insight into their target consumers, it opens channels for feedback from existing customers.

Hire a social media expert to handle social media marketing to get the best out of it.

Among the most significant social networks, you can put more efforts on Facebook and Instagram.

This is because they offer certain features that are useful for food-related businesses.

For example on Instagram, it is known as a perfect channel that one can use to promote high-quality pictures, especially of their dishes.

Facebook offers the platform of creating sweepstakes and creating events that are most likely and quickly go viral through sharing.

However, when it comes to social media marketing, you should also consider the demographics of the social network that you will be using.

For instance, Instagram is better suited for young crowd audiences while, if you're targeting customers that are above 35 years old, you the most suitable social networks would be Facebook and Twitter.

Also, be sure to check this guide on how to grow your Twitter following.

Always identify those social media channels on which your target customers or audience frequent.

Remember that each of these social media platforms is different.

Thus, in its own way as they have different sets of audiences.

By doing so, you'll be able to focus your effort as well as utilise your resources much better.

You can choose to trend with the #hashtag on Instagram to show-off your storefront.

Therefore, to make your social media marketing ideas useful, always survey your customers to know which social media platforms they prefer as well as how they absorb online information.

Research their online behaviours while keeping an eye on whom your competitors in the market are targeting.

Through this, you'll be able to know the right social media channel to focus your time on.

On your identified social media channels, make a post about your restaurant and provide your customers with visual content informing them of what you offer.

Many people walk into restaurants because they were referred to or recommended by a friend or a family member.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool to spread the word.

Hence, you can use it by employing social paying.

Social paying gives customers a chance to pay for their food when they share your restaurant delicacies on their social media pages.

This will attract and entice more customers to come to your place to try out the mouth-watering delicacies.

Invite bloggers

Restaurant Marketing

Bloggers are known to have many followers.

You can invite them to your restaurant and ask them to write or even mention something about your restaurant on their blog or channel.

The primary purpose of inviting these bloggers is due to a large number of followers and influence they have online.

You can do so by giving an invite and delight them with the best and mouth-watering food or dishes in your restaurant.

Not to mention, giving the best service and ambience such that they would be impressed and consider saying about the restaurant in their social media posts as well as blogs.

However, still, you don't have to focus more on bloggers alone.

There are other influencers with the big social media following.

You can invite such people as well to your restaurant for your best dishes and services.

Henceforth, you can invite food bloggers to your restaurant by offering free meals or appetisers and ask them if they can give a positive review on your restaurant or share their experience about your restaurant on their social media channels.

Since they have big followings, through their vast influence, you'll be able to get some attention from their followers.

It's one way of getting potential customers, especially when you're new in the restaurant business.

It's a way of promoting your restaurant to potential guests outside of your area.

Share about events in your restaurant

Coffee Shop Marketing

For those who are new to the restaurant business, you can join your local chamber of commerce to connect with other members.

This enables you to have more access to your local community, and apart from that, you'll be able to host several themed evenings, events, as well as parties for members.

By joining them, you'll be able to get a link on their websites, and this can help with search engine rankings.

It's human nature; we always have a reason to go out.

Therefore, share about the popular bands that come over to perform in your restaurant.

That popular comedian you invite.

Let your customers know about their coming and publicise them on Instagram and Facebook to get potential guests from there.

There are other event-related restaurant promotion ideas such as conducting a specially-themed food festival and much more to attract customers to your restaurant.

However, remember to make good deals such as offering free food though, with increasing prices of drinks, with the aim of creating popularity.

Invite journalists and restaurant critics

Restaurant Marketing Tips

You can also invite journalists as well as restaurant critics to your restaurant to have a taste of your specials.

Local magazines, newspapers and not to mention news stations should also be considered.

Invite them for a free meal as well as to do a piece of writing on your location.

It is also important to build local buzz for competitive advantage within your locality.

Mentioning your restaurant in the press won't hurt, you but rather create attention and popularity towards your restaurant business.

Their reviews are most likely to appear in their publications for the rest of their audience.

However, do some research about these individuals before inviting them over to your location.

For your best interests, be selective on individuals you invite.

Some of these restaurants critics may build or destroy your image with the review.


Nowadays there are a lot of ways and strategies to promote your restaurant business.

Such options consist of online strategies – blogs, websites and social media marketing; inviting famous people – bloggers, journalists, critics or setting up an event in your restaurant.

You should not ignore a chance to promote your business if you want to become the best establishment in your area.

Hopefully, these six restaurant marketing strategies for business owners will help lead you to success!