If you’ve got an eye for photography, you’ll need to sharpen it and let it develop new ways of seeing. After all, there’s a reason a picture paints a thousand words – a single scene can be taken in different angles and given different moods and colour treatments.

This awareness is one of the aspects that guide our articles on professional photography tips, which cover wedding photographers and landscape photographs, to name a few. As such, you can take these resources as mini photography classes of sorts, albeit online and sometimes solely through a collection of creativity-inducing images.

Flexing your photographer’s muscles, in a manner of speaking, can make you a better graphic designer or marketing professional as it lets you find creative ways of capturing an image on the camera or create appealing moving images that evoke emotion and call your audience to the action you intend. Take a look at these articles and find a new way of seeing and creating, whether you are a photographer or a design professional.




Sweet Logos

Sweet Logos

Okay so this is kind of pointless and beautiful at the same time. Massimo Gammacurta is a New York based photographer who has created a conceptual still-life set of images making these sweet logos (great pun!) of the most famous brands into lollipops. I'm not...