Redesigning a Money Transfer Comparison Website

Redesigning a Money Transfer Comparison Website

Although there are endless services for money transfers online, a few stand above the rest because of their higher credibility and superior performances – is one of them. 

It is already seen as a leader in the comparison of the top money transfer services out there. 

The website has been running since 2014 and has helped hundreds and thousands of customers to transfer more than £1bn abroad.

Any website faces the risk of going stale and outdated because of the rapidly changing digital trends and evolving needs of online visitors. 

Moneytransfercomparison is an excellent example of how redesigning a site can support digital marketing efforts and work as a powerful tool in today’s competitive marketing landscape.

The site is popular because it is easy to navigate and serves its purpose. 

Customers are looking for the most affordable money transfer services that are fast and reliable. 

This is where steps in and offers them some valuables comparisons and allows the customers to avail themselves of the most competitive exchange rates. 

As a result, they save their time, effort, and money when transferring money. 

It focuses on the trustworthiness of companies and offers valid money transfer comparisons to customers regarding the efficiency, affordability, security, and convenience of making money transfers. 

 It is indeed a pleasure to see the website make further progress over 2.5 years and moved from the traditional sidebar to a full-width website. 

Thanks to the redesigning that has been finalised just now, the website now gets a modernised style and a professional look. 

Money Transfer Comparison Redesign – Old vs New 

Mtc2019 1
How it looked before
Mtc2021 1
How it looks after being Redesigned

The website is now a lot more mobile-friendly, using the new sidebar-less design, as sidebars don’t show up on mobile at all. 

The new navigation menu, which has two levels of navigation, can help the prospective reader find all the relevant topics for them on the site – whether looking for b2b money transfer services or a private trade, whether he is looking for complex tools to hedge his funds or look for an instant spot contract payment.

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In addition to that, MoneyTransferComparison has moved over to a unified colour scheme, which means that a few dominant colours are being used and not the entire palette of colours, which was an issue that users previously reported confusing.

Other than the colour scheme, templates were also unified, and there are fewer page types currently on than with the previous design. 

That makes navigating through several similar pages, for example – money transfer service reviews (more than 70 of those on MoneyTransfercomparison), more comfortable and easier to compare.

Ultimately, the redesign has demonstrated remarkable results. 

Users are reporting more straightforward navigation on the site. 

Data also shows that users spend more time on the site and are less likely to hit the back button while showing more significant interaction. 

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