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How to Combine Print Media and Digital Advertising for Better Marketing?

How to Combine Print Media and Digital Advertising for Better Marketing?

Everything changed with the emergence of the digital age. Marketing and advertising were also impacted. 

The introduction of technology opened Pandora's Box and cultivated a paradigm shift for brands looking forward to telling their stories.

But, traditional modes of advertising still exist and have a significant influence on the market base. Therefore, marketing and advertising campaigns are a hybrid of new marketing strategies and traditional modes like print media.

The realm of print advertising

Print Media Magazine Advertising

It is a known fact that newspaper advertising is no longer the primary mode of advertising. However, it is still effective in regions where the internet has not penetrated the ecosystem. 

But print advertising is just not limited to newspaper flyers and ads. People are still fascinated by the glossy finish of smooth magazine paper and its glamorous covers. 

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The print advertising market has dwindled, but it still has a significant share. Latest marketing trends like digital marketing, mobile marketing, ads on radios and tv, digital ads, etc., are leading the way. 

We should also not overlook the fact that now a thin line separates print media from digital media.

Results published by the latest titled Global Print Advertising Market Report & Forecast 2019-2024 suggests print media is not yet dead. 

If we tread on that thin line, print ads have become digitised in the developed markets, but they are still relevant for businesses in their nascent stages.

Why is print media still relevant?

Print Catalog Examples

According to a statistical report by Finance online, the market for ads in newspapers would reduce to just $24,986 million in 2025 from $30,255 in 2021. 

Despite this forecast, other statistics reveal that print marketing is still a significant player.

  • Newspaper subscribers are not going anywhere.

Studies revealed that 95% of the population under the age of 25 years read newspapers and magazines. In addition to this, households with a collective income of $100,000 and above read newspapers regularly. People are habitual of reading things in printed form. 

Psychologically, they think that newspaper reading is a mark of respect and intellect.

  • Maximum impact, minimum intrusion

Newspapers and magazines do not junk your mail or force you to go through a pop-up now and then. 

It is less intrusive and more effective in turning sales as 82% of the consumers trust printed ads more than any other form. Marketing Sherpa confirmed this in their independent report.

  • Print media is flexible

Print media is comparatively linear and straightforward. It works for the benefit of consumers as well as advertisers. It offers advertisers a choice to publish their ads for maximum benefit. 

A reader spends around 20 minutes on a publication. Therefore, an ad on the cover page or second page will subconsciously impact the consumer.

  • Easier to comprehend

A survey was done on 18- to 23-year-olds. The results were astonishing. As against the popular beliefs, the population within the age group feels print medium easier to understand than digital media.

  • Builds connection and repertoire
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HubSpot published its list of marketing statistics for 2021. Print media invokes a visual sense of the person. An amalgamation of fonts, colours, images and written text makes more impact on the mind of the consumers. 

Their ability to recall increases by 65%, and they can correlate with other ads on different media as they can recall what they saw in a printed ad three days ago. So, ads that are curated as per the demography and general mood generate more sales.

Combining Print and Digital Media Ensures Positive Engagement

Digital Marketing Advertising Trends

This is true that digital marketing trends would rise to claim more than 55% of the advertising market. People's inboxes, WhatsApp, and other modes of digital imprint are flooded with digital ads. It is tough to get some attention in cacophonies.

So, print advertising can be made more effective in delivering the message mode emphatically. Direct mails can be made more visually appealing. 

As everything is going digital, direct mail is more likely to reach the targeted audience as people do not receive much mail these days. However, your direct email in their inbox may land up either in the trash folder or marked as spam.

FedEx National Account Manager Franco Algeria believes in the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of direct mail. 

Sending personalised direct mail is emotional and evokes abstract feelings. Physical ads are more A research conducted by the US Postal Services with Temple University in 2019 confirms that same.

So, this is high time that businesses tap the potential of print ads in advertising to reach the masses. No doubt, traditional modes have more value in the eyes of consumers than electronic media.

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