Passive Income Ideas for Freelance Designers

Passive Income Ideas for Freelance Designers

The popularity of Freelancing has been on the rise over the last few years; trending quite a lot, recently in particular.

Isn’t it great no to have a boss that assigns you to work, and yells at you whenever anything goes wrong?

Given the perks that come along with this choice of profession, many individuals are choosing it over the traditional, full-time office jobs.

However, as you know, pros and cons come hand in hand – the negative aspects that trail freelancing as a profession is that the professional growth of an individual stop at a certain point.

You cannot train yourself new skills and techniques unless you push the boundaries of your knowledge, experience or environment.

Creative niches are more comfortable to be taken as freelance professions, such as Logo Designers or WordPress developers.

While being a freelance designer, have you ever found yourself digging for quick methods that can bring you more money?

In reality, there are quite a few options available.

Since freelancing is all about working independently, most often with the help of the internet, there are various potential passive income streams to make more money being at home.

Let’s explore some of these generating passive income ideas:


Word Power


passive income ideas


You may be a great visual designer, but are you a good writer?

Did you know that your writing skills can help you in making money online?

You could be an industry leader and start your niche blog, or you could write a book that helps people to learn different techniques in design.

It is one of the simplest ways to attract an influx of passive income opportunities.

All you have to do is to start writing down your experiences, ensuring they provide value to the reader.

In writing, there are plenty of things that can help people in getting what they want.

You have to be highly authentic and versatile on what you are writing, however.

Being a designer, a good place to begin is in writing tutorials with different examples and beautiful graphics that can illustrate your point well.

The Internet is a vast pool of likeminded people who are looking to find the solution for their problems.

Someone studying or learning design can get immense help from your articles, and it can become the best way for you to earn some extra income on the side.


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Creating a design blog today is an easy task.

There is a broad range of web platforms like WordPress and Blogspot that make it easy and accessible for both you and the readers.

If you think that creating a blog is too much right now, then you can always choose guest posting as an alternative option.

There are plenty of popular websites that allow you to submit a guest post in any design niche.

Also, many of these websites pay you some money, ranging from $50 to several hundred for an approved blog post.

Also, lastly, if none of the above options works out, then you can always try writing an e-book.

It is one of the best sources of making money by employing your skills. You can always get your e-book on Amazon Kindle or E-junkie.

Both ways are suitable for you to earn money from e-books, without requiring you to find an agent, publicist or team to help.


Earn From your Designs




Being a designer, you have creativity in your hands. You just need to get creative about generating passive income.

Designing could be your passion, or it could be just to pay the bills.

Creating stock graphics, templates or reusable art can become a great avenue to earn more money online.

You could publish your designs on a 3rd party marketplace, or you could create your personal, online store.

This approach to making money online is getting attention in the last few years.

It is becoming a widespread industry and the first choice of many freelance designers for making money.

Creating your web store is more technical than selling the products on a competitive marketplace, but the result is that you will retain a higher percentage of revenue from sales.

Admittedly, customer service will consume a lot of effort and maintenance is always ongoing.

So if you want to start slowly, then I would suggest that you choose a marketplace and upload your designs there to see how it goes.

The range of items that you can create to sell includes fonts, layouts, icons, sets, themes, templates, logos, graphics and much more.

Some of the websites where you can associate and upload your designs are Creative Market, Graphic River, ThemeForest.

A single template at these sites can be listed for $8-$10. Various products can be bought at different prices, depending on the designer as they the one to list the price.


Picking Up The Business




As a freelancer, one of your primary business goals is to search for work and find potential clients who want to avail your services.

What you need to do is to create your portfolio and get associated with online websites and communities where buyers meet sellers.

You might have to propose a bid to the customer, explain to them the kind of projects that you have worked on, show them your portfolio and impress them enough to invest in your services.

As I was talking about stock graphics, you can also create your personal set of designs and send them to interested people who would want to buy your services.

If you are popular in various e-communities, and people start admiring your work then you can soon create a consistent stream of passive income ideas.

Another alternative is to design apps and send the designs to the buyers that are potentially looking for it.

In this way, you can increase your spectrum of sales and present your portfolio actively for future business.


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Affiliate Marketing




Designers have a large community from where they pick the business and make acquaintances for future work.

As an artist needs a lot of tools and other things to finish a design, you can always affiliate with different companies and earn money as someone who recommends a product or service.

When a client hires you to create a website, for example, other things that the customer may need includes hosting, web tools, plugins, advertising, fonts, etc.

So you being an affiliate member of hosting and other websites, it is in your power to direct the client to check out those services.

This way, you can help a company to earn business and at the same time, you can earn the commission.

It is relatively easy to make money by being an affiliate member of a website.

All you need to do is to create an influential blog or article, in which you write about the various products or services of a company.

When a reader visits your blog, reads the content and is convinced to pay for the services by clicking your affiliate link, you get the commission for each click.


Become A Teacher




Given the increased demand for design courses, it is still a great potential opportunity for designers to add to their income.

Trust me; many students will come and enrol with you as this profession is enjoying high demand these days.

There are lots of websites like HOW Design University, Skillshare, Udemy, that allow you to create online courses that match your skills.

The products used in the online courses such as the Adobe Suite are always in high demand.

This one is a lucrative option for designers to earn a huge amount of money.

The process of planning this option is a little complicated, and you might have to conduct thorough research to carry it on.

However, if you fulfil the requirements, then I can assure you that you will never find as secure a money making option like this one.

Once you get into this avenue of creating passive income, you can also distribute your content among various platforms.

This will potentially increase your earnings.

So for the designers who think that they are good at teaching also, no other option could be better.

It will not only make you more money, but a constant revision of the skills will also help you in becoming more adept in your profession.


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Making money is the prime agenda of every individual in the business world.

No wonder that with being a freelance designer, the opportunities for growth in the industry are restricted.

But when you get seriously involved in freelancing, you become an intelligent entrepreneur.

All the above mentioned passive income ideas will help you give a boost to your earnings.

The options mentioned above are not all difficult, and you do not have to take a side road to make it possible for you to increase your earnings.

You can utilise your creative skills, be it writing or selling your products online; all the options are connected.


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Passive Income Ideas For Freelance Designers

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