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How to Start Your Own Online Graphic Design Business

How to Start Your Own Online Graphic Design Business

From creating engaging websites and ebooks to designing eye-catching graphics, print or digital products, graphic design has become one of the most valuable skills in business today.

Graphic designers can be found in nearly every field: advertising, branding, communications, journalism, marketing, social media, and many more. 

In the 21st century, there is no shortage of graphic designers working in various industries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs for graphic designers are expected to grow 31% between 2014 and 2024.

Graphic designers will be the fastest-growing occupation, and the median salary for those in this field is projected to rise from $43,400 in 2014 to $51,000 in 2024.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start an online graphic design business, you should consider this the first step in building your dream company. It offers a practical framework to help you build your brand from the ground up.

When I started my online graphic design business, I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t know how to set up a website, what to charge for services, how to make sales and much more. 

I didn’t know my hourly rate and how much time it took to create a single graphic design project. I didn’t even know what a graphic designer was supposed to look like. I knew that I wanted to create beautiful graphic design and build a successful business around it.

Are you a graphic designer looking to make more money with your skills? This article will teach you how to start your own online graphic design business.

Do your Research

Many successful businesses have been started by people who had no prior experience. Entrepreneurs often start companies without any formal education in business. 

That’s why it’s essential to do your homework and research before you take the plunge. There are many websites out there dedicated to helping entrepreneurs make money online.

A significant factor influencing whether a business will be successful is luck. It is essential to do your homework and research before starting your own business. 

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Some people are born with entrepreneurial skills. Others have to learn them. You need to ensure that you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. 

For instance, do you have enough capital to start your own business? Can you handle all of the risks and stress associated with entrepreneurship? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before starting your own business. If you cannot answer “yes” to these questions, you might want to reconsider becoming an entrepreneur.

Identify Your Target Audience

Brand Find Your Target Audience

The second piece of advice that stuck with me was the importance of figuring out who your target audience is. This sounds easy, but it can be challenging for people just starting out as marketers.

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When choosing your target audience, you should consider whom you are talking to. Who are you talking to, and why are you talking to them? If you don’t have an answer to this question, then you are simply wasting your time. 

It would help if you were asking yourself who are your intended audience. Once you have answered this question, you should be able to figure out why they are listening to you. 

Maybe you will talk to your customers because you want to increase their sales. Or maybe you want to tell them about the benefits of your product or service. Maybe you want to tell them how great it is to work for you. Or maybe you want to talk to them to find out more about them. There is a reason why you should be talking to your customers. 

If you talk to them because you hope to increase their sales, you need to realise that not everyone will want your product. You might be selling an expensive item. Or you might be trying to sell something that is difficult to obtain or has a high-end price tag. Or maybe you are trying to convince people that your product is better than your competitors’ products.

Pick a Domain Name

Before you start an online graphic design business, it is essential that you have an appealing web address for your website. This can help you attract potential customers to your site and keep them interested in your products. 

The URL for your business will also help your customers navigate around your website. So what should you consider when choosing a domain name?

Pick a domain name that is easy for your audience to understand and remember. Don’t use words that people might have difficulty spelling. Remember, it’s your business, so you need to effort into it. 

Also, don’t go with a name that is too long or hard to remember. Choose something that you could say easily but no one else could. It’s a good idea to make the title and URL match, but you don’t have to.

Build Landing Pages

Landing pages are the online version of direct mail marketing. Instead of sending a letter through the mail, you can use your website to send a message and encourage people to click to your store or download a white paper.

A landing page leads a visitor through a sales funnel. Think about what type of page you want to lead your potential customers through when they land on your site. This page should include some of your best content and the most important products or services available to your audience.

Build your Design Portfolio

Wordpress Portfolio Website Theme

There are two main ways people approach designing portfolios. The first is by building a digital portfolio. The second is by creating a resume. 

Both approaches work well, but there are specific approaches to them better than others. Let’s start with the online design portfolio. There are three different types of portfolios, depending on how big you want them to be. 

These are: An “all-in-one” portfolio, which will give you a good idea of your strengths. This would typically include a website, a resume, and a short blurb. The second is a “mini-portfolio,” which would be used in place of a resume. This is where you’d showcase your work by including your previous projects. Finally, there’s the “single-project portfolio,” only one project. 

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This is the most challenging kind of portfolio to create because it requires a ton of preparation, and you’ll need to figure out many things on your own.

Develop Your Content Strategy

There are two reasons why content marketing is a powerful strategy for an online graphic design business. 

One, it works. Content Marketing is proven to help increase revenue, lower customer churn, and drive new business acquisitions. 

Two, it’s easy to implement. It’s an ongoing process, not an event. The same goes for SEO. It’s an ongoing, iterative process, not a one-time project.

A content strategy is a roadmap for creating, managing, and distributing your content over time. It tells you who your audience is, where they live, and what they care about. 

Content strategy helps you define what content you need to produce when you need to publish it and get it in front of the right people. This is especially helpful for content-heavy sites, but every company needs to create a content strategy.

Drive Traffic to Your Landing Page

To improve your conversion rate on landing pages, start by analysing why people aren’t converting. This will help you figure out what’s wrong and which elements of your landing page need improvement. Then, look for ways to get around your blockers and increase your conversion rate.

Many people fail at generating leads through content marketing. They use generic titles, throw together a bunch of stuff on a page, and post it on social media. But the key to getting leads from content marketing is to make sure your message is clearly defined.

Launch a Social Media Campaign

Most Popular Social Media Platforms 2022 2023

Whether you’re looking to build awareness for your online graphic design business, sell products or services, or promote yourself, social media marketing is one of the best ways to impact. 

However, social media is an extensive term encompassing anything from Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising to LinkedIn ads and Twitter ads. 

And social media isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s essential to keep your objectives and budget in mind when creating a social media marketing strategy.

Find Customers on Social Media

I have used social media sites to sell my products and services to the public. Social media allows me to get to know the public much better than other methods. You should learn about the types of questions your customers are asking and answer them in the best way. 

For example, you should provide information about the different design trends or strategies for online graphic design businesses. People need to know what design options are best for them. 

When you are following and interacting with your customers on social media, it is vital that you are being honest. You shouldn’t lie or misrepresent your business, and you should never share information that isn’t true. It is also essential to build trust with your customers. Be yourself and treat them well.

Develop a Pricing Strategy

Startup Branding Cost

If you don’t have a price point you’re comfortable with; you can ask your clients how much they think your product should cost, then use that number as a starting point for creating a pricing strategy. 

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However, it’s essential to recognise that price isn’t everything. For example, a product with an extremely high price tag may fail if consumers feel the quality isn’t worth it. 

To ensure that you choose a sustainable price, look at your competitors’ prices and see if they seem comparable to yours. It’s also helpful to ask yourself what your business’s margins are. A product with a low margin (i.e. a loss leader) is unlikely to succeed.

This is one of the most critical decisions when developing a pricing strategy for your online graphic design business. 

It’s easy to assume you know how much your product is worth to customers. However, your competition is often willing to sell at a lower price than expected, so you may need to rethink your pricing strategy.

Promote Your Brand

There are many ways that you can use to promote your online graphic design business. One of the best ways to stand out is with your logo design or brand name on your website. The advantage of doing this is that it makes your brand seem more unique and different. It is also easy to remember.

Another way to promote your brand is to add text to the bottom of the page. You can do this on your homepage, blog posts, email messages, etc. Don’t forget to put your company name or business name in your emails and other communications. In the same way, if you’re promoting your brand on social media, make sure to add a brand name, a picture of your brand, and a short description.

Grow Your Email List

Mailerlite Email Marketing

If you want to increase the size of your list, one of the simplest ways to do so is to offer value or content to your subscribers that are of value to them. 

People don’t like getting unsolicited emails from strangers. Still, if you offer something to them that they think will be helpful to them, or they’re genuinely interested in what you’re offering, they’ll gladly sign up.

To start:

  1. Use an offer.
  2. Tell people why they should sign up.
  3. Tell them when to sign up.

Your lead magnet is the reason that people should sign up. It’s the first piece of content that they read and is the thing that motivates them to subscribe. This is where you can give them a call to action. 

It’s a great way to get in front of your audience. When they subscribe, you can also ask them for feedback on the lead magnet. That way you’ll be able to improve it.

Measure Your Success

Measurement has become a hot topic for business owners in recent years. Many businesses embrace measurement principles because they understand how crucial it is to success. 

By focusing on measurement and measurement-based success, it’s possible to learn precisely what it is that’s working for you and what needs improvement. 

If your sales or conversion rates are dropping, it’s easy to identify what’s causing the issue. But if the numbers are improving and you don’t know why it could mean that you have a problem with the way you’re measuring.

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But the most common mistake businesses make is thinking of online marketing as a separate entity from their offline business. The truth is that online marketing isn’t a standalone part of your overall strategy. 

It should be integrated with every aspect of your business. Suppose you are trying to figure out how to build a successful website. In that case, you need to understand all the parts of your business that it touches—your target audience, content strategy, brand, messaging, and marketing. It would help if you tied all of these things together through a holistic approach.

Network With Online Graphic Design Business Owners

Networking Self Branding

One thing that I’ve seen many graphic designers do that isn’t very professional is to just post on Facebook about their services. If you’re looking for business, you have to put yourself out there, but don’t be annoying. Just post something relevant and not too salesy.

In today’s competitive environment, being connected to other graphic designers can help you network with other professionals within your industry. Having access to other creative minds can help spark ideas for new designs, concepts, and even new business opportunities. 

However, it would help if you only built connections with those who share your passions and beliefs. Connecting with people aligned with your goals and values can be beneficial. 

You might learn something from them or get some inspiration to take your skills to the next level. If you have an interest in photography, connect with other photographers. 

If you’re interested in writing, join writing groups on Facebook or other social networks. Don’t feel pressured to accept every invitation to connect with someone you meet. Keep your network small.

Keep Building Your Portfolio

Whether you’re a designer, an illustrator, or a graphic artist, it’s always a good idea to keep building your design portfolio. 

It’s crucial for designers who have a day job to do because you want to show your work in a professional and polished format to represent your skills. 

You know how easy it is to put together a sloppy PowerPoint presentation, but if you’re trying to present your work to clients, you want to avoid creating such a presentation.


It’s important to remember that you don’t have to work alone when you choose to start a graphic design business. 

Graphic design can take many forms and is as diverse as the people who create it. Everything has a designer behind it, from print to websites, so don’t let the idea of being your own boss scare you away. 

Whether you’re starting your own business or working for someone else, graphic designers have a lot to offer. Not only do they create the designs that make our businesses possible, but graphic designers also provide the creative vision and leadership that help businesses succeed. So, start your own graphic design business today!

This step-by-step guide is meant to help you learn how to start an online graphic design business from scratch. You’ll be able to create your unique brand, choose your domain name, create your website, and get started right away.


Learn everything you need to know about starting your own online graphic design business.

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