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7 Signs That You Need a New Business Website Design

7 Signs That You Need a New Business Website Design

You may think your website is the best it can be, but this isn't always the case.

Though business owners tend to see no faults in their business sites, users do.

You can't ignore the signs and think the problem is going to solve itself, however.

If your business website design doesn't meet the demands of your users, you're not going to have a business for long.

The thing is, not all business owners realise their website is failing.

All they know is that their business is decreasing for some reason.

These seven signs will help you accurately diagnose your business problem and move in the right direction.

1 – Your brand has outgrown your site

Squarespace Website Builder

If you've created your business website design at the start of your career and have grown since it's almost guaranteed that your site doesn't accurately represent your firm anymore.

You probably offer way more now, have advanced policies, and a more elaborate logo design.

Your values and offerings may have changed and developed, as well.

These are all signs of growth.

Taking that into account, your website should grow with you.

If it stays in place while you grow, you're going to start losing business.

How can anyone know how much your firm is developed if you don't show them through your website?

Your users will want to stay informed about your development as a company.

As they get accustomed to your services, their needs will grow, and they'll start expecting new and innovative things from you.

Meeting customer needs is your priority, and the easiest way to show them your growth and improvement is through your website.

2 – Slow loading speed

Web Design Tips Page Speed

Loading speed plays a huge part in a society obsessed with fast living.

Patience is wearing thin these days, and as technology advances more and more, users are more reluctant to wait for things to load.

If your website doesn't display the needed information in a matter of seconds, you can be sure that the user has already left the premises.

With proper website design, you'll be able to achieve maximum loading speed.

Make your page lighter, and you'll also make it faster.

One new trend that seems to work is using advanced programs for website design.

They allow you to keep all of your features but don't slow anything down or hinder functionality.

The best way to know if your website is slow or fast is to test it yourself.

Put yourself in your customers' shoes, and you'll know just what to focus on.

If you won't wait for your website to load, you can be sure that they won't either.

Until you get your hands on more advanced programs, consider using a minimalistic approach when creating your design.

3 – It's been a while

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Most owners think that making the website once and sticking to the design is more than enough to keep the business going.

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In truth, proper maintenance and redesigning are necessary to stay at the top of your game.

If it's been more than five years since the last redesign, you are way overdue for a new look.

The things that worked for you five years ago aren't the same things that will work now.

Website design trends change year to year, as users get more demanding and search engines more sophisticated.

Not keeping up with these trends is a sure path to failure.

How do you expect to rank high on Google search results when you're not giving anyone what they're looking for?

Even though users don't really know much about website design, they can tell when website design is outdated.

If they have to flip through classic pages and click on categories of organisation instead of having the website rotate as they scroll, they'll notice.

With more impressive design trends present daily, you'll need to aim high to impress.

Technology and design are marked by rapid progression, meaning that what was considered new five years ago is very much old today.

4 – Errors

Airbnb 404

Broken links and missing pages are the most common errors sites display.

You need to take a good look at your website to make sure it doesn't display an error every time you want to look at something further.

Not only are these websites frustrating to deal with, but they're also useless.

What's the point of directing your user to a piece of information when it is nowhere to be found?

It would help if you scouted through your website to make sure that it doesn't display so many errors to your users.

Each page should be checked and fixed.

Fill in the missing pages, take care of the links, and watch website activity and interaction grow.

A good design is nothing without functionality and quality content.

5 – High bounce rate

Mobile Bounce Rates

If you want to know what your users think of your business website design, take a look at your bounce rate.

The bounce rate is the percentage of users who flee from your website as soon as they open it.

The more they stick around, the better SEO results you'll get.

High bounce rates mean that your landing page needs some work.

The front page of the site is the first impression your users will have of your business.

Make sure that it's a good one.

You can do this with a flashy design that draws attention and neatly organised tabs which direct them to more content.

This way, you encourage your users to stay on the website and explore it further.

Another way to decrease your bounce rate is to include call to actions in all your content.

This way, you show your users similar articles and blog posts that may interest them.

If your content is useful and fun, they'll want to read more.

This makes them stay on your website even longer.

Of course, for this to work and for a call to actions to make sense, you'll need to create high quality and relevant content first.

6 – Overloaded with content

Website Graphic Design

Though content is something you should definitely pay attention to and put your energy too, you don't want to overdo it.

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If your website is full of content, you'll want to have an elaborate site so as not to give it more than it can handle.

The biggest mistake people make is putting the content all on one page and making the user scroll endlessly to find what they're looking for.

As well as that, if all of your content is on the front page, it'll slow down your business website design, thus further hindering user experience.

In this situation, there's only one thing you can do as a responsible business owner.

Graphic design companies will organise and design your website better than anyone.

You won't have to say goodbye to the quality content, but you also won't have to suffer for it.

It's also a common mistake to think that you can design your website by yourself.

The thing is, we can't be good at everything.

People who have been in that business for years will be able to create something of a much higher quality.

As well as that, they'll know all the latest design trends and will gladly employ them.

This automatically marks your website as a better quality.

7 – Mobile optimisation

Mobile Web Design Services

If your website is not optimised for mobile phones, it's like you don't even have a business website design.

Users today use their mobile phones more than their laptops and computers.

This means that most searches will be conducted via smartphones.

If your website can't handle that, it's useless.

The most common problem with non-optimised sites is that they can't load articles well.

The text is all over the screen, part of it is missing, or it can't be reached at all.

If you have pictures and videos, they'll also be pretty much useless on mobile phones.

Some videos and photos may even cause the mobile phone to freeze or slow down.

No user is going to deem your website worthwhile, and they'll all move on to the phone-friendly competitors.

Videos and photos are valuable content additions to your website, so you shouldn't compromise them for anything.

Being mobile-friendly should be a priority for any business.

It sounds like a hard and complicated process, but the only thing it is is detailed and thorough.

It may take more than one test to nail mobile optimisation completely, but it will be worth it.


These signs will surely help you realise it's time for a new business website design.

Once you make the needed improvements, you'll surely notice an increase in business and new customers.

We're sure things are looking up for your business as nothing can stump your growth when you know what you're doing.

Digital marketing shouldn't be taken lightly as it has the power to put your company among the giants of your field.

In the same way, your business website design is the face of your business, so take care of it properly.

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