MyThemeShop Giveaway – Free Premium Plugins & Themes

MyThemeShop Giveaway – Free Premium Plugins & Themes

Exclusive: MyThemeShop Giveaway – Free Premium Plugins & Themes


Most people are aware of the fact that SEO friendly websites easily rank on the first page of Google and get much more organic traffic, as compared to those that are not optimised properly.

However, not many of them know that graphic design is also a vital ranking factor just like meta tags, KW density, content quality and other SEO parameters.

It means that you cannot have a poorly designed website ranking highly on Google.

Even if gets to the first page somehow, soon its rankings will disappear, and any other website that’s appropriately designed will replace it.

So, keep your focus intact on the design of your website just like you do while creating world-class content, doing on-page SEO and running ad campaigns.

This will ensure long-term success and sustainable first page rankings for your money site.

Usually, website design is a costly affair due to high prices of premium themes and plugins.

You might have to invest hundreds of dollars even before getting your site live, which makes it a risky step, especially if you’re just starting your journey as a blogger.

However, you don’t have to worry about it anymore!

Want to know how? Keep reading.

MyThemeShop, a household name in the WordPress industry has decided to run a giveaway in which it’s offering free annual membership of its premium plugins and themes to a few lucky users.

Whoever wins the giveaway will get to enjoy all MyThemeShop products, both themes, and plugins worth thousands of dollars, for a period of one year.

Not to mention — without spending a single dime. Yes, 100% FREE.

You don’t get such opportunities every day, so make the most of it.


About MyThemeShop


Mythemeshop Website Design

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin


There is hardly any professional blogger or internet marketer who has been exploring the WordPress industry for last few years and hasn’t used a MyThemeShop product yet.

MyThemeShop is one of the top-rated WP theme and plugin providers in the world, helping more than 400K WordPress users in turning their dreams of living a free and independent life into reality.

Known for its world-class products and dedicated after-sales service, MyThemeShop takes pride in helping startups, agency business owners, entrepreneurs, writers, journalists, early-stage startups and artists create a stable brand image conveniently.


How To Win


Winning a 100% free subscription of MTS themes and plugins for a period of twelve months is incredibly easy.

All you have to do is visit, check out all of their themes and plugins, and shortlist the ones that you like the most.

Once you have made a list of them, come back to this post and tell us in the comments section as to why you want these themes and plugins.

We will select three lucky users with the best answers and reward them with a 100% free annual subscription of all MTS products.



Giveaway Details


Date: 2nd July 2018 to 16th July 2018

Prize: Free subscription of MyThemeShop plugins and themes for one year.

Winners: We will choose three lucky winners, each of whom will get unlimited free access to MTS products for next twelve months.


Popular MyThemeShop Products





Considered as one of the highest rated WordPress themes, Schema is good enough to push each of your blog post to the first page of Google search results.

It comes packed with rich snippets feature to help you stand out in the market from day one.

Some of the primary features of Schema comprise of the inbuilt review system, responsive and lightweight design, lightning fast loading time, custom CSS, clean HTML, search engine friendly design, endless colour options, a solid options panel and extensive backgrounds.

Besides, it provides a custom ad management system to help you increase CTR and ad revenue by a significant margin.





Building a sustainable business model in today’s time isn’t difficult, it’s just tricky.

All you need to do is understand online trends and come up with the idea that targets a mass audience.

Now you can do it successfully with the help of eCommerce — the best WordPress theme to design an online store.

It not only presents a broad range of search engine friendly features but also offers custom functions to set up an e-commerce store without facing any trouble.

eCommerce performs well on desktops as well as mobile phones, ensuring your site never faces any traffic loss due to change of devices by users.

So, go ahead and create a unique store powered by features such as Wishlist, Parallax Slider, step-by-step checkout process, product slider widget, fixed floating navigation, and much more.





SociallyViral is the ultimate solution to all your viral sites related doubts and queries.

If you have a viral website that gets a significant amount of traffic from various social media platforms, then multiply its current performance by opting for this amazing WordPress theme.

Some of its primary features include engaging design, endless colour options, WP Review/Mega Menu compatible, super fast loading time, beautiful social media icons, AdSense optimised, eye-catching subscription box, mobile responsive, schema integrated, search engine friendly, parallax scrolling, and a robust options panel to name a few.




If you want a flawless performance and stunning look for your website, then there is no better theme available in the market than PointPro.

Famous for its intuitive layout and search engine friendly features, PointPro comes with a clean HTML & CSS3, custom widgets, drag and drop sections, mobile responsiveness, crisp slider section, features section, blog feed, WooCommerce support, unlimited colours and prominent backgrounds.

Overall, a great theme to have on your business, tech, lifestyle, health, sports or general niche blog.


WP Review Pro



WP Review Pro is undoubtedly the best and highest ranked plugin for designing WordPress review websites.

Just in case you have an Amazon niche site or any blog exploring tech, lifestyle or healthcare niches on which you publish product reviews related content, then this is a must-have plugin for you.

It comes with inbuilt support for fourteen different rich snippets, over sixteen predefined designs, different rating systems such as point, star, percentage, circle, thumbs, etc., user comment rating feature to showcase what users think about a product or service, and much more to get your site on the first page of search engines.


WP Quiz Pro



To stand a chance against today’s rising competition and keep on getting desired outcomes continually, you need to work out a model which lures users into spending more and more time on your website.

This can quickly be done by creating exciting quizzes that users like participating in.

With the help of MyThemeShop’s WP Quiz Pro plugin, you can do it comfortably.

All these quizzes are engaging enough to keep users glued to your site for hours, increase its social signals and make it go viral overnight.

Additionally, WP Quiz Pro also solves a common issue most bloggers and internet marketers face — bounce rate.

No other plugin could get you all these results in such smooth and effortless manner. Have a go at it and achieve positive results every single time.


WP Subscribe Pro



One of the game-changing factors that can decide how successful your blog will be is its email list.

All industry experts backed this fact for years, and now when search engine algorithms have become so unpredictable, you need an email list more than ever.

Take the first step in this direction by installing WP Subscribe Pro on your site.

It’s the number one plugin to turn your visitors into paying customers.

WP Subscribe Pro increases traffic to subscribers rate by a significant margin, making it easier for you to generate higher residual income over time.

It comes with inbuilt support for MailChimp, Feedburner, and Aweber.


WP Notification Bar Pro



What if you could grow your email list by sending custom notifications to users visiting your site?

Now you can do it and a lot more with the help of WP Notification Bar Pro.

This beautiful and highly useful plugin from MyThemeShop allows you to display custom alerts on a sleek text bar on your website.

Effective use of this plugin can help you grow your email list, run a customised marketing campaign and promotional offers, and increase social media following in a fully automated mode.

It’s powered by custom HTML support, multiple unique colour schemes, unlimited notifications bars, and dozens of other features to help you get fitting results.


Concluding the MyThemeShop Giveaway 2018


This MyThemeShop giveaway can turn all your dreams into reality in a straightforward way.

No hidden terms and conditions, no investments, and no false promises.

Just a simple action that will take not more than a few minutes of your time.

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit immediately and shortlist your favourite themes and plugins from there.

Once you’re done with it, come back to this post, and tell us in the comments section why you like these products.

Your one answer can get you MTS products worth thousands of dollars without spending a single penny from your pocket.

Give it a shot and wait for your luck to play its part.

Good Luck!


If you wish to discuss how we can develop your brand or provide graphic design for your product or business, email us: [email protected]

Inkbot Design is a Creative Branding Agency that is passionate about effective Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Logos and Web Design.

T: @inkbotdesign F: /inkbotdesign

Mythemeshop Giveaway Free
  • Zaheer says:

    Mythemeshop has one of the best collection of WordPress themes out there. I’ve used a lot of their themes on my blogs, and I especially love theme.

    I’ll recommend the company any day anytime.

  • Pranjal says:


    I am a recent fan of MyThemeShop, after posting a thorough review about Schema theme on my blog. I’m convinced that Schema is by far the most practical WordPress theme for Bloggers.

    It’s not only fast, but it comes with so many integrated features such as built-in review system, built-in performance options, offers deep customization and most importantly it’s SEO friendly.

    I am now planning to ditch my ElegantTheme’s Divi in favor of Schema.


  • Wilson says:


    Mythemeshop provides SEO friendly fast loading themes and also they are affordable for everyone. I like the Schema theme from them which is the best for tech blogs.


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