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Top 10 Retail Brands Opting For A Mobile Checkout

Top 10 Retail Brands Opting For A Mobile Checkout

At the beginning of 2024, smartphones accounted for 77% of all retail website visits worldwide, so now is the right time for retail brands to optimise their checkout process for mobile devices.

Mobile checkout provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for customers to enter payment details, select delivery options, and confirm their order from a smartphone or tablet.

Retail businesses can use retail EPOS system software to process online orders and payments, track inventory, and perform other essential retail functions.

Best Practices For Mobile Checkout

Retail Brands With Mobile Checkout Option

For the best mobile checkout experience, you should keep things as brief and straightforward as possible to remove friction between the consumer and their purchase. 

Here are some of the best practices for optimising the checkout experience for mobile shoppers:

  • Minimise the number of required fields. Mobile devices have limited screen space, so consider eliminating unnecessary fields. For example, use a ‘full name' field rather than separate fields for first, middle, and last names.
  • Optimise your website design for mobile. Design a scrollable checkout page with clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons that move consumers from one step to the next. In addition, avoid adding hyperlinks or pop-ups that take shoppers away from the checkout page. 
  • Offer guest checkout. 24% of US shoppers abandon their carts because the retailer wants them to create an account. So, provide a guest checkout option for shoppers who want to avoid creating an account and offer account creation at the end of the checkout process for those who do.
  • Enable autofill. A mobile checkout process requiring shoppers to enter their information manually makes cart abandonment more likely. Enable an autofill feature that allows shoppers to fill in information saved on their phone automatically.
  • Enable express checkout. Use an express checkout option like Shop Pay, PayPal, or Apple Pay to save shoppers.
  • Provide clear error messages. Avoid making your customers wait until the end of the checkout process to learn that they input information incorrectly or missed a field. Use clear messages, such as an “X”, that automatically pop up when a field error occurs.
  • Include a progress indicator. Progress indicators guide shoppers through each checkout process step so they know how many steps (shipping, payment, confirmation) are left. Ensure your progress indicators are visible during the mobile checkout process, ideally near the top of the screen.
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10 Retail Brands That Have Opted For A Well-Optimised Mobile Checkout In 2024


Sephora is a multinational personal care and beauty retailer which stocks nearly 340 brands.

What is good about Sephora's mobile checkout? Sephora offers a guest checkout option so shoppers don't have to create an account and enter their personal information to make a purchase. Instead, they can use a third-party payment processor like PayPal, where their details are saved.

However, Sephora also has a checkout option for shoppers interested in creating an account.

Sephora Mobile Checkout Example


eBay is an American multinational online global commerce platform allowing anyone to create an account and sell or buy goods and services. 

What is good about eBay's mobile checkout? eBay has been improving its page loading speeds, and for every 100-millisecond improvement in search page loading time, the retailer saw a 0.5% increase in the “Add to Cart” count.

Optimising your page loading speeds is an essential way to decrease cart abandonment. 10% of customers don't complete their purchases due to slow loading speeds. 


Firebox is an online retailer that sells homeware, lifestyle accessories, unique tech, and unusual alcohol gifts.

What is good about Firebox's mobile checkout? Firebox uses a progress indicator. It displays that shoppers must complete the welcome, address, delivery, and payment fields to be done with their purchase.

Filling out forms on mobile is something other than what your customers look forward to. However, with a progress indicator, shoppers will know exactly how far along the form-filling process they are and will be more likely to complete it, reducing cart abandonment.

When adding a progress indicator to your mobile checkout page, ensure it's sticky at the top of the screen so shoppers can always see it.


Glossier sells a diverse range of makeup, skincare, body care, and fragrance products and is committed to accessibility and individuality.

What is good about Glossier's mobile checkout? Glossier offers express checkout options so shoppers can pay securely through trusted third-party payment processors such as PayPal (the most widely used), Shop Pay, and Google Pay.

30% of online shopping carts are abandoned because customers need to “re-enter credit card information.” This can be avoided if the mobile checkout experience is simplified with a one-tap express checkout with saved details from a payment processor.

Glossier Mobile Checkout Screen

Victoria's Secret 

Victoria's Secret is the world's go-to retail brand for one-of-a-kind lingerie, sleep, beauty and accessories.

What is good about Victoria Secret's mobile checkout? Victoria's Secret has an edit order option for customers who want to change the specifics of the items in their cart.

If a customer wants to make last-minute changes to their order, such as changing the size or colour of an item in their cart, they should be able to do so from the checkout page. This prevents them from abandoning their cart and forgetting to return.

Apothecary 87 

Apothecary 87 is an award-winning grooming company that sells hair styling, beard care, and shaving products.

What is good about Apothecary 87's mobile checkout? Apothecary 87 makes it easy for mobile users to explore their delivery or collection options. Depending on which option shoppers pick, the information changes to inform them about prices and the next steps. 

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61% of online shoppers abandon their carts when they unexpectedly find high shipping costs. Make it easy to choose delivery and collection options, and be clear about prices for these options. 


Nike is the world's largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and also sells sports equipment.

What is good about Nike's mobile checkout? Nike has enabled a dynamic keyboard that changes between checkout fields. For example, the keyboard for the email field displays ‘@' while the phone number field displays a numeric keyboard.

Mobile devices often require users to change between numeric, alphabetic, and special character keyboards. However, you can reduce the effort of changing keyboards by enabling a dynamic keyboard for your checkout fields.

Best Mobile Checkouts Nike


ASOS is a British online fast-fashion and cosmetic retailer primarily aimed at young adults.

What is good about ASOS' mobile checkout? ASOS allows shoppers to access their wishlists and carts across multiple devices, providing a seamless shopping experience and encouraging consumers to log in. 

Some shoppers may have been browsing from a desktop before finally checking out with a mobile device. A sign-in option allows shoppers to access their previously saved items and filled carts.

The Home Depot 

The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the US. It sells tools, construction products, appliances, and services, including fuel and transportation rentals.

What is good about The Home Depot's mobile checkout? The Home Depot uses GPS information to auto-identify a customer's location and connect them with the nearest store for delivery or collection options.

If you connect to their current location, shoppers will receive more accurate delivery or collection times and prices. 


Last but not least, Amazon is the largest ecommerce company in the world.

What is good about Amazon's mobile checkout? Amazon places its most important CTA—'Proceed to Checkout'—in the middle of the screen, making it easier for customers to click.

Since most shoppers use their thumb to navigate their mobile devices, the middle of the screen is most accessible.

With this in mind, optimise your checkout page for a thumb by placing the CTAs where it's easier to reach. You can put any other content on other areas of the screen.

Amazon Mobile Checkout Process

Conclusion & FAQs

98% of eCommerce site visitors drop off without buying anything because user experience issues cause friction for online shoppers. Use top brands' best practices and examples to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions.

What are a few main things to remember while optimising mobile checkout?

Single-click purchasing, saving payment details, integrating mobile wallet, showing progress and responsive design for different screen sizes.

In 2024, which well-known clothing retailer modified its mobile checkout process?

Zara streamlined its mobile checkout by reducing the steps needed to complete the purchase by 40%.

In what way did Amazon upgrade its already fast mobile checkout procedure in 2024?

The company introduced voice-activated purchasing through the mobile app, enabling customers to complete transactions using voice commands.

What new feature did IKEA insert within its mobile checkout process?

During checkout, IKEA directly integrated the AR furniture placement tool so customers could visualise products within their space before confirming their purchase.

What did Best Buy do to simplify its electronics-savvy customers’ experience?

A QR code-based system at Best Buy allowed customers to scan products in-store and proceed directly to check out via the app on their phone.

How did Nike make it easier for loyal customers to check out on their phones?

Nike added a feature that lets you buy items using your fingerprint if you’ve purchased anything from them. This also recommended additional products during personalised checkouts based on history with the company.

What type of list did Whole Foods Market transform its grocery store experience by creating?

Whole Foods Market created a shopping list that can be added by voice and automatically initiates the checkout when complete.

What unique thing did Warby Parker do?

Warby Parker allowed virtual glasses to be tried on during the finalisation of the purchase so buyers could see what they looked like before buying them.

How did Target make it easier for parents to check out on their phones?

Target added a kid-friendly mode where the interface is simplified, and there are more parental controls to prevent kids from accidentally making purchases.

In 2024, which luxury brand made its mobile checkout process more luxurious?

Louis Vuitton created VIP checkouts that give personal recommendations for products and priority shipping options.

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