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Mobile App Developers that Make a Difference: Innovation and Impact in Development

Mobile App Developers that Make a Difference: Innovation and Impact in Development

Designing and creating mobile applications has become customary in today's tech world. Beginners with little information and knowledge are also seen creating unique and creative applications with the help of different app development frameworks and platforms that provide professional guidance and services. These efforts are constantly helping them make their name in the app market

On the other hand, industries also look forward to availing mobile app development services from renowned companies and agencies. These constant efforts have led to developing and deploying over a hundred thousand mobile apps. However, the question arises: What is the parameter or point of attraction makes people opt for a specific application and ignore the others available in the app stores?

For instance, this could have happened to you: while finding a suitable fitness app, you come across many applications and options, but your attention gets stuck on only one application. It could be the features that attract you, reviews from consumers, the description of the application, or a mixture of these elements, including others. Mobile app developers must add details of innovation, creativity, uniqueness, and usefulness to a mobile app to attract users.

With so many tech developments and trends in the market, developers have a wide range of ways to decide which feature will suit their application the best. In this article, we will target some of these innovative features and trends and match them with applications that have added these elements to create a positive impact. So, without making you wait any further, let's start with our article. 

What Are Mobile Applications? 

Microinteractions In App Design

First things first, what is a mobile application? People who own mobile phones or smartphones utilise the terms apps and mobile applications in a generic form. However, there are a lot of technicalities and functionalities behind a mobile application, be it simple or complex.

The technical definition of mobile applications is that these apps are built with the help of proper software or programs. It is through software that applications can run on mobile devices.

Mobile App Development Industry And Its Unbelievable Stats

Mobile app development has been one of the world's most innovative and progressive industries. Unlike many industries, the status of this industry has increased rapidly since the initial launches of mobile applications for users. The current statistical position of the industry has shown that it will generate revenue worth $935 billion by the end of 2023. The Google Play and Apple App Store continuously contribute to this revenue generation, with more than 5.7 million combined applications on these platforms. 

These increased numbers of revenue generation are possible because multiple industries are entering the field of mobile app development for their businesses and companies. It is believed that e-commerce, real estate, healthcare, and media and entertainment industries are the leading sectors, heavily contributing to increasing revenue every year.

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The Vital Role Of Mobile App Developers In The Industry

Just like running a restaurant is incomplete without having professional and skilled chefs, mobile app development is nothing without mobile app developers. These professional experts are the gurus of developing innovative and functional mobile apps.

With these mobile app developers' efforts, industries can quickly look out for app development solutions and offerings. Be it a small-scale business or a large-scale, renowned company, to shift their working modes to mobile applications, they must take the services of mobile app developers. Mobile app developers and consultants are found to be working independently and in a proper agency. It is up to the requirements and demand of the application that a business or company decides whom to opt for for this purpose. 

Since there are so many trends changing rapidly in the world of technology, it is essential to get help from these professionals, or else the app development procedure will probably fail with the added loss of cost, effort, and resources.

Innovative And Impactful Technological Features For Mobile App Developers

Ios App Developer

As mentioned earlier, setting the unique selling point of a mobile application is one of the core responsibilities of mobile app developers and business owners.

To fulfil this task, mobile app developers and owners explore the app industry's innovative and unique features and trends to decide which component will suit the application and impact the user and app market. To understand these features, we will briefly discuss some of them in this section. 

  • Augmented Reality.
  • Security Features. 
  • Beacon Technology.
  • App Installation. 
  • Artificial Learning (AI).
  • Internet Of Things (IoT).
  • Super Apps.

1 – Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is one of the newest and most progressive technologies in the tech world. Though this technology was assumed to be utilised only for game apps, it has now entered the realm of different mobile applications like real estate or retail shopping. 

AR technology includes a mixture of both the user's external environment (in other words, real-life surroundings) and the virtual world (in other words, fictional elements). This combination of both worlds enables users to enjoy an interactive and unique experience they've never had before. Unlike Virtual Reality (VR) technology, AR is convenient as it does not require large headsets and works perfectly well with handy mobile devices anywhere a user wants. 

AR technology in real estate apps allows users to take virtual tours of a property or shop online, letting consumers try things quickly. This feature has made it convenient for users to explore and engage with mobile apps. Moreover, when applied correctly in gaming apps, AR can provide the benefits of effective learning and marketing. 

2 – Security Features

The second innovative feature that mobile app developers can add to their applications with the help of UI UX design services is adding new and trendy security features to the apps. You might be wondering what those features are. Well, the first trending feature concerning security is biometrics.  

Biometrics features like fingerprints, face recognition, voice recognition, and other methods have helped users make their mobile applications even more secure. Applications that hold sensitive user information, like banking apps and others, are heavily influenced by this feature. Not only for security, the biometrics feature also helps carry out important tasks in which it is essential to provide such proof. 

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3 – Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology Mobile App Development

Next in line is beacon technology. Like AR technology, this feature is also new to the market; hence, it is getting significant attention from mobile app developers worldwide. So, what is beacon technology, and how does it work in mobile apps?

Mobile phones or smartphone devices often come with the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) feature. This feature allows them to use best beacons placed in their external surroundings. A beacon is a small chip that can be placed in any shop or location. These beacons are installed with data regarding the purpose they are serving. 

For instance, if a beacon is placed inside a grocery store, it will have data regarding aisles, products, discounts, promotions, etc. With the help of BLE and beacon technology, mobile applications notify a person regarding the products they are looking out for, the location they are searching for, or other reasons for which the app is made. 

Beacon technology has helped businesses develop practical marketing strategies and gain the attention of more and more consumers. This technology also allows the possibility of customised shopping preferences by utilising user data and consumer behaviour

4 – App Installation

The next feature causing storms in the app market and among users is known as applications that do not require installation to utilise them. You might be wondering how. Well, platforms like Google Play Instant and Apple App Clicks allow users to use the basic features of an application to decide whether or not they want to install it to get the whole experience. 

This feature has helped users save space on their devices while utilising the required part of the application as often as they want. 

5 – Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI), a technology that has completely transformed the tech world within the initial few months of its launch, is also heavily impacting and influencing the mobile app development industry. AI technology and its subtypes, like machine learning, chatbots, data mining, etc., are all technologies that have taken over the task of carrying out automated activities efficiently and effectively. 

These tools carry out tasks like a human being would. AI aids in multiple fields, including customer services, data analysis, security features, developmental procedures, etc. 

6 – Internet Of Things (IoT)

Next in line is the technology of IoT, the abbreviated form of the Internet of Things. This technology enables successful connectivity between internet services and electronic devices or machines for those who have not heard of anything related to IoT. 

Tons of mobile applications are being developed and deployed in the market that helps users carry out automated tasks with the help of IoT technology. Examples include IoT-enabled wearables, smart homes, micromanagement systems, etc. 

7 – Super Apps

Most of us might be aware of the concept of super apps but have yet to learn about it. For instance, consider a shopping mall with different shops where you can buy the things or products you need. However, the availability of other services besides stores makes a shopping mall even more enjoyable. These services include food and beverages, money exchange shops, play arenas, etc. A shopping mall that consists of a mixture of services would also result in grabbing the attention of more users, assuring user retention, and keeping them engaged successfully. 

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Similar is the case with user apps; these apps include various services. A mobile application built by availing good-quality UI UX design services would consist of different features like chatting, money transfer options, products to purchase, etc. These elements would not look separate but would link to each other to provide a good-quality user experience and increase user retention.

A List Of Basic Features That Are Innovative But Add Value To The Mobile Application

The above-discussed section mentioned features and trends jampacked with innovation and new technologies. However, some basic features add much value to how a mobile application might impact the industry by taking its place for extended periods. It is easy to avail of these features with the help of UI UX design services provided by professionals and skilled mobile app designers. Some of these features include:

  • How-To Option.
  • Chat Support.
  • Battery Saving Mode.
  • User-Friendly UI. 
  • Clear Search Engines.
  • Inclusivity. 
  • Push Notifications.
  • Options For Feedback Input. 
  • Security System. 

1 – How-To Option

The first primary feature is known as the ‘how-to' option. This feature allows app developers to add small snippets of videos, audio, or text messages for users utilising the application for the first time. With the help of this feature, users get a basic understanding of working with the app, which might attract them, help them, engage them, and lead to user retention. 

2 – Chat Support

The second fundamental feature is adding efficient and effective chat support for users. This feature helps users look for solutions to their problems and issues in the same application rather than switching between apps or websites. A proper chat support system, whether written or audio-enabled, will assist users in finding resolutions and enhance their overall engagement with the application. This, in turn, contributes to fostering a stronger sense of user loyalty. By offering a seamless platform for addressing queries and concerns, the app can genuinely enrich the user experience. This feature is a testament to the app's commitment to user convenience and satisfaction. 

3 – Battery Saving Mode

Cleverly utilising batteries is the concern of many mobile phone users. Since there are different models of smartphones available on the market, there are also different battery performance levels for each type. However, to cater to this issue, mobile app developers can add the option of battery-saving mode. This feature allows users to utilise the application's basic features instead of the whole application whenever they feel like they run out of battery in an emergency.

4 – User-Friendly UI

Invision Studio App

The fourth feature, which is basic but has undeniable value, is building user-friendly interfaces. A UI is the front face of the application that users or consumers will interact with. As we all know, first impressions matter a lot. Similarly, it is essential to keep the UI design of the app easy to understand and attractive. 

In the opposite case or situation, users will probably uninstall the application when they download it, as nothing would attract them visually or make them understand it easily. A big chunk of UI UX design services is spent developing interfaces that include visually appealing graphics, layouts, themes, and an understandable format. 

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5 – Clear Search Engines

How often has it happened that, while exploring an application, you need clarification regarding the settings or other specifications and reach out to the search engine? A search engine feature is the most essential element that must be added to a mobile app because of its value. 

A mobile app user would not always want to contact chat support and customer service options to clear up misconceptions or problems. Since most people shy away from such interactions, they mostly uninstall the application if they have no choice. That is why having a clear search option leading to detailed, helpful guidelines would increase user engagement and improve the overall experience.

6 – Inclusivity

Inclusivity is a factor that is always included in the effort to make mobile applications accessible to everyone. This is not a feature but a pre-developmental stage where app creators decide to make an app unique but beneficial for all. 

Since there are people out there who are differently-abled, they might need help with operating the application. That is why features like voice recognition, verbal cues, detailed descriptions, colour coordination, etc., are some of the elements that are given high value while creating an application and availing of UI UX design services

7 – Push Notifications

Onesignal Push Notifications

Developing a mobile application is one thing, but keeping your audience active and engaged is another. Features like push notifications make this task easy and practical. A user would get attractive and functional messages regarding a sale, discounted offer, or other related messages that would make them want to visit the application regularly and avail themselves of its bounty points. 

Though it might not seem practical, think about how often you randomly used your phone and got a pop-up notification regarding an ongoing sale with a flat 30% or 40% off on your favourite items. It might have caught your attention and made you visit the app to explore, or it might eventually lead to you buying something you have focused on for an extended time. 

This is how push notifications work successfully, making user retention, engagement, and sales generation possible.  

8 – Options For Feedback Input

Chat support is one feature, but having a proper system of feedback input options for users is also an essential and fundamental feature to consider while developing a mobile application. Sometimes, users want you to take action to update the application and change some of its features. 

A transparent and responsive feedback section would help them do so in no time. This feature adds tons of value to customer satisfaction by creating a feeling of belongingness and being heard by app developers. 

9 – Security System

Last but not least, a feature that users constantly look for in mobile applications nowadays is proper, authentic, and multiple security features. Since there are so many mobile applications in the app market, it has become difficult for users to decide whom to trust and whom not to. Therefore, options like multifactor authentication, biometric options, spoofing, etc., are features that UI UX design service providers add to an application to satisfy users at all costs.

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A List Of Mobile Applications That Have Created A Strong Impact On the Industry  

Dark Mode App Design Trend

In the last section of the article, we will provide you with a list of mobile applications with an element of uniqueness and innovation. Since the launch of these applications, they have created a storm in the app market. The features and the objective or idea behind these apps are also creative and impactful. Some of these apps are mentioned below. 

You may have heard the names of some of these applications or are currently utilising them. 

  • FaceApp.
  • Calm.
  • KineMaster. 
  • Reverse. 
  • Canva
  • Webnovel.

Bottom Line

Technological features, whether basic and simplified or the latest and trendy, add much value to how users perceive and use the application. Since you are presenting the app to a wide range of users, you should learn each user's nature, likes, dislikes, and preferences. Therefore, adding elements of creativity and usefulness to a mobile application is necessary to keep most users satisfied and happy. Suppose you are a business owner or a mobile app developer looking forward to developing a mobile app. You need to add elements of creativity to the application for it to produce profitable outcomes. 

Author Bio: Morrison Kristen has been a UI UX design expert in the mobile app development industry for over a decade. She has worked on several design projects for different IT firms, assisting them with providing UI UX design services to clients.

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