6 Steps to Make Your Brand a Millennial Magnet

6 Steps to Make Your Brand a Millennial Magnet

Generation Y, the Boomlets, the Echo Boomers… Whatever you call this group of young people (those who were born between 1980-2000), today they are the largest consumer generation in the United States of America and probably in the whole world.

However, making your brand attractive to them might be a challenging task, in particular for the deep-seated brands that have never targeted such a demanding demographic group.

Designers and other creative brands should keep millennial representatives on their radar and attract pop-culture lovers to make sure that they reach the largest living generation in the world.

In this article, we are going to show you how to make Your Brand a Millennial magnet.

Step #1: Use social network influencers to promote your brand

Instagram Influencers

It is true that the young generation is connected with the world via social networks and therefore you need to know how to use social media effectively for your brand.

They consume news, current events, trends, and other content via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social networks let them keep in touch with their friends and family, as well as stay informed about what is new.

Not only they pay attention to the latest events, but also watch social influencers, like celebrities, musicians, actors, and other personas. These people usually have a significant number of followers and more often without any objective reason.

People tend to like them just because they are famous. Social networks have made this easier than ever, and you can use this tool to make your marketing campaign shine.

Moreover, millennial representatives are influenced by the recommendations they get from social media. They trust their friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter more than the claims made by brands.

It means that making your brand interesting, useful and worth sharing will bring you more chances for a common word of mouth. Millennials are usually fond of stuff like detox cocktails, cute-looking cases for their iPhones, and especially unique custom-tailored or hand-made things.

They do spend thousands of dollars on various custom-made products and involving social influencers to promote your products in social media will make your marketing strategy super effective when it comes to becoming a millennial magnet.

Also, when using Facebook and Instagram for advertising, remember about the organic reach.

It has been declined by these networks because they also need to make money to develop and stay afloat on the market. So limiting the organic reach is something you cannot blame them for.

Marketers complain about the necessity to make a paid promotion, but it changes nothing.

Step #2: Forget about traditional advertising

Bus Advertising Design

Traditional advertising doesn’t work especially when it comes to millennial folks. Your advert should look native and trustworthy (this is why using social media influencers is so effective).

The young generation is suspicious about all sorts of adverts. They won’t buy a product someone is trying to impose on them.

If your target audience consists primarily of millennial representatives – you need to be native, creative, and authentic.

Also, remember that most of the millennial representatives use their smartphones regularly and if you want your brand to get noticed, don’t forget about a convenient adaptive mobile version of the website, pay-per-click advertisements, and social media posts.

You have to do your best and create advertising and social media content that looks trustworthy and unobtrusive.

Millennial representatives will respond to your offers only if they look naturally. When they smell the slightest “advertisement” whiff, they turn away immediately.

Step #3: Offer perks

Rewarding Millennials

When your consumers buy or download something you offer, give them an opportunity to get rewards. This makes an amazing customer experience.

Offer a discount for the next order, a small gift or anything else to motivate your clients to promote and share your brand. Such perks will make them want to order more.

Moreover, they will tell their friends about you for free stuff or discounts. In a word, a little kickback will make your millennial customers more likely to share information about your product in social media.

Of course, they are not going to share or recommend a lame service or product, but if you combine a great offer with an amazing experience, your clients may turn into brand promoters willing to support you and help you grow.

Small gifts and discounts for next orders is nothing when it comes to creating more brand lovers.

Step #4: Make your product customized

Millennial Personalisation Stats

When it comes to becoming a millennial magnet, customization of your service or product is essential.

The members of this generation always feel the need for a unique product because they have grown up in a very special society.

Compare the previous generation of baby boomers and the generation of millennials. The later one lives in a far more diverse environment. Naturally, this affects their needs and tastes.

Give your customers original features, exclusive experience, private deals, and savings opportunities on the products you offer and their interest will grow significantly.

They need to know that you care about their special needs and treat them as an individual. For example, take a look at some fashion magazines or websites.

You will see different body types, styles, people with physical needs, nontraditional families, and even more. This is because millennial representatives want to make sure that your brand is tailored to their community.

Step #5: Make a personal appeal and prove that you are socially aware

What Do Millennials Care About

It is true that Millennials share a desire to make the world a better place. They feel a great social responsibility and are ready to make every effort to improve life.

And not only their lives but also the life of the whole society. Yes, they will choose a brand that works in this area and not only pushes products to earn money but also shares high moral values.

Even if you are a freelance designer, you have to understand it and keep it in mind. Help your clients combine shopping with doing something valuable.

Concernment about giving, sharing, donating, and improving something valuable in society is crucial for millennials.

Any new brand has to demonstrate that it is socially aware. You have to prove that you have values and your work helps you to reach higher goals.

On your website, try to tell a story about your beliefs, why you have them, and how your work is connected with them.

Highlight transparency and authenticity. These characteristics are important for millennials, and they do respond positively to them becoming not only your loyal customers but also active brand supporters.

Without expressing your passion and feeling about what you do, you won’t prove millennials that you are a reliable person.

A personal appeal you make by highlighting your social awareness and values makes your millennial consumers think that you are a member of the same community and therefore you can be trusted.

Step #6: Target social, not age groups

Snapchat Social Media

When you are a designer, it is essential to contextualize your logo.

The same is when you are targeting millennials. They are the most nontraditional generation of all, and they don’t accept age-orientated advertising as the previous generations did.

They have different views and values. They have their vocabulary different from the traditional one.

For instance, the word “family” has some meanings for them and believe us, not all of them are connected to being married and having children. The same is with the word “community.”

This word has a great variety of meanings for them, and their closest physical environment is not the first association they have.

For example, due to the up-and-down economic conditions, millennials have to face, they have different views on adulthood. Most of them do not have an opportunity to buy a house or a car. Therefore they choose travelling lifestyle and enjoy spending their money on trips.

In a word, entering a traditional adult life is not a priority for the millennials, and advertisers, marketers, and freelancers have to adjust their offers by this fact.

Focus on social groups instead of the age of your target audience. Pay more attention to social causes, people who have alternative lifestyles and hobbies, or those who follow particular social media personas.

Believe it or not, millennial representatives associate themselves with the social factors, identities, and lifestyles than to the life stages.

Focusing on these things, you will be able to build a strong connection with your millennial customers helping them self-identify the way they want to. Making your brand a magnet for millennials is complicated but possible.

By using social media wisely, promoting your brand nicely, offering additional amazing features, focusing on social awareness and groups, you will become more engaging and relevant to them and therefore make a firm connection with them.

Remember that every millennial representative is diverse and as the more individual approach you take to each client, as more dollars, you will find in your pocket.

Do you market your services especially to the millennial magnet representatives?

Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below!

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