What Marketing Materials Should Financial Sites Focus On?

What Marketing Materials Should Financial Sites Focus On?

Marketing is crucial in any sector. 

It enables an individual or a business to tell everyone what they’re about and what they can do, in the hope of potential new customers and clients taking note. 

When you’re in the financial game, it’s even more vital to market correctly, as it’s a professional industry where reputation and what people see is ultimately the deciding factor in obtaining custom.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Across the various platforms out there, social media has quickly become the number one way to market for most industries. 

Financial advisors can use the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to reach out to targeted markets, enabling them to build up a rapport and connection with their audience.

They can add content such as advice, tips, videos, and more, but there are several things to remember. 

Endorsing anything on social media must be done so carefully as it can be in breach of rules. 

And all activity must be recorded and retained.


It’s all well and good being a face or presence on social media, but a website adds a professional touch. 

When someone visits a financial and or trading website, they should feel they’re being welcomed into the office. 

Everything should look professional, with a modern and clean design that works seamlessly on various devices.

Visitors want to find what they’re looking for, so a site that is easy to navigate and straight to the point without being abrupt is crucial. 

And, not forgetting that the average joe won’t be up to speed with industry jargon, so don’t use it. 

Well, not too much, anyway. 

The perfect example of this is when learning more about spread betting, where the presentation and wording need to be professional and clear and concise.

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Negative Customer Review

Reputation is, of course, what other people say about an individual or a company. 

The way to build one is by consistently delivering and getting customers to share their reviews for others to see. 

Potential new clients will want to read and hear about the experiences of those who have gone before, as it will help them decide whether to press ahead.

As a financial advisor is in a trust position like no other, displaying reviews across social media platforms or websites is essential. 

Doing so will also show transparency and honesty, two more vital attributes in the field.


For the most part, when anyone will be searching for a financial advisor, the way they do it will be to fire up Google and check out the results that pop up on their screen. 

And, they’re likely to pay attention to those on the first page only. 

So, a website ranked well with search engines such as Google is crucial if you want to bring clients through the door in this way. 

Getting SEO on point here is the key to success. 

Writing original blog posts will help, as will making use of a Google Business page

It’s worth putting the effort in, as ranking high will mean more custom.

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