I was recently sent a copy of Logobook by Taschen – the so-called “monumental logo compilation”.

Taschen has a history of producing fine books for the design industry, many of which are regarded as essentials within a complete design library.

They are usually pretty pricey, but you'll find that's only an indicator of quality.

Logobook-Logo-Book-Front-Cover-by-TaschenLogobook by Ludovic Houplain – the co-director of the film Logorama (definitely worth a watch by the way) – features approximately 7000 logo designs organised alphabetically and acts more like a referenced archive than hub of inspiration.

It's by far the thickest logo book on my shelf with nearly 800 pages and coming in around two and a half inches wide (6cm). Each page consists of between 8-10 logos, at the bottom you can find information on the designers when it first came to public view and what country it originated.

Despite it acting as a reference book, it can undoubtedly work to inspire, however, organising by letter makes it less visually orientated.

You can't have a look for “animal logos” for example unless you know the names of some brands beforehand that use animals.

Flicking through the pages offers a range of logos, some famous, some I doubt I'd ever have come across either due to their location or historical nature.

What it does a nice job of is showing multiple iterations of logos that have been iconically designed – looking up Adidas, for example, shows three different versions from their history.

Each does deserve recognition as it's been part of the brand development and most logo books only feature the latest versions.


Logobook Review

Logobook Tashchen

Logobook Best


It is definitely a book I'd recommend to logo designers, due to it's comprehensive approach to archiving and showcasing some of the best designs in the industry.

It is available on Amazon if you search for “Logobook” but for some reason, it's named as “Logorama” – even though the cover is correct. Odd.

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You can buy the Logobook here.

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  1. joseph l rosenberg

    thanks for the info on this creative book. a great reminder of specialized works in fields that are outside of our normal paths in life.


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