8 Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2019 That You Should Know

It makes no difference whether you sell smartphones or pet haircuts. To attract more audiences to your website, you’ll need an awesome design in general and a great logo in particular. 

It matters if we see something beautiful when we first visit a website, and it is always great if your logo design makes your brand memorable because it’s how you will increase your sales.

You may think it doesn’t matter if you have a simple logo or a decorated one. And that’s where you are very wrong. 

According to marketing research, people often do not even remember the name of the brand they love but memorise it through an attractive logo. Thus, a great label can bring half of your success.

No wonder some of the world’s most famous brands decided to invest heavily in their logos and branding

Sometimes it was just a refreshment of a brand’s image. Several other companies decided to work on their labels to increase brand awareness or recognition. 

No matter what the reasons were, there were several exciting logo redesigns in 2019, which you might have missed.

Luckily, with the help of a prominent graphic design agency, we’ve managed to create a list of 8 the most interesting logo redesigns of the year. 

Now we’d like to share it with you. Brace yourself – redesigns are coming!


Firefox Logo Redesign 2019

Firefox is continuously working on its logo, so it is no wonder that in 2019 they decided to update it once again. 

The general tendency here was to lose as many details as possible. 

A new design has lost a remaining planet’s details, and fox’s fur has lost colour shades and even a paw, hugging the planet. 

But to be honest, the overall simplification has done a great job here. The logo is still distinctive, simple, but colourful.

What is lovely in this update is the mild change of colours. Purple and orange/red is a great combination that is also quite evident. 

Without extra details, the logo doesn’t look muddy and stodgy. Instead, it is easily noted on a desktop and is also pretty nice to look at. 

Creative graphic design specialists may tell you that there is plenty of room to grow and to develop the design, but it is recognisable and distinctive. 

Mozilla’s designers have somehow managed not only to fix what is working but, at the same time, to simplify and refresh our favourite fox. Well done!


New Toyota Logo Design

In 2019 Toyota decided to get rid of its famous shiny chrome effect and encased the logo in a strict red square. 

It has a better hierarchy – at first sight, your eye is drawn to the company’s name, and then to a symbol itself. 

It means that even if you are an absolute outsider, you’ll become familiar with the brand at once. 

Taking into account that in 2019 Toyota announced the launch of its electric vehicle, the refreshment of the logo redesigns was just about time.

On the other hand, it might not be the best design idea. 

A square visually absorbs the logo, while the famous symbol is almost superseded with the inscription. 

It is both good and bad for the brand’s recognition. 

Yes, people will see the “Toyota” name, but, at the same time, the symbol might be pushed into the background, and it may not be useful for both – for the logo itself and, as a result, for general perception. 

Toyota Rebranding

Who knows how it may impact brand awareness – Toyota might want to consider embracing backlinks for its new image promotion in the future. 

Simplicity is great, but it’s not a reason to oversimplify.


Reebok Rebrand 2019

If we are about to speak of simplification, we can’t ignore Reebok’s new logo redesigns. 

Black and white, with a more recognisable font and bigger letters, instantly catches an eye. 

You might think an old logo inspired the designers from the nineties, and perhaps they were. 

Anyway, a new emblem looks solid and embraces the symbol they’ve abandoned once. On the other hand, it might seem to be too old-school.

Reebok Old And New Logo Design

Back to classics means that Reebok is trying to attract their old audience, all those for whom parents bought their sport suits and sneakers for school. 

So the main bet here is that the same people may buy sportswear for their kids. 

It’s how Reebok hopes to increase its sales through the generational link. 

Although it is yet unclear whether these changes will be exciting for a younger audience, it is an interesting decision, emphasising a cyclical of trends in design.

Warner Bros

Warner Bros Logo Before After

Looks like we are about to face a new epoch – the age of simplification. 

Following the previous examples, a famous entertainment company decided to get rid of that notable gilded shield, thus celebrating its 100th anniversary. 

Unexpected, but if we have a look at their new design, we’ll see a simplistic blue-and-white emblem, which is still recognisable.

Flat colours without additional details can easily be used in different types of media, and it means that Warner Bros’ corporate design follows the flow of time. 

The ribbon crossing the logo is also a history to emphasise big “WB” letters. 

The simplification makes the logo way more versatile. 

It can be turned into an icon, and it can match any media resource, and it has become even more recognisable! And it was the main reason for the redesign.

Primary Logo Design Tendencies in 2019 and 2020

Let’s make a small break and speak of trends in logo design in 2019. Having analysed the main changes and adjustments in 2019, we can make a summary of some general trends. Here they are:

– Simplification and minimisation. Brands tend to decrease details level in their logos;

– Strict colours. No shades and semitone, simple and easy colours are the most popular;

– More text, less picture. Logos emphasise more on the letters and less on images and icons;

– Shifting to monochrome. Black and white, blue and white – a minimal amount of colours is used;

It’s not all the trends in design, but all the essential ones. Hope it will give you some inspiration when developing your own logo. Now let’s get back to the big brand's logo redesigns!


New Slack Logo Design

Designers call it “a necessary face-lift for this logo”, and we share their opinion. 

The original Slack logo was created in the days when a hashtag symbol was new and fresh. 

Eleven colours in a logo were interesting and unusual. 

Slack Advertising Poster Design

Of course, it was a mess, but those days Slack was a small niche program. 

But what was right in the past is not necessarily suitable for a “must” chat app, which is widely used by all-scale businesses in the world.

You may think a new logo will hurt brand recognition, but a general simplification trend and a bolder font have made it look better. 

Instead of a hashtag, Slack decided to use a figure called an “octothorpe”, thus simplifying a colour palette. 

At first glance, it looks like small “speech clouds”, and it is basically what Slack is up to. 

Slack's designers now consider a hashtag to be too generic and too featureless to remain a company logo.


New Volkswagen Logo Rebrand

Getting back to vehicles. In 2019, another well-known car manufacturer decided to adjust its logo. 

An 80-years-old famous emblem was considered to be obsolete and was reworked. 

The core concept, though, remained unchanged – V and W in a circle. 

And it is the only thing which has not been changed — no shiny chrome, no more bulky shapes, only simplicity and stylisation instead.

This new concept will look fresh on electric cars’ front as well as on old vans’ rear. 

It is even suitable for painting it on a wall as a part of a daring advertisement campaign

The redesigned monogram seems to be more striking and contemporary. 

The overall idea behind a refreshment and simplification is the same as Toyota’s one – to be well-prepared for electric cars market entry. 

Also, a new monogram is perfect for turning it into an icon in case VW desires to work on mobile applications for vehicles. Not sure, though, if it is suitable for some luxury-class auto.


Zara Brand Logo Redesigns

A new creative graphic design for Zara’s logo was introduced as a part of the overall brand refreshment strategy. 

Overlapped letters and the more tight interval between letters improve a general appeal and shift the image of the brand to a more refined one. 

It is how Zara is going to attract new customers, trying to distance itself from the so-called “fast-fashion” appearance.

As a result, the logo redesigns look more elegant than the previous one. 

The brand is viewed as more upscale, and people’s consciousness takes it more seriously. 

Of course, a new design has its disadvantages. For example, if it is typed in a small size, a new logo is not easy to read, especially if transformed into an icon. 

Nevertheless, Zara’s new look aims to demonstrate the brand’s latest plans and ambitions. 

It seems the company is going to work to take its place among famous fashion labels. 

It also confirms that no further development is possible without logo adjustment.

Disney Channel

Disney Channel Rebrand

A significant step for Disney Channel is to get rid of its famous mouse profile. 

The rebranding is tightly associated with the company’s new strategical approach. 

While being widely recognisable, Mickey Mouse is strictly associated with a childish product. 

And that’s something Disney is going to change, to attract a new mature audience. Considering this, logo redesigns are only the first step in global changes.

Aside from Mickey’s head profile, the logo demonstrates new colours and shapes. 

The main emphasis now is on the brand’s name itself and not nearly invisible mouse head. 

Also, Disney’s designers decided to abandon the yellow colour as a part of the background. 

The result of their work is a more stylish emblem, suitable for kids and their parents at the same time. 

This rebranding is supported by several new shows, which can be interesting for a more adult audience. 

Refreshment is always good, but is it enough to affect the brand’s perception by people? Time will tell.

Minimalism, monochrome and simplistic yet cosy looks – it is what common in the most famous brand's logo redesigns of 2019. 

Smooth and elegant instead of fancy and gaudy. 

The logos tend to be simple and speak for themselves. It looks like modesty is fashionable again. And we hope this small overview will help you to find inspiration for 2020 and beyond.

Author Bio: Marie Barnes is a Marketing Communication Manager at LinksManagement and an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs. She shares her insights through blogging.

Biggest Logo Redesigns 2019
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