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How to Learn Graphic Design Online for Free

How to Learn Graphic Design Online for Free

Due to the ongoing challenges that we are facing because of the global pandemic, everything has changed since 2020. 

People worldwide are still trying to fully embrace this new way of life that has emerged due to COVID19. 

There are challenges, but you can overcome them by adapting to the things that can help you face an uncertain future. 

You can learn a new skill in graphic design if you have a good internet service provider. We’ll dive into the details of how you can do it in this article.

We’re aware that the dynamics of our work have changed. Usually, people work from home now, and they need a good internet connection to do that. 

Always choose an ISP that offers you strong customer support like Spectrum customer service that helps you when you face issues with your internet. 

You need assistance with the internet, and if your provider offers 24/7 customer support, you can rely on it to avoid internet problems for a better focus on work.

How you can learn graphic design online for free

Since almost everyone is working from home, they get enough free time in their hands. How you utilise your free time will depend on your choice. 

If you learn a new skill, you will increase the worth of your work and get more options to work. 

This is an era of digital marketing and trends, that if you learn graphic design, you can attract more clients to check one such example of a fantastic marketing site click here

Many platforms are available online, from which you can learn graphic design for free. 

The best way to use your free time is by learning a new skill or enhancing your skills. We are mentioning a few sites from where you can learn graphic design for free. 


Udemy Design Tutorials Inspiration

Udemy is a great learning platform that offers learning opportunities for every walk of life. 

Udemy offers video lectures that are provided by professional teachers who are experts and provide quality information. 

Typically Udemy offers technical courses, and they charge for it. It is a well-known platform for learning. 

Even though most of the courses are paid, there are some free courses as well. You can take advantage and get enrolled in one of their free courses to learn graphic design.

You can find many introductory courses that are offered for free. The free courses will include:

  • The essential elements.
  • Design process.
  • Design through new eyes.
  • The five leading design principles.

If you read the details, you would know that you do not need to require prior knowledge about graphic design, and it is an elementary course for beginners.

You can find various options for the courses but make sure that you choose the suitable one for you. You can find the details of a course in the description that can help you choose. 

You can learn the basic design process and create the designs according to your own creative choices.

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Alison online

Alison Online Courses

It is one of the best ways to learn something new. Alison is one of the biggest online learning platforms that offer free certified learning opportunities. 

This site is designed specially to help people learn new things regardless of their economic background. It is designed specially to provide free access to new learning opportunities.

You can find different types of courses on this website. Once you are done with the learning, you will have to give the test to earn a certificate. 

Some courses will require you to pay some amount for certified courses which can be around $20 for a certificate. 

All the courses will be presented in slideshows. It is best for audiovisual learners because you do not have to read long pages in everything is divided into chunks which makes it easier for you to learn the new concepts.


Free Edx Online Courses Graphic Design

It is one of the most powerful learning platforms available online. Edx is a proper online learning Institute where you get various courses in which you can take admission. 

You can find all kinds of courses on this platform and graphic design courses that offer detailed learning opportunities.

Before you get into a role in any of their courses, you can find the course outline that provides details of all the things that experts will teach in any specific course, like graphic design. 

If you want to get the certification, you will have to pay some amount for that, but other than that, you can always learn the skills for free.

YouTube courses

 Many professionals have made their channels on YouTube, and they provide detailed courses. 

You will not get any certification, but it is the best way to learn graphic design because most professionals teach it in detail. 

There are step-by-step videos available that you can follow and quickly learn graphic design to help you earn better and increase your worth.

Wrapping up

If you have got a good internet connection, you can have many learning opportunities because many platforms offer free courses, and you can also take help from YouTube. 

Graphic design is a system that is in demand, and if you learn it, you can provide freelance services and earn a better income for yourself.

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