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Top 10 Infographic Marketing Trends

Top 10 Infographic Marketing Trends

“With infographic marketing, less is always more.”

Marketing is an experience that plays a crucial role in determining customer-related factors, including how we approach, communicate, and connect with them. And truth be told, after the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has taken a massive step toward digitalisation.

With the ever-rising social engagement rate, businesses have adopted digital marketing as the core of their modern marketing strategies, including leveraging social media through state-of-the-art graphics, infographics, short-form videos, and more to represent their business most elegantly.

Never see marketing as a tool to sell more products but to sell value and a one-of-a-kind experience.

With all the innovative marketing trends hailing, infographic marketing keeps popping up regarding digital and content marketing. In an ocean of visual content practice, you need to work on something to make your content stand out, or else your brand will drown in the competition.

Effective marketing is the core foundation of any business; if the foundation is strong, you can build something out of it. Your marketing must be convincing to the extent that it makes customers buy from you.

Infographic marketing insinuates creativity in your content that brings traction to your marketing methods, generating the results you want. Over the past few years, infographics have inclined more toward fluid shapes, colourful gradients, and isometric compositions. As a result, you can bring leads to your business that turns into conversions.

To make your business ahead of the competition, dig into the top ten trends of infographic marketing.

Immerse into Infographic Marketing – Experience Innovation

Before bandwagoning the “online branding” trends, knowing your way around marketing is vital. People today, especially GenZ, live their lives online; they often buy from businesses that empower them with information in a fun way. They want to know how you can benefit or bring them value.

The easiest way to grab a reader's attention and convince them to check out from your website with a shopping cart loaded with profits for you is to create an impressionable visual imprint.

Creating products or services is not enough; retaining your customers and making them return to you is the real art. Imagine going to a website, and all you find is black-and-white content, nothing else. Even the imagination makes you leave that website and never return to it.

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What is Infographic Marketing?

What Is Infographic Marketing
Source: Visme

“On the canvas of infographic marketing, you can be the Picasso of content.”

Infographic marketing is all about creating attention-grabbing visual representations of information. It is all about bringing your written content to life. Including infographics such as colourful diagrams, charts, images, icons, and other things in your blog posts or articles will hook the reader and instil curiosity in them to learn and connect more with your brand.

Infographic marketing involves visual impact to build brand authority and publish it for SEO appeal. In turn, it helps promote and maximise exposure for your business with link building through the web.

You can turn boring information into highly memorable, persuasive, and valuable graphics with intelligent use of colour themes, proportion, contrast, and negative space.

“If marketing is the fire, infographics are the gasoline to set your business ablaze.”

You must understand that you must put your A-game in marketing to build a sustainable and profitable business. From social media marketing to advertising, emails, and website promotion, you must add different elements to your marketing regime to attract people.

Infographics are an essential part of the ladder to your success. You can use them in your website content, blog posts, social media, and different outlets for digital marketing. Yes, you read that right. Infographic marketing is incredibly versatile and can generate fast-paced results.

Infographics can seamlessly summarise long chunks of information into bite-sized, easily digestible pieces. Moreover, smartly designed infographics make your content more shareable, making it easy to spread the word.

Infographics bring more value to all types of content and digital marketing strategies. When you leverage visual strategies, you leave a memorable impact on everyone who comes to your website. In addition, incorporating visual representations that add value to your content helps your business survive and sustain the test of time.

Importance of Infographic Marketing

Importance Of Infographic Marketing

In this ever-expanding world of data and information, have you thought about what will happen if you fail to grab the attention of your target audience effectively and quickly?

If this happens, your business will go down sooner than you expect. And we do not want that.

Marketing is the ultimate guru of your business strategies and goals. One of the best ways to accomplish your dream business like a breeze is to create eye-pleasing and instantly-adding-to-the-shopping-cart content.

In marketing, infographics are a highly effective method to make your audience a fan of your brand.

But the question here is why it is so important to leverage infographics.

Well, we have all the answers to your questions.

Reasons to Use Infographics

Grabs Audience's Attention

Humans are visual creatures; we know how to get attracted to well-designed and visually appealing stuff. Infographics are just that and more. Our optic nerve triggers our brain instantly, making it attentive and responsive when you land your eye on beautiful graphics.

Simply put, infographics are much more fun and effective than plain, boring text.

It brings expertise into the picture.

With infographic marketing, a business can use charts, tables, graphs, images, and more. The design, display of information, and visual representation depict the expertise of the subject matter, bringing credibility to the table.

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A smartly designed infographic extends your business in the online marketplace.

Simplifies Complicated Information

Graphs In Infographics

Imagine writing word after word, line after line, to explain a concept or statistics; do you think people will read it until the end? But people these days have the patience of a humming word; they need more time to read pages of data to extract valuable information, especially when an easy alternative is available.

Infographics simplify complex data and present them in a relevant yet innovative way. Moreover, the content becomes easy to read and understand with good infographics.

Add More Value to Your Brand

Your business is a lifelong investment, not a one-off trade. Therefore, you need to go the extra mile to create a sustainable platform for your brand that brings in leads and maximises your ROI. Infographics demonstrate your brand knowledge and value in a meaningful yet memorable manner.

Infographic marketing supports and enhances your brand image in various ways, including company logos.

Make Your Content Go Viral

In today's digital era, if something goes viral online, it can become popular with a massive fan following overnight. And you know what is even better? You can leverage infographics to make your content go viral.

Infographics contain much-summarised data and information about certain aspects of the brand, making it easily shareable on different social media channels.

Infographics Help to Boost SEO

It is known that no search engine can crawl any data on visuals itself; you must do that. With compelling and immersive infographics, you can use less space to present more information with exceptional details.

As much as infographics help make your content appealing to the readers, it also boosts SEO.

Infographic marketing increases the value of inbound links and social sharing, making your business and its content highly valuable for all search engines. With better SEO, your business becomes more search and user-friendly, navigating organic traffic to your website.

Infographic Marketing is on the Rise

Marketing Infographics 2023
Source: Agorapulse

“You become what you eat, right? Your brand is no different; it becomes what you market.”

With time, the number of businesses that use the web to amplify their sales by boosting their marketing campaigns is increasing. At this rate, it is crucial to implement tactics that differentiate your content from others.

Infographic marketing, amongst all the insane competition, provides a platform for opportunities for every type and size of business. They can gain traction in the market by presenting their data and information in a visually dynamic format.

Per research by PR Newswire, visual representation of content has become vital to engage readers and adds benefits to SEO for the business.

As innovation in marketing continues to evolve, your business needs to accommodate accordingly, or soon it will perish. Your business needs to create diverse forms of content, such as infographics, because that is now becoming a marketing survival kit.

Learn the Trends of Infographic Marketing – Upgrade for Better Sales

By now, you may very well know the importance of infographics and the comprehensive approach toward marketing. This makes it even more important to learn the trends of infographic marketing because no two days are exactly alike in the online world.

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With constantly changing dynamics and consumer demands, it is crucial that your business strategies and marketing adhere to the changes.

Make Your Brand Transparent and Accountable

Consumers love brands that are transparent with them. For instance, if a brand publicly displays its values and even CSR actions on its website, it can engage more people. Not any people, but their tarot audience, will bring in sales.

A practical yet simple strategy to become a top brand in your industry and easily compete with the giants is to convince the customers that your brand owns the best. Think of Louis Vuitton, Apple, Disney, and Amazon; these renowned brands have cultivated a positive image in the customers' minds. As a result, the customers believe in them and keep returning to them; they give them business and get value.

What is brand accountability?

Brand accountability is about communicating the company values and all factors that align with them. With brand accountability, your business communicates your company's core values or “Why” to deliver the mission statement. When done rightly, it brings in profits and helps to scale your business.

Moreover, it is closely knit with transparency and long-term commitment to specific social concerns like responsibility, ethics, passion, and sustainability, all that matters to the consumers.

Now, how does all of this resonate with infographics?

Worry not; we are coming to that.

The whole point of infographic marketing for any brand is to set a standard yet a definitive place for them in the competitive market. Displaying valuable information is a fun way, where people can know your authenticity and give your target audience a reason to trust you.

You enhance your brand accountability by using well-designed and ingenious infographics in your content and sharing it on social media platforms.

You can use infographics such as a chart or table to display data that support your claims and advanced statistics. Similarly, you can design aesthetically pleasing and attention-grabbing images with summarised content about your product's new launch or a big upcoming sale.

Leverage Multiple Channels for Influencer Marketing

Instagram Influencer Tiers

Influencer marketing is a rapidly emerging trend that can gain high traction for your brand without breaking the bank for you. It has become the mainstream channel for online marketing.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a hybrid model that blends old-school and modern marketing tools for better results. This type of marketing leverages content-driven campaigns with a brand endorsement by a celebrity or an influencer with good followers on different social media channels. These marketing campaigns between the influencers and brands are collaborations.

Some collaborations are way less tangible–brands can work with influencers to enhance brand recognition and create a place for the business in the industry. According to the motive the brand wants to achieve, it can go after high- or low-profile influencers or celebrities but ensure that its marketing strategy must generate results.

According to a survey in 2021, influencer marketing has grown to a whopping value of $13.8 billion. Moreover, for every $1 spent on influencer marketing, businesses are making $5.78 out of it.

The potential here is massive, but you must consider how we build influencer marketing with infographics.

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The answer is simple.

“Influencer marketing is not a tactic but a long-term strategy.”

The influencers or celebrities will not dig into your articles or blog posts; even if they do, they will not show that in their posts or videos. So they need concise, visually attractive content that they can easily endorse. Something beautifully designed that makes them and your brand look good.

An excellent company logo, a colourful diagram to deliver your core value, or pictures of your products with a brief explanation of their ingredients or benefits can do great with the influencers.

Once you finish your successful collaboration, you can use the influencer-endorsed content on your brand's website, email marketing, and online stores. This will improve credibility and navigate the influencers' followers to your brand- a win-win.

List All Your Ideas, Resources, and Tips

The better you organise and “list” your data, the more engagement and leads you to get.

What are list infographics?

This is one of the most popular infographic marketing trends on the web. List infographics allow you to create easy-to-read and share data by creating bullets or one-liners. In addition, you can leverage fun icons or decorative fonts to make your data stand out.

You can create an informational graphic as a written list to spread the word about your brand or whatever information you want across the web.

Make use of video content creation.

As per a survey in 2021, almost 70% of B2B marketers believe that content creation is one of the best investments a brand can make.

Videos have gained immense popularity from different ways of creating and promoting content with promising outcomes.

What is video content?

Video content features a format that is based on videos. It can include animations, GIFs, vlogs, customer testimonials, live videos, webinars, podcasts, and recorded presentations.

Videos can evoke an emotional response and better resonate with the customer's mindset. Most surveys have shown that posts or websites that do not have video content get 92% less traffic than those with at least one video with infographics.

You can use a wide range of infographics like whiteboard animation, charts, and video presentations. Moreover, you can ask your customers to sign up for a live testimonial or send a recorded one, and you can incorporate your product images, details, and logo into that. Because when others hear from someone with first-hand experience with your products and services, they will know they are in the right place.

Your brand needs hyper-automation

Hyperautomation Infographic

With fast-paced digitalisation, the world is heading towards advancement with technology, making hyper-automation inevitable. According to Gartner, most companies will quickly automate as many IT processes and businesses as possible in the next ten years for better marketing and profits.

Automation reduces human errors and efforts, streamlining lucrative opportunities and more significant ROI.

What is hyper-automation?

Hyper automation is a strategic and business-driven approach that enables you to vet, identify and automate your business incredibly fast.

Hyper automation leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robot Process Automation (RPA), AND Machine Learning (ML) to increase automation for marketing processes, including workflows, product chains, and more.

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Automation can enhance infographic marketing with minimal effort, making the content easy to understand and digestible for any brand's target audience. It can help with improved messaging and leads to higher conversions, increased web traffic, better profits with shorter sales cycles, and many other benefits.

Indulging in data-driven infographic marketing

The role of data and analytics is rapidly increasing in marketing. However, customer journeys and sales cycles are becoming highly complex, making analysing the touchpoints to study buying behaviour harder.

What is data-driven marketing?

Data-driven marketing allows the marketing teams to create strategies and tactics by leveraging big data. This extensive data analysis leads to a greater and better insight into the newer trends and customer mindsets or preferences.

Data-driven marketing that is structured facts, figures, and infographics positively influences marketing campaigns for a brand, forecasting sustainable success and profits. Data-driven marketing is more customer-centric and enables businesses to build a brand aligned with consumer demands and needs. It insinuates more benefits but needs the marketer's innovative skills, knowledge, and talent.

According to Marketo, by 2025, data-driven marketing, machine learning, and AI for CX management and content delivery will be the top marketing tools.

Prevent data breaches and cyber attacks

Cia Triad Cyber Security

Data privacy and internet security are among the biggest concerns for all types and sizes of businesses. Violation or breach of data or potential cyber threats has stirred awareness amongst businesses and customers to handle data more safely and securely.

What is a data breach?

When you put your information on the internet, there is always a risk that unauthorised people can access it from anywhere in the world. If your data or information about your business falls into the wrong hands, your business and your client's data will be at stake.

The rising concern of data security has urged marketers to utilise data and information for personalisation marketing while respecting every aspect of privacy legislation more transparently.

Infographics mostly rely on numbers and data-driven figures to tell a story for your brand. As per a survey, around 57% of marketers in the US have stated that transparency around analytics and data use has drastically increased with privacy regulations.

Using infographics like images, charts, and tables make it less susceptible to data theft and breaches than written content.

We are living and marketing in a global village of connectivity. Keeping all personal and even public information secure is ever more critical.

Process infographics to analyse the buyer journey

With infographic marketing, one of the most underrated benefits is that it empowers you to map out, analyse and visualise the buyer journey.

What is the buyer journey?

A customer or buyer journey is the time the person spends on your website, from when they visit it until they make a purchase, and often even after it. If your website does not appeal to the visitor or is too complex to understand, they will leave before you can close a sale.

To ensure a smooth, sales-converting buyer journey, you must give them a memorable experience. Something that is visually impactful and hard to stop thinking about: with the proper use of infographics, you can imprint the mind and soul of the buyer, often forming an emotional connection. As a result, you can turn an internet wanderer into a long-term consumer of your brand.

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Infographic marketing allows you to collect constant feedback through online forms to help you eliminate the loopholes that hamper the buyer's journey. Effective feedback enables you to cumulate iterative changes in your business strategies for better results.

Make your brand viral – Brand awareness.

Branding Awareness Quote

With social media marketing, it is often a hit-or-miss situation. Nevertheless, emerging infographic trends and the proper impact of the visuals can be game changers. With infographics, you increase your followers and can make your content go viral and become a famous brand with higher leads overnight.

Infographics can help you become a thought industry leader who knows their way around marketing. Moreover, you can leverage influencer marketing to establish a strong clientele.

You can utilise optimised infographics to boost your social presence and content sharing. As social infographics are highly informative and provide value to customers, saving them time, they would otherwise be investing in long blog posts.

Use visual representations to explain essential concepts.

There are many aspects of your products and services that you want your customers to know about.

Using infographics, you can easily break down complex content into small, simplified chunks and explain them visually. This way, you will make things easier for yourself and your target audience. Your colleagues, employees, consumers, and even stakeholders will thank you.

With infographic marketing, you can play around with various templates, themes, page layouts, and more that will help you keep your readers hooked to your content. The best part is, with the long, eye-straining pages of content, your readers will not quit halfway through.

Final Words

With infographic marketing as your brand priority, you can streamline a considerable consumer base with better leads that turn into sales and more profits and achieve sustainable success for your name.

By summing up the various aspects of your brands in relevant infographics, you can build brand authority and boost your SEO to rank higher on search engines. You tell the same story but in a more reader-friendly and fun way.

Infographic marketing entails a massive potential for businesses. You can leverage visual strategies to create a renowned brand and a definite place for your business in the immersive marketplace.

So, with infographic marketing, you must be smart because it is not about quantity but quality.

Author Bio: Aamoon Anthony has over six years of experience in Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Designing, and eCommerce marketing. An entrepreneur and a blogger with a deep interest in sharing the industry's best practices. Connect with him @ aa****@ve******.com.

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