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Industrial Animation Videos: 7 Ways They Help

Industrial Animation Videos: 7 Ways They Help

Every business aims to achieve a positive growth trajectory. While there are several ways to accomplish the same, one must harness the resources to guarantee profitable results and outcomes. 

Technology is an inevitable aid that every industry needs to rely upon to excel and stand ahead of the competitive league. 

Industrial animation is not only a powerful tool to explicitly create a creative video, but it also highlights the intricacies of processes and operations that would otherwise become a mountainous task to achieve.

Many of us consider animation to be a new age introduction, but the fact is that this technology has been there since the 1980s. However, it's only in the last decade that it has been pushed to a new level. 

One of the oldest forms of animation is the flipbook. But now we have graphic animation technology that creates images in two and three dimensions.

All these instructions and complex designs that we see result from high-end 3D animation software. It enables 3D modelling, rendering, animation and lighting. 

Many companies are offering a notch above industrial animation services. And they are in great demand owing to the growing need to create a better projection of their product or business operations.

The growth of the 3D Animation market

When we talk about technological growth, we mention prospects and their implications in the times to come. In 2018, the global 3D animation market size was pegged at $14,087.46 million, and it is expected to reach a mark of $33,784.6 million by 2026, with a CAGR of 11.60% between 2019 to 2026.

The credit to the same is the growing adoption of visual effect technology across the different business niches. Whether it is a movie or presenting a process operation, this technology helps create a compelling visual effect that is self-explanatory and engaging. 

Another catalysing factor in this realm is integrating virtual reality technology to enhance the visual effects. Thus provide a significant opportunity for growth in this segment.

Does your business need this technology?

3D Animation Videos For Advertising And Marketing

An important question that pops up here is whether your business needs this support or not? Well, the fact is that every business must harp on the tools and techniques that can create positive growth. Gaining a competitive edge is even more significant.

To understand industrial 3D animation better, we need to run through a practical scenario. Let's say your company is manufacturing automatic injectable liquid vial filling machines. 

Now you want to target prospective customers by highlighting the significant features of this machine and explaining its functionality. So, your next move would be to hunt for a vendor who can fulfil your current requirement. After doing thorough research, you come across two vendors: A and B

Vendor A

It provides you with a power-point presentation that has a picture of the products. It simply takes you through different slides highlighting the critical features of your products. Looking at it from the client-side, reading through such long reading material will be monotone and boring.

Vendor B

On the flip side, you have a vendor who uses the animated 3D model to explain the functioning of the machine and each step. Right from the time the vial is fed into the system to the injection of the liquid machine in it and finally, sealing and delivering. 

In simple words, this model takes you through complex operations, and the entire experience is like witnessing the process in front of your eyes. It has more clarity, is realistic, and when you have an audio-visual running in front of you, its impact is always higher than the conventional presentation.

How does video animation work?

According to Wyzowl statistics, 63% of businesses have started focusing on video content marketing. And 82% of these consider video marketing an integral part of their promotional strategy.

In the most straightforward words, 3D animation deals with computer-generated objects that move in the 3D space. These work realistically, thus creating a stimulating experience for the viewer. 

The computer animation uses 3D computer graphics to create a two-dimensional moving picture with three dimensions. Several complex software tools are used for this that helps in creating a more realistic representation covering the intricacies of product functionalities.

Reasons why industrial animation videos are compelling:

1 – Conveys complicated ideas into Simple Scenes

Every business owner is looking for tools that will help explain even the complex business processes more explicitly. Relying on conventional explanatory videos and PowerPoint presentations are a relic of the past.

Coming to modern times, every company is looking for ways that will help them promote a more detailed view of the product or operations.

Industries like food processing or big manufacturing units employ specialised tools and machinery. For a typical person to understand the functionality of these machines can be a cumbersome task. 

With the help of 3D industrial animation, you can create a more descriptive and creative video that covers all the complexities of the processes.

One of the most complex tasks is to create a creatively excellent video, and at the same time, it should also meet the technical specifications and accuracy. 3D industrial animation caters to both these aspects. 

Companies providing 3D industrial animation services ensures that video is created using the best tools, thereby creating the best videos of product functionality.

2 – Add More Value to Your Business

Every business is now willing to provide a great value proposition to its customers. So, how do you achieve this? The answer is pretty simple. You have to rely on technology that can help create such a lasting impact. 

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The 3D industrial animation is not just a tool to create an engaging video, but a professional representation of such videos also helps in brand building.

Imagine having a video highlighting your product's USPs. This creates a stimulating ambience, where the customer can experience the functionality of a product without actually being present there. This is the most effective way of representing complex process functioning. Such videos are in great demand and also help in brand building.

3 – Visually appealing for your business

Today, every company strives to create a strong presence in the market. While there are other ways to create engaging content, print advertisements and other mediums are still one of the most trusted formats. However, when we compare them on the effectiveness parameters, then video content takes the lead.

In recent times, we have seen a growing inclination towards video content. High-definition visual content is gaining popularity. Companies emphasise creating engaging visual effects and realistic animation. The aim is to instantly garner the viewer's attention and create an everlasting impact.

Moving from the entertainment segment to the business zone, the expanding use of simulation in the design of industrial tools by OEMs promotes the use of 3D animation. Most of the industries are now engaged in using simulation software and solutions. Some prominent industries using this solution are construction, manufacturing, architecture, defence, education and healthcare.

4 – Benefits in various Industries

The role of 3D industrial animation is not merely limited to creating engaging videos. Its preference has penetrated across the different business niches. Many industries are now reaping benefits from the same. The two most prominent industries that are heavily relying on the use of 3D industrial animation are:

Engineering: The engineering industry has heavily benefitted from advanced technologies like 3D printing, 3D industrial rendering and 3D animation. The complex structures created in civil engineering were earlier limited to 2D drawings and prints, but with time we have seen a growing use of 3D technology. 

Civil engineers create beautiful buildings, bridges, infrastructure, and more. With the help of tools like 3D animation tools, they can create new possibilities and endless opportunities for civil engineers.

Tools like Revit, Rhino 3D, Sketchup and others have played a significant role in creating staggering and explanatory yet convincing and creative videos that give a better picture of the result. 

Another key benefit of using such tools for engineering is that it becomes more accessible for people to see the videos of the outcome before executing the plan, thus reducing the probability of error. It also saves time because the engineers can make the necessary changes before executing the plan.

Manufacturing: The market is getting competitive, and technology is growing faster. With the growing demand to establish a strong B2B connect, companies are now looking for an advanced way of presenting their product and illustration more effectively. With the 3D industrial animation, you can bring a large-scale production or manufacturing unit on a small display.

If you are into manufacturing a machine or even smaller tools, the user would need assistance to assemble these tools. How do they do it? The best way out is to use technological aid like the 3D industrial animation that creates engaging videos with a detailed explanation of assembling the parts. Thus simplifying the task of the end-user and also saving their time.

When it comes to depicting the machine and how it functions on the interior, then with the help of 3D industrial animation, you can take the potential client through the interior of the pipe, showing how the internal component of the machine is working. 

We want to emphasise here that you can take the client through the stepwise functioning of the machine, thus convincing them of the usage and operation of the machine.

5 – Present Your Product in an Innovative Way

You would always want your business to be projected in the best way. Gone are the days of relying on the old methodology of product presentation. The modern era is all about new technology like 3D animation and industrial rendering services, where you can effectively project a product's functioning.

Today customers are looking for more innovative and creative ways of product presentation. With the help of the right set of tools, it becomes easier to project this information.

6 – Show interiors and components that photographs can't show

The touch and feel effect plays a significant role in covering the prospects into a client. And to achieve this, companies adopt several methods. With the right set of technology, you can easily do it.

3D animation ensures that your customer can have a closer look at the product. If your customers can see how things will work in the end, they will be more convincing than seeing a PowerPoint presentation or a simple drawing on paper. 

With the surge of newer technologies like AI, VR and AR, there has been a growing inclination to use this technology to make effective presentations. In addition, these technologies have also boosted the 3D animation market.

7 – Captivate Your Audience With its Advanced Functionality

The 3D industrial animation concise large scale production unit or manufacturing machinery into a smaller display without compromising the quality and effectiveness. 

The 3D industrial animation helps in creating this impact. It helps create a tour through the innovation created by a company and accelerates convincing the end-user.

Today everyone is looking for a project that is time-saving yet effective. The 3D industrial animation simplifies complex processes or the science behind industrial and construction solutions. It also helps create an easy-to-understand and engaging representation of process operation or machinery.


There is no need to take your client through a lengthy explanation or demonstration. You can choose an industrial animation that showcases any product's complex or technical parts interestingly and simply. This way, you can easily catch the consumer's attention more effectively.

In the times to come, we will witness a staggering rise in the use of 3D industry animation. Companies will harp upon the tools that will help them capture more market share and gain the customer's trust. 

Let your customer see what is best stored for them when using a particular tool or machinery with 3D industrial animation.

Author Bio: Alpesh Patel is a Co-Founder at Arise Engineering Services leading engineering animation company focused on building interactive, next-generation experiences for industrial businesses. Arise Engineering Services is best known for creating technically-accurate industrial 3D animation for a wide range of industries.

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