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Web Design & Web Development Agency: The Differences

Web Design & Web Development Agency: The Differences

Even though we live in the digital world, the relationship between website design and development is often misunderstood. 

Many individuals naively believe that these two diverse disciplines are interchangeable, but they are not.

While website design is concerned with the aesthetics of the site, such as layout and colour, website development is concerned with the technical components of the site that allow it to work online.

Many organisations provide web design and development services, so it’s easy to become overwhelmed when deciding which one to choose. 

However, if you want your website to be successful, you’ll need to go through a complete web development procedure.

The primary goal of your website should be to provide the best possible user experience while converting potential visitors into paying clients. Also, remember that your website serves as an online reflection of your business and brand. 

As a result, your customers and prospects must have the best possible experience while visiting your website. 

So, to help your business fly, hire a professional web design and development agency to create an affordable and professional website.

So, let’s get started with a detailed breakdown of web design and web development agencies and the difference between both.

What Is Web Design?

Futuristic Web Design Trends 2021

Web design encompasses all aspects of a website’s visual aesthetics and usability, including colour scheme, layout, information flow, and other visual elements of the UI/UX (user interface and user experience).

The following are some of the traits and tools that distinguish a web designer from a web developer:

Web design focuses more on what the user sees on their computer screen or mobile device than the mechanisms that make it all function underneath the surface.

They bring a digital experience to life through colour, imagery, typography, and layout. However, many web designers are also proficient with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; building live mockups of a web app when pitching a concept to the team or fine-tuning the UI/UX of an app is beneficial.

Web designers frequently use templating systems such as WordPress or Joomla, which allow you to construct websites without writing a single line of code by employing themes and widgets.

What Is Web Development?

Most Popular Web Development Stacks

The code that makes a website work is governed by web development. 

It’s divided into two parts: front-end and back-end. The code determining how the website will display the designs mocked up by a designer is known as the front-end or client-side of an application.

The back end, also known as the server side of an application, manages data in the database and sends it to the front end for display. 

As you might expect, the front-end developer’s work most overlaps with the web designer's.

The following are the traits and tools associated with front-end developers: HTML/CSS/JavaScript, CSS preprocessors, Frameworks, Libraries, Git, and GitHub.

The designer typically provides mockups, fonts, and colour palettes rather than front-end web developers.

The developer’s task is to make those mockups come to life. Understanding what the designer wants necessitates some familiarity with UI/UX design best practices. 

Then, the developer may select the appropriate technology to achieve the end product's intended look, feel and experience.

Importance of Web Design And Web Development For Business

Easy Navigation

A dynamic and easy-to-navigate website is required for an excellent online presence. To do this, web pages should load exceptionally quickly, as defined by the web development process. 

Also, a good website makes navigation easier. This is accomplished through excellent web design and during the construction of the website.

After the developer has completed the website, it is recommended that they test the web pages regularly to verify that the ease of navigation is maintained. 

This aids in the elimination of bugs that impede the loading of web pages. Remember, a website that is easy to navigate increases organic traffic.


What Is Semantic Core In Seo

In web development services, search engine optimisation is an essential factor to consider. 

Web development services and web design are two ways to enhance a website’s rating. To rank first, the website must meet all of the search engine’s requirements.

The website gains more traffic and becomes more user-friendly due to search engine optimisation. Apart from owning a website, you also get to keep users or visits to the site as a business. 

The web developer’s role is to assist the business by including elements such as “call-to-action.” 

Furthermore, when a website is optimised, it appears high on the search engine results page, increasing organic traffic.


A solid website can help a company reach a larger and more engaging audience. 

A good site design can help a company reach a wider audience and acquire more leads or consumers. As a result, more sales and profits are generated.

A well-designed website can help you grow your audience, target certain consumer bases, and receive a speedy return on your investment. 

A well-designed website can increase the conversion rate by 200-400 per cent. This refers to a more straightforward website to read and browse, loads quickly and has an interactive design with a responsive interface.

Brand Identity

Graphic Overlapping Web Development Trends

Protecting your brand identity is easier with a good web development process. 

Have you ever seen a strange-looking website? The majority of people are wary of such sites. It makes no difference how big your company has grown or what kind of reputation you’ve established.

Websites that are of poor quality and poorly designed rarely attract visitors. 

Consider the disadvantages you’ll face with your website as a company, and so do it during the web-building process. 

Boosts Customer Loyalty

A well-designed website appeals to more customers and draws them to your business. 

Customers stay because of this and good customer service, fast loading speeds, and an easy-to-navigate website.

It’s easier to persuade customers to check out your products or services if they only spend a few seconds on your website. 

On the other hand, if your website is of poor quality, poorly designed, and slow to load, the visitor may never reach the landing page. 

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Remember, your successful web design and development process has generated trustworthy leads. 

Increases Profits

The number of sales determines the success of every business. 

Web design and development can assist a company in attracting more sales, which results in increased profits.

The quantity of internet business transactions is growing by the hour these days. 

Most firms have jumped at the chance to profit from Internet sales. With an excellent website, a company can demonstrate to its customers that it is committed to providing the most outstanding services and information possible.

What Is A Web Design Agency?

Belfast Web Design Agency

A web design agency receives a brief and responds by designing, producing, and launching a new website in most cases. 

They’ll employ their imagination and web-building talents but won’t go too deeply into the brand or target audience. 

The role of the web design agency is to complete the project and hand it over to the client. 

Aside from client-requested site updates and upkeep, the success of that website is in the hands of a marketing agency.

Generally, A web design agency is more concerned with completing a project according to your specifications than with what will truly work for your company and its target audience. You’ll find that they enter the web design process early. 

They will most likely only ask for a few details, such as:

    • What are the titles of your pages?

    • Do you have all of the materials?

    • What features do you require?

    • Are you able to provide images and other media?

Smaller organisations with fewer desires for project input can find this procedure less intimidating.

The Key Responsibilities of a Web Design Agency

A web design agency should create the website’s blueprint using Adobe Photoshop, Framer, or Sketch.

  • They must be able to create a website with a rich user interface while keeping it simple.
  • They must also design the correct slot in which all of the website’s features, such as photographs, buttons, and other general forms, will fit.
  • They must keep up with the latest trends in the industry and try to incorporate new features into the website’s design.
  • They should be aware of the website's appropriate colour and font format.
  • They should be familiar with Search Engine Optimisation to create a website that will rank well on the major search engines.
  • They must create a coherent and balanced layout.

What is A Web Development Agency?

Belfast Web Development Agency

A web development agency’s key responsibilities include conceptualising, designing, developing, and maintaining websites and applications.

web development agency can create a website tailored to a company’s specific needs and preferences. 

Unlike websites constructed in the previous decade, today’s websites are built with the mobile user in mind. This entails creating a website for smaller devices and then converting it to a laptop or desktop computer.

Several criteria, including the following, will determine a web development agency’s strategy for building your company’s website:

    • The type of company (B2C vs B2B)

    • The industry or domain in which you work

    • The geographic areas and demographics of the people you serve

    • The amount of money you have set aside for the website’s establishment and upkeep.

    • Your aims and objectives

The Key Responsibilities of Web Development Agency

A Web development company should create the website’s user interface utilising HTML, CSS, and JS languages.

  • They should choose the programming language for the website and app and Back-end coding and programming.
  • At the front end, they should work on designing the User Interface and User Experience.
  • They must publish and optimise content following best practices.
  • Before launching the website and app, they must thoroughly test (beta testing)
  • They should identify and resolve issues and must carry out speed and performance tests.
  • They should put codes in place and regularly update and maintain the site.
  • The web development agency's responsibility is to design the exact model the web designer has supplied.

Difference Between Web Design Agency & Web Development Agency

Web design agencies start with a client’s website goals before moving on to an Information Architecture, which establishes a website’s information hierarchy and aids in the design process. 

After that, web designers can build wireframes before moving on to the design step. 

Web designers can employ a few basic design concepts to create an aesthetically beautiful layout that provides an exceptional user experience.

The web development company takes the design into a fully functional website. 

To put it another way, consider the design a static “picture” of a website. Then, developers dissect the design and break it into its constituent parts. 

They then create the various website pages using either HTML or a more dynamic approach, including programming languages such as PHP. 

Advanced web developers could use a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla to speed up development and make it easier for clients to maintain and update their sites.

The critical distinction is that a web design agency is in charge of the look and feel of a website, while a web development agency is in charge of the site’s applications and functionality. 

Users can click and go from page to page with the help of a web development agency. 

Take a web developer to be the director behind the camera; they’re constantly around, but you’ll never notice them in a good film. The same can be said for websites.

Each primary function is separate from the other; However, just like mustard and ketchup on a hot dog, you may require both to achieve the most satisfactory results. 

When starting from scratch, you’ll need a web developer to lay the groundwork and web designers to make it look and feel how you and, more importantly, your users want it to.

Summary: Web Design Agency Vs. Web Development Agency

An ostrich cannot become a zebra in the same way that a zebra cannot become an ostrich. 

The ostrich is as reliant on the zebra’s hearing as the zebra is on the ostrich’s eyesight.

The combined efforts of a website design and development agency can only result in a fully functional website. 

Design is what we see on the website, while development happens when we click a button or do an activity. 

The front-end process of technical website design includes designing the layout and organising the website using HTML. 

Website development services are the back-end process of a website’s action performance, which can be developed using various frameworks.

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