Should you Hire a Design Agency or a Freelancer?

Should you Hire a Design Agency or a Freelancer?

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Should you Hire a Design Agency or a Freelancer for your next web project?

Who can get the job done successfully and at the most affordable prices?

This is the question that probably every company will face when getting started with their web design.

The future success of your online presence is heavily dependent on this decision.

So, it’s crucial not to make a mistake.

Any successful company is supported by a great online marketing campaign, powerful SEO, effective copywriting, etc.

In order to survive in the competitive contemporary world, companies need to implement tactful digital services.

However, the problem that many businesses face is not the way they use digital services, but the way those are created.

The big question that arises at this point is whom you should better trust to build your company website.

Should you hire a design agency or freelancer to get the job done?

Let’s try to find it out in this post.

Generally speaking, working with freelancers or web design agencies has its own advantages.

To a great degree, the choice is individual and heavily depends on the goals that a company pursues.

We will not say that one option is definitively better than another.

Both of them are great.




Still, each of them includes benefits that certain companies are looking for their effective online promotion.

So, with the goal to advise you in the right direction, below we have outlined the key advantages and disadvantages of working with freelancers and web design agencies.

Both choices have their pros and cons.

Both of them will definitely bring good results.

But which ones will be the best for you and your project?

Which of the two will be more flexible and reliable?

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Which one will meet your budget and provide you with the right services and support?

Is it a freelancer or a web design studio that will get the job done in the shortest period of time?

Choosing the right team or person to bring your web project to live in important.

With this blog post, we want to help you make clear whether you should hire a design agency or professional freelancer.


hire a freelancer


Working with Freelancers


Many folks working in digital marketing, started out as freelancers.

Some people choose to build their career as a freelancer, as it gives them more freedom and an opportunity to focus on completing tasks that are of interest to them.

A web design freelancer is an individual who completes all tasks on their own.

These include designing, coding, website creation, and testing. Every aspect of a web project ordered from a web design freelancer will be completed by one and the same person, from the beginning till the end.

When ordering design services from a web design freelancer, one should be ready to provide a detailed plan of the things that should be done.

A person whom you hire should feel confident that they will be able to complete all of the requested tasks on their own, otherwise, they will simply reject it.

Whenever a freelancer agrees on a website and a budget, they will start working from home and keep on updating you throughout the entire process of a website creation.

As a rule, it's easy to get hold of all the process.

Provided that a freelancer works on their own, you will get a more personal customer service, as well as let you keep a close eye on how the things are doing while establishing a good relationship.

This is just general information about web design freelancers and their working specifications.

Now, let's take a closer look at the key pros and cons of working with a freelancer.


Advantages of working with a freelance designer


Reason #1 – price


When you hire a freelancer, you pay for the job that will be done for you.

You do not pay for a company office space, gym, vacations, etc.

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Freelancers work from home and the costs for their job depend on the kind of services that you want to be done.

That is why working with a freelancer is generally cheaper than hiring a design agency.


Reason #2 – communication


As you hire a freelancer, you cooperate with one specific person who takes control of the entire process of completing your order.

So, whenever you need to ask a question regarding the status of your order, you do not need to look for the right contact in several departments.

The person who designs, codes and builds your site is the only one who will be responsive to your phone calls and emails.


Reason #3 – competition


It's no secret that web design industry gets more competitive all the time.

In order to be in demand among clients, freelance web designers need to keep up with the latest web tendencies yet offer services that are cheaper than the ones provided by web design agencies.

Thus, hiring a freelancer you can get services similar to the ones provided by web design agencies yet at a lower cost.


Reason #4 – consistency


A web design freelancer is a person with many different skills.

They can master graphic design, logo design, branding, programming, copywriting, UX design, blogging, SEO, etc.

All of these aspects are indispensable to make your website work.

One person being aware of how to make it all function together will help you attain the desired results in a short run.


Reason #5 – speed

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A web design freelancer will make decisions and movements faster than a design agency.

The entire process of web developments and revisions is made faster by a sole individual who is doing all coordination work.

Freelancers do not have limitations of working hours, so they can work long hours until the requested job is completed.




Disadvantages of working with a freelance designer


Reason #1 – reliability


Although it's a rare thing to happen, but sometimes freelancers can disappear and stop responding to emails/phone calls.

A freelancer can be anywhere at any time, so it's a chancy thing to get in touch with one.

Most freelance web developers are reliable and committed, however, we recommend to check the feedback from fellow customers and simply meet a freelancer in person (if possible) before ordering their services.


Reason #2 – freelancer may be unfamiliar with your brand


A person who is making a design for you should know your company well enough in order to deliver its objectives to the web audience clearly.

It takes time to build such a relationship with a web designer.

Unless you know a freelancer whom you are going to hire, it can be difficult to build a successful cooperation with a person who is absolutely new to your brand.


hire a design agency


Working with Web Design Agencies


A web design agency is a team of professionals, each qualified in doing a specific type of job.

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Compared to a web design freelancer, when you hire a design agency you may expect the entire project to be split among a group of specialists.

Thus, someone will be creating a design, someone else will handle all programming tasks, a different group of people will do a marketing research, etc.

So, one of the biggest advantages of hiring a design agency is to have a team of skilful specialists who will get tasks completed perfectly well, rather than working with a person with average skills in different aspects of website creation.


Advantages of working with a Design Agency


Reason #1 – experience


A web design agency that a company can hire is expected to have a certain amount of already-launched projects, with a team of specialist who have participated in the creation of those sites.

The number of clients that a web design agency possesses is one of the signifiers of the level of experience of the chosen agency.


Reason #2 – wide range of services


Web design agencies cover all aspects of a website creation.

Thus, they include teams of designers, coders, marketing specialists, bloggers, etc. each specialising in their niche.

In such a way, hiring a design studio, you will get all marketing and design needs catered for in the same place.


Reason #3 –  ongoing service


No matter what kind of work you order from a design agency, you may be certain they will provide you with ongoing services even after the cooperation.

Unlike a freelancer, the relationships will not end straight after the work is done.

A web design agency is expected to provide its customers with such ongoing services as SEO, online marketing or any other that you order, thus building a stronger, ever-lasting web campaign.


Reason #4 –  efficiency


Another benefit of working with a design agency is the efficiency of execution when it comes to completing one order.

A design agency is made up of many specialists working in the same building or nearby.

This means that the possibility to complete multiple tasks from various areas of one and the same project at once results in a higher level of efficiency rather than a sole freelancer who works without someone else's help and needs to outsource to settle certain issues.


Reason #5 – reliability  


Listen to word of mouth when choosing a design agency to work with.

Luckily, today you have free, unlimited access to online ratings of web design agencies specialising in different areas of website creation.

For example, if you browse Web Studio Catalogue, you will come across the most trusted web design agencies who have a high level of expertise of working with ready-made templates.




Disadvantages of working with a Design Agency


Reason #1 – cost


It is more expensive to hire a design agency than a freelancer.

The cost of the services provided by web design agencies includes a range of other expenses that are not included in the bills of web design freelancers.

So, if you need to get one specific type of services done for you, then hiring a freelancer will be a better option.


Reason #2 – flexibility


Web design agencies are less flexible than sole freelancers.

Every appointment should be planned with a web design studio reps in advance.

This is also subject to distance.

Obviously, no one is proof against emergencies.

This is when video conference apps will come in handy.




Which one to choose?


These were the basic benefits and drawbacks of working with sole freelancers and web designs agencies.

As you can see, both of them have more positive aspects than negative.

So, it's up to every client to make the choice. Our recommendation is the following – if you are a startup or a small company on a limited budget, then you will enjoy the benefits of cheaper, more flexible options.

If you represent a well-established brand and you need to build a powerful, good-looking and reliable web project, then opt for a more costly alternative.

Make your choice based on your needs.

Define your project and make a list of services that you need to be done.

Having a set of needs listed on paper will make it far easier to communicate with candidates and explain what exactly you want to attain in the end.

Communication is a must-have aspect of any cooperation.

Does a freelancer or agency think the same way with you?

Were you provided with anything revolutionary or all ideas are cut and tried?

Make the right decision before it's too late.

Another recommendation – do some research before you make the final decision.

Read reviews, ask fellow customers for feedback, check out ratings on reliable web platforms, and only after all this is done trust your future web presence to a freelancer or a web design agency.

Traditionally, we would like to hear your opinion on the matter.

What is a better option to build a website?

Whose services sound more reliable and professional to you?

Have you ever experienced hiring design agencies or freelancers?

Were you satisfied with the results of your cooperation?




If you wish to discuss how we can develop your brand or provide graphic design for your product or business, email us at: [email protected]

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