Graphic Design Resources September 2015

Graphic Design Resources September 2015

I’ve been in L.A. for a couple of weeks now, but kept in tune with the best graphic design resources September 2015 has had to offer. An interesting month, here’s the top 5 things you should check out in the design world.





New Logo Google


Impossible to miss this one, Google has refreshed it’s look with a simplified logo, which is growing on me. Looking back at my own redesign of the Google logo a few years ago, I think they have done a good job.



Verizon's trademark red swoop becomes a sad, shrunken check mark


New Verizon Logo


In other logo news, one that hasn’t gone down so well is Verizon’s attempt to refresh things. It lacks a lot to say the least.




Defining Brand Identity


Graphic Design Resources Defining Brand Identity


Very much a jargon phrase, Brand identity is thrown around a lot, by many who don’t seem to fully grasp it’s meaning. The Percolate blog, on the other hand, put out a great summary of it and I’d advise everyone to take a look.


Brands live in people’s heads. They are the sum total of perceptions about them.



The freelancer’s guide to Bookkeeping


Freelancer Guide to Bookkeeping


A great business and design blog I’ve recommended following, tutsplus have an in-depth coverage of the more menial tasks required of all freelancers. Something we all try to avoid, bookkeeping and accounting is an essential skill to learn.



Goodbye, Adrian Frutiger


Adrian Frutiger RIP


Legendary type designer Adrian Frutiger died on September 12th 2015, his legacy inherent in more places than you’d realise.

One designer who will most definitely live on through his life’s work. – David Airey


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There was of course a lot more went on this month, but the above are what lingered in my mind. For more design related news, be sure to check out @inkbotdesign on twitter.


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