8 Ways to Generate Passive Income as a Graphic Designer

8 Ways to Generate Passive Income as a Graphic Designer

8 Ways to Generate Passive Income as a Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are reasonably busy people since design is such a time-taking process. 

One way of scaling your income as a graphic designer is to setup passive income sources so you can keep working on your current tasks, but have background processes that net you additional money. 

There’s also the issue that freelancing as a graphic designer can be a volatile job as there might be some weeks or months when you don’t have any work at all. 

This is what makes passive income an excellent idea for graphic designers. 

Creativity will take you a lot further when it comes to passive income because there’s much competition in the graphic design space.

1. Create and Sell Fonts

Rooney Graphic Design Font

Selling fonts can be a hugely lucrative way of generating passive income. Why? 

That’s simply because once you’re done creating the font, you don’t have to do any additional work. The font will keep selling itself if it’s good enough. 

You can create fonts for a variety of niches, including weddings, seminars, corporate businesses, posters, websites, infographics, brochures and apps. Fonts are quite a versatile item to sell. 

Specialist font designers can also create subscription plans using a membership software like this; providing unlimited font access for a monthly fee. 

2. Stock Graphics

Shutterstock Photos Website

Stock graphics are always in-demand because of their use in websites, infographics, brochures and other forms of digital and print media. 

You can create stock graphics for nearly anything on the planet, and there’s going to someone who wants to buy it.

Several marketplaces exist solely to sell stock images and graphics. Apply on them and start uploading your original creations. 

3. Brochure Templates

Corporate Brochure Design Example

Every company needs some brochure or newsletter for its culture. 

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But not every company has an in-house graphics designing resource. That’s where templates come in. 

You can offer pre-designed templates for brochures and other print media. 

There are plenty of marketplaces online to showcase your work, so all you have to do is create beautiful designs and consistently upload them. 

4. Website Templates

Website Wireframing Example

Every business and even individual these days needs their own website. 

And with many choosing to DIY their way into getting a website up and running, there’s a huge market for good looking website templates. 

If you’re a skilled web designer as well as a graphic designer, this is going to be relatively easy. 

Simply pick an industry niche and start creating designs for it. Web templates are also quite lucrative in the sense you can price them quite high. 

Of course, there’s much competition in this space as well, so standing out can be a tad difficult. 

Just make sure you handle mobile responsiveness, so your templates are competitive.

5. Create Tutorials

Udemy Design Tutorials Inspiration

Let’s face it; graphic design is an inspiring thing to do. 

So that being said, many people are looking online to learn more about it. 

If you consider yourself as someone professional, why not make some video tutorials of the neat tricks you know and sell them?

You can make ebooks as well, but really, video is the best way to teach graphic design. And this process doesn’t take any investment, other than your time. 

Simply download a screen recording software and get hold of a decent microphone, and you’ll be able to create quality graphic design tutorials without much hassle. 

6. Work for Commission

Freelance Design Jobs

This one might be a long shot, but it’s worth trying. 

If a business offers you shares or a percentage of profit instead of direct payment, don’t just throw the idea out of the window. 

We understand you need to pay your bills now, but this could pay off in the long term. 

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Many startups need professional graphics work but don’t have the budget for it, so you can use this an opportunity to become a part of a company by simply doing some initial graphic design for them. 

7. WordPress Templates

Elementor WordPress Plugin

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, with hundreds of millions of sites using it. 

It’s quite natural then that there’s much demand for WordPress templates. 

Most users of WordPress are DIYers who know how to set up a website, but not necessarily how to make it look good. 

That’s where WordPress templates come in. 

They allow anyone to give their website a professional look by simply pressing some buttons. 

If you have experience with web design and coding (CSS), then be sure to try selling WordPress templates. 

You can sell a single template from anywhere between $5 and $200. 

8. Start White Labeling Your Services

Business Liability Insurance Designers

If you feel like you’ve worked enough and have a stream of loyal clients who want to work with you, why not use someone else to do the work for you? 

Of course, the vital thing to consider here is working with someone who’s just as talented as you.

You can make agreements with other freelancers or design agencies to get a fixed commission in exchange for providing them clients. 

This can either be a flat fee or a percentage of the project. 

This way you can really earn money without doing any work. 

Final Thoughts

Many graphic designers are of the mindset that the only way they can earn money is by doing the work themselves. 

However, as we just conveyed in this article, there are plenty of ways to earn passive income using the same skill sets. 

It just takes a different mindset to think about passive income. 

Every graphic designer with real talent can take advantage of these methods to earn some extra income. 

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