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Top 10 Best Free Logo Makers: Online Tools & Apps

Top 10 Best Free Logo Makers: Online Tools & Apps

Until the last few years, logo creation was very hectic and time-consuming. There were only a few logo design programs designers had to use to create stunning brand logos. Moreover, they were very complicated to understand. Designers needed to spend months learning how they worked, let alone mastering them.

Thankfully, many new players entered this domain recently and revolutionised the graphic design world. Due to these modern and advanced logo maker utilities, designing attractive and memorable logos is no longer difficult. Anyone from any background can use these free logo maker apps and web-based utilities to create logos for themselves or their clients. 

In this article, we will delve into the world of logo design and unveil the best and free logo makers online for Mac and Windows users. Let's get started without further ado!

Top 10 Best Free Logo Makers

Canva Design Tools

1 – Canva

Canva is undoubtedly one of the most prominent graphic design platforms. It's a one-stop solution for users, small business owners and freelance graphic designers. With Canva, users can create logos, presentations, whiteboards, social media posts, posters, flyers, stickers, labels, cards, etc. It rightfully deserves to be known as a visual suite for everyone.

Additionally, Canva is equally helpful for all users, regardless of their devices and operating systems. Apart from the website, it has created outstanding and easy-to-use mobile applications for Android and iOS users.

Although it offers users many utilities, this article will only discuss its logo maker. Its logo maker is arguably the best in the business. It entertains users with thousands of logo templates covering different business domains and niches. It has a library of millions of free icons and other design elements that can transform an ordinary logo into a visual masterpiece.

Features of Canva Logo Maker

Look at a few of the outstanding features of Canvas logo maker!

Free Templates

As mentioned, Canva offers thousands of free templates to all users, making the design creation process much more straightforward and smoother. These templates give designers a great start and help them quickly make outstanding logos. 

Font Library

Canva has the most extensive font library. This library has over 3,000 unique fonts to help users design every logo. Most of those fonts are readily available for free users. So they can give a great look to their logo designs.

User-Friendly Interface

Compared to many other apps and tools, Canva offers an outstanding interface. Any user, whether creating a logo for the first time or being well-versed with such tools, will find Canva very easy to use because of its interface.

Pros of Canva

  • Easy to use
  • A wide range of free utilities
  • Multiple customisation options
  • A complete solution for users
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Cons of Canva

  • Offer limited features to free users

2 – is very similar to Canva in some ways. For instance, it allows users complete control to create unique and aesthetically pleasing logos without much effort. Plus, it provides users with a massive range of free templates to help them quickly design logos. Whether a professional designer, freelancer, or business owner, you can create any logo with this extraordinaryΒ logo maker.

This logo maker also fulfils everyone's needs. It has built easy-to-use apps for both Android and iOS users. So, no matter what device you have, you can utilise the logo maker offered by

The best thing about this logo maker is that it is free for all users. You can create a professional-looking logo and download it in the best quality without paying anything. Moreover, all the editing utilities, templates, and design elements offered by are entirely free.

Features of

Below are a few of its outstanding features you must know: 

Dozens of Template Categories offers users dozens of template categories related to business domains and logotypes. Also, each type has tons of free logo templates for all users. 

Outstanding Interface

This platform and its applications are created for those without complicated logo design programs, so it offers an outstanding interface. Those who have never used such applications or web-based tools can quickly understand the logo creation process.

Unlimited Downloads

If you are a freelancer and often need to create unique logos for your clients, this platform is the best for you. With the help of logo makers offered by this platform, you can create unlimited logos without hassle.

Pros of

  • Free
  • 8,000+ templates
  • Support every device

Cons of

  • It doesn't offer an AI logo creation feature

3 – Hatchful by Shopify

Hatchful Logo Design Apps Review

Although Hatchful is a product of Shopify, one of the most reputable and trusted online platforms, many people don't know about it. However, when it comes to logo designs, it deserves to be on the list of top 10 best logo makers.

Hatchful uses the most sophisticated algorithms to design unique logos. This platform has made logo design much more straightforward than ever. With this extraordinary tool, you can quickly create any logo within a few moments.

When a user opens this platform and clicks the “Create A Logo Now” button, it shows different business spaces immediately. Select the space and press the next button. After that, it asks you to select the visual style. After choosing the type, write your business name and slogan, and decide where to use the logo. Right after that, it will show you multiple ready-to-use logos. If you wish to use any of them as they are, that is good for you. Otherwise, edit it using its customisation facilities and download the logo.

Features of Hatchful by Shopify

Learn more about its outstanding features! 

Automated Design Process

Unlike many logo design tools, Hatchful doesn't offer templates. Instead, it uses a much better and more effective way to create designs. It asks users to select what they want and automatically create templates spontaneously.

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Easy Customisation

Once you have the desired template on your screen, you can easily customise it using its editing utilities and make an impressive logo that perfectly represents the brand for which you are creating the logo.

High-Quality Logos

Although Hatchful is free, it still needs to improve on design quality. Instead, it helps users download the logos in the best quality possible to use them anywhere they want.

Pros of Hatchful

  • Automatically design logos
  • Requires minimum editing knowledge
  • Faster than most tools

Cons of Hatchful

  • It doesn't offer advanced design facilities

4 – TailorBrands

TailorBrands is one of the best business and brand-building platforms that millions of SMEs and professionals trust. This extraordinary platform offers multiple facilities to users to assist them in quickly building and managing their brands.

Its logo maker is one of its best tools to help all types of users quickly create memorable logos. The logo maker by TailorBrands is very similar to Hatchful by Shopify in its work. For instance, it asks users to select their preferences and then show multiple logo designs. Even after users select a logo, it shows different variations, so users can create a logo that perfectly represents the brand.

Moreover, this logo maker offers users a customisation facility to add a personalised touch to their logos. Using this facility, any user can add a wow factor to their logos.

Features of TailorBrands

Let's talk about some of the exclusive features of TailorBrands! 

Uses Advanced Algorithms

The logo maker of TailorBrands deserves a spot in the list of the best free logo creation tools because of its outstanding AI algorithms. It quickly understands your needs and creates logos accordingly.

Offer Customisation

Apart from offering ready-made logos, this platform also gratifies users' unique needs by providing a free customisation facility. With that facility, users can beautify their logos and make them memorable.

Instant Logo Creation

TailorBrands uses AI technology, so it is much quicker than many ordinary logo-making platforms. If you use this logo maker, you can easily save time and serve it on other productive activities.

Pros of TailorBrands

  • Intuitive design process
  • Create outstanding designs
  • Quicker than many other tools

Cons of TailorBrands

5 – Looka

Looka Free Logo Makers Online

Looka is a platform built by professional designers and developers to assist non-designers in easily and quickly generating all types of logos. However, this platform is for more than just non-designers. It is helpful for everyone. Even if you are a professional logo designer, you can get much assistance from this extraordinary platform.

Looka offers users hundreds of options to help them select the most suitable logos according to their unique needs. It's one of the most creative logo design tools, always surprising users with many symbols.

Designing unique and eye-catching logos with Looka is more like a fun activity. It doesn't involve any complexities. Any user with any skill set can enjoy designing attractive logos with Looka. That's why it's the first choice of many users who want to design logos.

Features of Looka

Here are some extraordinary features of Looka:

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AI-Powered Logo Maker

Looka uses advanced AI technology to create stunning logos within maximum time. It collects data from users and makes the best logo designs accordingly.

Customisation Facility

Although Looka's logos are very relevant and ready to use, it also offers a customisation facility to users to help them create personalised symbols that perfectly represent their brands.

Real-Life Mockups

This incredible AI-powered logo creator also creates real-life mockups so Looka users can analyse what their logos will look like on different things. It helps users choose the right colour combinations and designs. 

Pros of Looka 

  • AI technology involved
  • Brand kit creation
  • Wide range of designs

Cons of Looka 

  • Some features are not free

6 – Logo Maker: Logo Creator

Logo Maker: Logo Creator is one of the most famous logo maker applications available on the Play Store. This application has already earned more than 10 million downloads, which is extraordinary. Also, it has won many users' trust and gained an excellent 4.4 stars rating on the Play Store. The rating and user reviews reflect that it is undoubtedly one of the best logo maker apps for logo creation.

If you don't have a desktop or don't use it for creating logos, there is no need to worry about it. Logo Maker: Logo creator is always there for your help. This logo maker app has simplified the entire process for mobile users. They don't need to worry about learning complicated commands and creating hundreds of layers to build logos. Instead, they only need to choose a suitable template and utilise the editing utilities and design elements, and they will have their outstanding logos ready on the screens.

Features of Logo Maker: Logo Creator

Find what this remarkable logo maker app has in its bucket for you: 

Thousands of Templates

This application offers users more than 7 thousand templates to help them create stunning logos resonating with their brand identities.

Advanced Editing Features

With this logo maker application, you can give any shape to your thoughts and create impressive logo designs, as it offers advanced editing features you may not get elsewhere.

Wide Range of Design Elements

Apart from templates, this logo maker has a complete range of design elements that users may need during the logo creation. These elements include fonts, icons, shapes, etc. 

Pros of Logo Maker: Logo Creator

  • Quick and hassle-free logo creation process
  • Free to use
  • Easy customisation

Cons of Logo Maker: Logo Creator

  • Not applicable for desktop users

7 – Desygner: Graphic Design Maker


This application can help users create multiple designs, including posters, flyers, banners, vision boards, logos, etc.

The best thing about this app is that it is the easiest-to-use graphic design app. And it's not a vague or baseless claim. Instead, this app has the backing of Google Editors. According to Google Editors' Choice, it is the best and easiest graphic design app. Due to this particular reason, many people trust Desygner and use it to create multiple kinds of designs seamlessly.

Desygner has a vast library of millions of royalty-free images that help all users create extraordinary designs according to their unique needs. Also, it offers tons of editing utilities that make the logo creation process much easier and more fun.

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Features of Desygner: Graphic Design Maker

The features that make Desygner a great choice are mentioned below: 

Vast Library

Its library consists of millions of images, vectors, shapes, icons, design templates, etc. This library makes the logo design process easier and quicker for all users.

Editing Utilities

This application also offers accessible editing utilities to assist all users in quickly designing logos without any trouble.

Brand Kit Creation

Unlike some other tools mentioned in this article, Desygner can gratify users' all types of needs regarding branding by allowing them to create multiple types of designs easily.

Pros of Desygner: Graphic Design Maker

  • Easy to use
  • Millions of design elements to choose from
  • Help in designing multiple types of designs

Cons of Desygner: Graphic Design Maker

  • No AI tools

8 – Logo Maker Plus – Logo Creator

Logo Maker Plus – Logo Creator is an outstanding logo creator offered by Logopit Plus. Using this easy-to-use logo maker, any user can easily create eye-catching logos, whether a professional logo designer or a newbie. Logo Maker Plus offers thousands of graphic elements, including icons, monograms, symbols, fonts, etc., and editing utilities to help users create logos quickly.

Additionally, it offers users a vast range of colours that can make the logos look more aesthetically pleasing. That's how any person can easily associate some feelings with symbols. Moreover, by utilising this remarkable logo maker, users can save time as it requires no editing knowledge and experience. 

Features of Logo Maker Plus – Logo Creator

Below are some features that make it great for users: 

Outstanding Typography Range

This logo maker offers over 700 fonts to cater to users' needs. Whether you want a simple or bold logo design, this logo maker can help you in your work. 

Import Images Option

Unlike many other logo creation apps, this app allows users to import images from their galleries and use them to create logos.

Save Design in Drafts

If you are not done editing and have to perform any other task, you can easily save your designs in the drafts section. 

Pros of Logo Maker Plus – Logo Creator

  • Amazing user interface
  • No experience required
  • Range of editing options

Cons of Logo Maker Plus – Logo Creator

  • No AI technology

9 – Logo Maker: Graphic Design

Logo Maker Graphic Design App Download

It is another famous Android app for logo designs. This application also has more than 10 million downloads worldwide. Due to its extraordinary design options, it is one of the favourite apps for designers and non-designers.

Logo Maker: Graphic design is a beneficial app for all those who want to give a distinctive identity to their brands. Apart from designing interesting and captivating logos, you can also design promotional posters, announcements, and advertisements with this logo maker.

Like other apps and tools mentioned in this article, this app also offers a complete range of graphic elements that quickly assist users in creating personalised logos. Creating astonishing logos with this maker won't be complicated, even if you are a novice user.

Features of Logo Maker: Graphic Design

Features of this logo-making app are mentioned below:

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Professional Editing Utilities

It offers all users professional editing utilities to help them design perfect logos easily. Its editing range is impressive, making the overall design process much smoother.

Cater Multiple Needs

Using this outstanding logo maker, you can create multiple designs to help you take your branding game to the next level.

Backgrounds and Sticker Options

This app can also help you get various backgrounds and sticker options. Anyone can use this feature to give a professional look to their designs.

Pros of Logo Maker: Graphic Design

  • Quick and hassle-free experience
  • Incredible user-interface
  • No errors

Cons of Logo Maker: Graphic Design

  • Only for Android users

10 – 3D Logo Maker and Logo Creator

3D Logo Maker and Logo Creator app is specially developed for non-designers who want to create logo designs without using complicated design tools. This app offers almost everything that users want in a logo maker application.

With the help of this revolutionary application, anyone can create a 3D logo within a few minutes without learning how to design such logos. This hassle-free and fast logo-making application can gratify your needs regarding logo designs.

By utilising this application, you can also design other branding elements for your brand. If you have this logo maker on your device, you don't need any other design tool. This single application is enough for you to create all types of designs you may need to manage your design needs.

Features of 3D Logo Maker and Logo Creator

Have an overview of this app's distinctive features: 

3D Rotation

3D Logo Maker offers a unique and advanced 3D rotation feature that can bring perfection to your 3D logo designs.

Multiple Filters

It offers an excellent filter range that can take your 3D logo designs to the next level and make them look more attractive than ever.

Range of Fonts

Its font range is also impressive. It can help users create any type of 3D logo. You will always find it helpful if you want a sleek, simple, complicated, or detailed logo.

Pros of 3D Rotation

  • 3D logo creation
  • Free to use
  • Advanced editing utilities

Cons of 3D Rotation

  • No AI technology

Bonus: Turbologo

Turbologo is an innovative online logo-making service that offers users a simple and intuitive interface for creating unique logos. This platform is perfect for budding entrepreneurs and experienced designers seeking efficiency and quality in brand design. 

With its user-friendly design tools, Turbologo makes it easy for anyone to bring their brand vision to life. Whether you want to revamp an existing logo or start from scratch, Turbologo provides a seamless and creative experience. The service emphasises creativity and individuality, allowing users to express their brand's identity through various customisable design options.

Features of TurboLogo:

  • Flexible Editor: Users can easily customise colours, fonts, and design elements to create the perfect logo.
  • Rich Template Library: An extensive collection of professionally designed logo templates that can be adapted to any brand.
  • Instant Download: Created logos are immediately available in various formats, including vector files.
  • Preview in Different Scenarios: Ability to see how your logo will look on various products and marketing materials.
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Advantages of TurboLogo:

  • Ease of Use: Even without design experience, you can create a professional logo.
  • Time Efficiency: A quick logo creation process with instant results.
  • High Quality: Get high-quality, adaptable designs that meet contemporary standards.
  • Affordability: Suitable for businesses of all sizes due to flexible pricing policies.

Pricing of TurboLogo:

Turbologo's pricing varies depending on the chosen service package. Options range from free versions with basic features to paid packages offering advanced capabilities and additional services. Prices may vary, so visiting the official Turbologo website is recommended for the most current information.

In a Nutshell

Nowadays, logo creation has become easy and fun, even for those who know nothing about graphic design. Many online tools are built to gratify users' multiple needs regarding branding. Using those tools, anyone can create any type of logo within the shortest time possible.

Plus, no matter what kind of device you have or want to use, you have plenty of options. You never need to purchase a unique tool for that purpose. Now, you can create outstanding logos using your Android mobile. So, if you cannot afford to hire a graphic designer or want to design distinctive logos for yourself or your clients, try any of the platforms mentioned in this article; you will surely love them.

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