New Firefox Logo Design Revealed

New Firefox Logo Design Revealed

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Firefox, the self-proclaimed “100% fresh, free-range, ethical browser” from Mozilla, has an updated look for 2017.

Firefox 57 marks the launch of a new product identity system that reflects the Photon design vision. The first elements available in this order are the app icons for Firefox browsers and other Firefox-branded products. These retain familiar aspects of past app icons (like the fox and globe) but signal the profound changes in the product with bold colours and simplified shapes from the Photon Design System.




Currently, there are four channel variations of the new Firefox logo design: Firefox, Firefox Nightly, Firefox Developer Edition and Firefox Focus each represented through a colour variation of the original.



Firefox Developer Edition Logo



Firefox Focus Logo



Firefox Nightly Build Logo


Overall it is a nice change, pushing the colour vibrancy significantly from the previous firefox logo, resulting in a simplified look in itself.

By comparison, the older Firefox logo appears dull in contrast, something I had never realised to be the case.


Old Firefox Logo Design

Old Firefox Logo Design


Maybe it is time to try the Chrome alternative again!

What do you think of the changes?

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New Firefox Logo Design 2017

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