How Exit Intent Popups Can Boost Your Signups by 150%

How Exit Intent Popups Can Boost Your Signups by 150%

There are many clever ways to get prospective customers to hang around your e-commerce site for a while.

However, eventually, they’re ready to move on.

If a potential buyer is leaving without making a purchase, using an exit intent popup is a way to offer them an incentive to buy.

Once the shopper moves the cursor to close a tab, exit the browser or hover in the address bar, the exit intent message pops up.

At the very least, this may snag an email address for marketing or an opt-in to your company newsletter.

Popup Timing

Exit Intent Popup Example

Some websites set their popups to appear when a customer first lands on the page.

However, this can be an annoyance at the start of shopping.

Also, Omnisend experiments show that a popup at the end of a visit is more effective for closing a sale.

Shoppers are often ambivalent about buying.

They may like something they’ve seen on your site, but they’re not sure if they should spend the money.

Offering a percentage off or free shipping permits them to buy.

Exit Content

Make it easy.

Your message should be short and precise.

Don’t try to include too much information since internet shoppers have a short attention span.

Moreover, don’t ask for too much information because they might decide it’s not worth the trouble.

Make it attractive

Use colours, shapes, fonts and other design elements to make your exit intent popup appeal to prospective buyers.

Images capture the attention, and they can add beauty and style to your pitch.

The popup should be large enough to be noticed without obliterating any critical features on the page.

Make it fun

Cartoons and animation are attention grabbers, and humour generates good feelings.

You might have the prospect spin a roulette wheel to get the best discount or click to unveil the savings.

Don’t hesitate to incorporate subtle humour into your message.

For example, you could give two choices:

  • Yes, I’d like to save 20% off.
  • No thanks, I don’t like discounts.

Perceived Value

Popup Demo Example

The best exit intent popups persuade a shopper that a product has an intrinsic value over others like it.

Highlight the benefits of the product or service while you’re overcoming these common buyer objections:

  • The price is too high.
  • I don’t want to pay for shipping.
  • I won’t use it enough.
  • I don’t know this brand.

Additional Messages

You can include much information in a simple, attractive popup box.

Here are some ideas for adding information to keep a buyer’s interest:

  • Sale link
  • Customer appreciation
  • Lead magnet gift
  • Value addition

If you’re running more than one sale, an automated marketing program can select the one that best fits the shopper.

People are drawn in when they’re made to feel special (VIP club, free gift), and they respond well to a value-added promotion like free shipping.

Buyers are also looking for reassurance that yours is a high-quality product.

Controls for Exit Intent Popups

With an automated system like Omnisend, you can set popup parameters that help your company reach the right customers.

If someone’s already on your mailing list, you don’t want to send a second signup invitation.

Your exit message can also be personalised with images of items the shopper clicked on while browsing.

Everyone’s looking for a bargain, and customers want to feel seen and appreciated.

Some of them need a subtle push to overcome their hesitancy to buy a product they really want.

Once you’ve automated the exit message process, you’ll be surprised at the uptick in sales conversions from your site.

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