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Emblem Logo Design Inspiration

Emblem Logo Design Inspiration – Top 10 Emblem Logos

A logo design is not a symbol, but a creative image of the company that represents your business.

They are not just a combination of shapes, symbols, text and graphics; it has a meaning to it which convey everything that your company stands for, your values and a story about your brand.

It is an image which can describe your brand as it is an insight to your brand essence.

There are many different kinds of logos that you can choose from.

Some use words—such as the name of the brand or the initials, where others take advantage of abstract images or symbols which can stand by the brand through the years.

Coca Cola Logo Explained

However, choosing the one that can represent your business can be difficult.

With the revolutionising trends of the industry and the shift in the market, more companies are choosing designs which can grab the interest of the audience.

Today companies are merging animation with design to make their logo more memorable for the audience.

This is where they collaborate with designing companies and animation services to make the ingenious possible.

For an expert in business, you are likely to choose a design which authentically represents your brand identity.

An emblem logo design is one of the most original forms of logo design having a conventional flair which can deliver your brand messages in the most creative types of logo designs.

Living in a world that is continually evolving, the question that appears is why choose an emblem logo over more developed designs in the market?

An emblem is a symbol which conveys your message in a creative form without needing words.

Bmw Logo Design

It consists of both word and symbols in the design.

Having an emblem logo is all about making a striking first impression on the audience.

It is a mark which symbolises tradition, strength, and security. It can spark a unique relationship with the prospects.

To elaborate, let’s discuss some of the reasons to choose emblem logos over other designs.

  • An emblem logo is a sophisticated image which can provide a distinguished look to your brand
  • It can keep alive the values of your business having a conventional flair to a modern design
  • It is great to connect your brand with your company’s history
  • It ties customers to the brand’s history

Unlike other forms of logos, an emblem logo uses images of mascots or somewhat relatable characters which can describe the brand.

Kfc Finger Licking Good Slogan

They are versatile and flexible in nature, meaning they can be used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Now that you understand the importance of emblem logos let’s discuss some ideas which can inspire you to choose emblem logos for your organisation.

Vintage emblem logos

Vintage Logo Design Trends

Vintage designs are popular among businesses trying to evoke a traditional feel to the company.

They are a great tool to communicate the values of the business with the customers and evoke emotions and make an impression.

Well established businesses—even new startups to distance themselves from the impression of being a startup in the market—can use emblems to communicate their brand visions with the audience.

It can make the brand look trustworthy and authoritative.

Vintage emblems contain more texts but limited colours than modern logos.

It is more reliant on contrast as it can make the image and words more prominent.

One of the famous examples of vintage emblem logo can be Ford’s design, which depicts the sophistication and history strength of the brand.

Ford Logo Design

Traditional designs

Traditional designs and vintage emblems may sound the same.

Both have similar features, but they are not the same. Both designs can deliver the history of the brand giving a sense of trustworthiness, but the difference in both is how the image communicates with the prospects.

Vintage designs take old designs and conceptualise them having a modern touch with a traditional flair.

On the other hand, a traditional design is merely classic.

Volkswagen Logo Evolution

A designer needs to play by the rules and limited tools to create a successful traditional logo.

This doesn’t mean, they are not creative; they don’t have to step outside the box while being creative.

If your company is well-established, a traditional logo can be the way to go as they don’t tip the boat.

You can update your logo, but that doesn’t mean changing the entire look of the logo, but adding a little contour or more shading in the design.

One of the examples for traditional logos can be of General Electric, established in 1891 and has been changed only a little since its inception.

General Electric Logo Design

Modern emblem logo designs

Modern design can communicate the same meaning as a vintage or a traditional design, but it would lack the impression of being already established in the market.

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However, if you belong to an industry which adds to the conservative side of the business, then an emblem design can be a great way to communicate your values to the audience without fail.

A modern logo design can deliver the progressive nature of the business.

You can take advantage of various tools and elements of designing and add to the modern image of the company.

Rebranding Premier League

Bold emblems

Colours and contrast is the key to making an emblem design successful.

Being the face of your business, it is going to appear in many different places.

It may be printed in black in white or can lead to colour change when printed on a different colour base—which can affect the effectiveness of the design.

No matter the range of colours you use in the design or keep it to two different shades, you need to make sure that the design is recognisable for the audience.

To be more understandable, look at the bold combination of colours in the Superman logo from DC comics.  

Superman Logo Design

Medieval emblem designs

Since the age of the knights and kings, emblems have been used in the form of signature stamps representing a particular kingdom.

In simple words, they’re great at telling stories with their intricate details and other elements.

Who is not aware of the famous Golden lion representing the house Lannister and the dire wolf of the house Stark?

Golden Lion Emblem Logos

Medieval emblems were previously used as a mark on notable and royal families which described their virtue and history.

Today, they don’t just represent your company, but it can also draw a pictorial form through colours and imagery.

Scholarly emblems

School Branding

It would help if you remembered that emblems convey authority.

Speaking of scholarly emblem designs, they are mostly used as the representation of the educational sector or non-profit organisation.

It is a great way to communicate that you are a master of your subject and can effectively impart knowledge.

You can take the example of one of the most prestigious institutes in the world who use scholarly emblems to represent the educational sector.

Essential Qualities Of An Emblem Logo Design

Bold and easy to read fonts

New Burger King Logo Design

Being a designer, you must understand the importance of fonts in logo design.

Most businesses consider the name of the brand within the icon and shape.

Because emblem designs are more complicated than a simple wordmark, it is essential to make sure to choose a typeface which can deliver a clear message to the audience.

It may be best that you choose a modern or straightforward Sans-serif design to be more modern with a traditional bent.

A clear image

Starbucks Emblem Logo Design

Think of Starbucks or Honda motor-bicycle wings, they both contain an image which is clear and easy to understand.

A simple image in the design can highlight the essential components of the brand in a simple visual.

You don’t need a sophisticated image to define the sophistication of the brand.

A simple image does a better job of attracting the right audience.

A wise selection of colours

Old Nasa Logo Design

Bright and annoying colours are seldom used in emblem logos.

Even if you choose a modern form of emblem designs, the last thing you want is your audience to be repelled by the image of your company.

The more neutral shades and pleasing colours you choose, the better chance you have at making a positive impression on your audience.

It would be best if you made sure that the colours you choose can define your company.

Take a look at NASA’s emblem design where blue—the primary colour of the design—represents security, trust and loyalty through the design.

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A stamp or shield

Porsche Logo Design

A successful emblem design must hold all the elements of the design within a shape.

Some people choose to go with the traditional shield, while others prefer a circular form of the design.

Make sure to keep your target audience in mind while choosing the shape and remember that every way you select for your design consists a meaning.

For example, the shield conveys security and strength, while the circle is more for community and protection.


It can be overwhelming for a business to understand the importance of logo design.

It is the most crucial aspect for a business to grab the attention of the customers.

It provides them with an insight into what you do and what you stand for.

An emblem logo design can be useful in conveying the history of your brand and make it appear trustworthy for the audience.

It is tricky to design, so make sure you choose to work with an expert in the field to come up with a creative image for your brand.

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