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25+ eCommerce Logo Ideas To Leave a Lasting Impression

25+ eCommerce Logo Ideas That Will Leave a Lasting Impression

Are you looking to create an eCommerce brand or revamp your existing one? You need a logo that makes your eCommerce store stand out. 

Having a unique and memorable logo is essential for brand identification and attracting customers in the fast-paced world of eCommerce. 

A well-designed logo can make your eCommerce business stand out among rivals and attract your target market. If you want an eCommerce store that people remember, you must pay attention to your logo.

Logo design is a crucial part of your business brand identity. Studies show that 75% of people recognise a brand by its logo. 

However, creating the ideal logo encapsulating your brand's spirit is easier said than done. 

I wrote this article to share some of the best practices and tips for making a logo that stands out. I’ll also share some great design inspirations that could influence your eCommerce store’s future logo design.

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Why does having a remarkable logo matter for an eCommerce business? 

Here are compelling reasons to invest time, energy, and resources in an excellent logo for your brand.

Make Your Brand Stand Out.

Establishing a distinct personality for your company that connects with your target market can help your brand stand out. 

Here are various branding techniques that can make your brand unique. 

It's crucial to continually provide customers with high-quality goods or services that meet or surpass their expectations since this may assist in forging a devoted following and creating the brand's credibility.

By building a brand that stands out, you’re more likely to increase awareness for your brand and grow your business.

Stay Top of Mind Among Customers.

A well-designed logo’s visual impact and efficacy in conveying the brand's message can help your business stay at the forefront of customers' minds. 

Your logo should represent the brand's values and goals while being unique and instantly identifiable. 

You can create a strong visual identity and a long-lasting connection with your audience by using your logo across many mediums, enhancing consumer loyalty and generating repeat business.

Build a Community Around Your Brand.

A brand can attract like-minded individuals and foster community by developing a strong visual identity that connects with its audience. 

Customers who sense a connection to the brand and one another may form a community around it.

Create a Foundation for Your Brand Identity.

A strong logo may provide the groundwork for your brand's identification by effectively expressing the company's mission and values.

A well-designed logo should accurately and positively represent your brand. The logo should also be distinctive, memorable, and easy to recognise. 

Your business builds a strong visual identity by constantly utilising the logo across many platforms.

Separate Your Brand From the Competition.

By graphically expressing the brand's unique selling proposition, a strong logo may help you stand out from the competitors. An effective logo should stand out and be simple to recognise, leaving clients with a positive impression.

A brand can create a distinctive visual identity in the marketplace by standing out from its rivals. 

Separating yourself from your competition helps you gain better brand recognition, devoted clients, and a competitive edge in the market. You also enjoy more authority and influence in the market.

What Makes a Good eCommerce Logo Design?

Best Ecommerce Logo Designs

A solid brand identity is crucial for success in today's cutthroat business world. A strong logo is essential to a brand's visual identity, conveying the brand's values, mission, and differentiating features. 

What makes a good logo? Here are some characteristics of logos that leave a lasting mark.


A logo should be distinctive because it is often the most noticeable component of a brand's visual identity. It may profoundly impact customers and visually reflect the brand's beliefs and goals. 

A memorable logo should be straightforward, identifiable, and simple to recognise, with a style that appeals to the brand's target market.

You can improve brand awareness and recall by developing a distinctive logo. A specific and memorable logo increases brand recognition among consumers.

Unique logos aid in differentiating a company from rivals in the marketplace and enable it to carve out a strong niche.


A good logo should be straightforward to convey the brand's values and message succinctly. A simple logo is one that anyone can quickly recognise and remember.

Companies should strive for a logo that isn't overburdened with features or colours because this might make it challenging for clients to comprehend and recall the brand.

A simple logo may be used effectively in print and digital media, making it more adaptable. A straightforward logo design can maintain quality and legibility in any size or format. 

A basic logo design may be more cost-effective because you can scale it without losing impact and print it on various materials without losing aesthetic appeal.

Easy To Apply

A good logo should be simple and effective in various contexts and applications. These applications include physical and digital applications like business cards, packaging, and signs. 

Logo applications also include digital platforms like social media and websites. A brand can retain a consistent visual identity across all touchpoints with an easy-to-apply logo design, which is essential for increasing brand identification and awareness.

Use a restricted colour palette when creating the logo to preserve consistency and streamline the design. 76% of the most famous logos today use only two colours or fewer.

A distinct and familiar form should also include the logo's design so that it may get recognised in various contexts.

Top 26 eCommerce Logo Ideas and Pegs

Do you need some inspiration for your eCommerce store logo? Here are some great examples.

I’ve grouped them into some of today's most popular eCommerce business niches.

Clothing Brand Logo Ideas

There are many crucial aspects to consider when designing a logo for a clothing line. 

First and foremost, the logo must be aesthetically appealing and attention-grabbing since it will be what potential buyers notice when they first come across your company. 

Your logo should be memorable for individuals to recognise your brand among different apparel labels available quickly. 

Another essential element is the message you want your logo to express. 

Whether it's elegance, humour, or something completely different, your logo should represent the core of your brand's identity. Typography can be the primary design element in a clothing brand logo.

Pick a distinctive typeface or develop a personalised wordmark with unusual letters or stylistic typography. 

Using a symbol or emblem to symbolise your business is another choice. These can range from abstract forms to more concrete images about your firm's identity or specialisation. 

Whatever strategy you choose, ensure your logo is flexible and scalable. Doing so makes it easy to use throughout various platforms and sizes, from product tags to social media accounts. 

Here are some great pegs.


Blissy Logo Design

Blissy’s logo is great because it’s minimalistic and fits nicely on any packaging. It makes good use of typography and is easy to remember.


Melin Logo Design

Melin has a straightforward, elegant, and contemporary logo in silver or black monochromatic colour schemes. The brand also communicates the company’s goal instead well through the design.


Adidas Yoga Logo Design

The tone of the Adidas yoga collection logo is laid-back and friendly. The black-and-white colour palette and minimalist style convey refinement and subtle elegance.


Reign Logo Design

The Reign logo is sleek and contemporary, with bold typography and a simple style that quickly identifies it. Its black and gold combination oozes power and elegance, making it the ideal choice for a company that wishes to project refinement and strength.


T Seven Logo Design

The T-Seven logo is straightforward and instantly recognisable, consisting of a white vector symbol that resembles a combination of “T” and “7.” Its bold, dynamic design communicates speed, movement, and vitality, making it ideal for athletic performance and fitness.

Food Brand Logo Ideas

A food brand logo must be aesthetically appealing and enticing. It should also be memorable and straightforward.

Your logo should represent the core of your brand's identity, whether that message is freshness or sustainability.

Using images associated with the food or ingredients your brand offers is one possible strategy for developing a logo for a food brand. 

The logo needs to be aesthetically appealing and enticing. For instance, if you sell specialised coffee, you can include a coffee bean or cup in your logo design

Alternatively, you can design a distinctive and eye-catching logo using abstract forms or styled lettering. Colour is yet another crucial factor to consider. 

As various hues may provoke different feelings and connections, selecting a colour scheme that accurately conveys your brand's identity and message is crucial. 

The ultimate objective is to design a logo that effectively represents your company's distinctive character and message while being aesthetically pleasing.

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Here are some great pegs.


12Tides Ecommerce Logo

The 12tides logo is a clean, contemporary design depicting the tides as wave-like in blue and white. It implies peace and harmony in this product's basic layout and soothing colour palette.


Activia Logo Design

The strong capital letters of the Activia logo appear in blue and green, which stand for health and freshness. Keeping with the brand's emphasis on digestive health, the clean lines and cheerful colour scheme convey well-being, vigour, and well-being.


Casserita Logo Design

The Casserita logo is recognisable, memorable, and easy to identify. It efficiently communicates the company's value.

Home and Garden Logo Ideas

A logo for a home and garden company should consider some crucial features. The logo should be appealing and representative of the principles and style of your company. 

Your logo should represent the core of your brand's identity (ex., sustainability, elegance, etc.). 

Using images of the outdoors and nature is one method for developing a home and garden company logo

Include natural components in your logo design, such as flowers, trees, or leaves, or combine earthy colours and textures to produce an organic and natural feeling. 

You can create a more contemporary and upscale appearance using minimalist design and clean lines. 

Typography is another crucial factor. Picking the proper typeface can strengthen your message and business identity.

The result should be a logo that effectively conveys your company's distinctive character and message while also being visually appealing.

Here are some great pegs.

Clara Hunger

Food Logo Design Inspiration

This logo could inspire you if you want to start a kitchenware eCommerce store. It’s playful and memorable and uses an icon that distinguishes the brand as a kitchen supply store. 


Property Logo Design

This logo creatively puts together the first letter of its brand name and elements that portray the roof and windows of a home. It is an excellent example of a home-themed eCommerce store.


Botanical Logo Design Inspiration

Planning to start a garden-themed eCommerce store? This brand is a superb example of a logo that suits this category. Using green shades for a garden brand makes sense.

Garden of Riya

Garden Logo Design

Here’s another idea for a garden eCommerce brand that’s more Zen-oriented. It also masterfully puts an added shade of orange that goes nicely with yellow-green.

Office Brand Logo Ideas

Consider critical elements when considering office brand logo ideas. The logo should be aesthetically appealing and representative of the principles and style of your company. 

It should stand out among the numerous other workplace brands by being memorable and straightforward to remember. Your logo should represent the core of your brand's identity.

You can use a picture more directly tied to your brand's identity or niche as a symbol or emblem to symbolise it. Colour is yet another crucial factor to consider. 

As different hues may provoke various feelings and connections, selecting a colour scheme that accurately conveys your brand's identity and message is crucial. 

The ultimate objective is to design a logo that effectively captures your company's distinctive personality and message while also appealing. 

Here are some great pegs.


Common Logo Design

This logo's minimalistic design makes it versatile and effortless for various applications. It exemplifies the concept of “less is more.”

Work Plus

Work Logo Design

The brand name of Work Plus is capitalised on in the logo with a large “W,” which helps to make the word more memorable. This approach illustrates how one can creatively leverage the company name to create a basic yet powerful logo design.

Tomasz Elsner

Best Ecommerce Logos

The office brand logo Tomasz Elsner designed embodies the company's principles and style while being visually appealing. The use of typography is the primary design element in this logo.

Consumer Electronics Logo Ideas

There are many essential facets to consider when designing a logo for a consumer electronics company. The logo should be eye-catching and representative of the principles and style of your company. 

For customers to quickly recognise your brand among the numerous different consumer electronics brands available, it should also be memorable and straightforward to remember. The message you want your logo to express is another crucial aspect. 

One option is to use images of technology and innovation in designing a consumer electronics brand logo. Use elements of technological competence, such as circuit boards, computer chips, or abstract forms. 

Alternatively, simple lines and minimalist design could create a more contemporary and sleek appearance. 

The ultimate objective is to design a logo that effectively captures your company's distinctive personality and message while also being visually appealing. It's essential to consider the intended usage. 

Here are some great pegs.


Creative Logotype Design

The Koiwo logo is appealing because of its geometric shape and lively hues. It is distinctive and immediately identifiable, accurately conveying the company's brand and identity.


25+ Ecommerce Logo Ideas To Leave A Lasting Impression - Inkbot Design

The minimalist design of the Needbox logo is clear and straightforward, and it successfully communicates the brand's concept. The logo makes excellent and captivating use of negative space.


25+ Ecommerce Logo Ideas To Leave A Lasting Impression - Inkbot Design

The rich, uppercase text and creative use of negative space make the Sova logo straightforward and uncluttered. The colour scheme is aesthetically pleasing and exudes a feeling of reliability and expertise.

Baby Brand Logo Ideas

Are you planning to start a baby products eCommerce store? 

This niche is highly profitable, but standing out can be challenging because of so much competition.

The amount of competition solidifies your need for a logo that perfectly portrays your unique value and catches people’s attention.

Your logo should represent the core of your brand's identity, whether it’s safety, comfort, or something different. Using images of infants and children is one method for developing a baby brand logo. 

Use baby-related items such as pacifiers, bottles, clothing, or cartoonish colours and forms in your logo design. These elements will give your logo a whimsical and youthful air. 

The ultimate objective is to design a logo that effectively captures your company's distinctive personality and message while also being visually appealing. 

Here are some great pegs.


Baby Logo Design Idea

The Subaby logo is adorable and lighthearted due to the usage of circular, strong writing and a stylised image. The gentle and calming colour scheme successfully communicates the brand's emphasis on infant items.


Baby Logo Design Inspiration

With a cloud pattern, which gives the design a feeling of fun, the Rixesbaby with the cloud logo is whimsical and endearing. 

Buggy Co

Ecommerce Logo Design Ideas

The basic style of the Buggy Co logo is clear and straightforward. It successfully conveys the company's emphasis on baby products. It's brilliant and striking how the logo uses negative space to suggest a stroller.


25+ Ecommerce Logo Ideas To Leave A Lasting Impression - Inkbot Design

The adorable, cartoon-style bear picture and sans serif used in the Mimo logo are lively and amusing. You can use this style for different children's items because the colour scheme is gentle and gender-neutral.

Health and Personal Care Logo Ideas

Health and wellness is another category you should consider when starting an eCommerce brand. 

When creating a logo for this category, you want to look legitimate and reliable, and creating a sleek, minimalistic, and clean logo is the best way. 

You should also ensure the logo looks fantastic on product labels and packaging. Leave enough room to add nutritional information because many markets worldwide require this data to appear on packaging.

Making your health and personal care brand's logo and visual identity with care and meaning can help you position your company as a reliable and respectable force in the cutthroat health and wellness market.

Here are some great pegs.


Yoga Logo Design

The Yogabell logo is elegant and visually appealing, with a stylised bell and elegant font. The colour palette is soft and calming, effectively conveying the brand's focus on yoga and wellness.


Mindful Logo Design

The Mindful logo uses a minimalist style that is clear and uncluttered to convey the brand's emphasis on mindfulness and meditation. It's creative and striking how the logo uses negative space to show an individual meditating.

Echo Hotel & Spa

Echo Logo Design

When creating a health eCommerce store, you could create a wellness-centred design that exudes balance, elegance, and peace, just like Echo Hotel and Spa’s logo.

Pelican Fitness and Gym Center

Pelican Logo Design

Planning to build a fitness eCommerce store that sells training gear, supplements, and other products? Consider going for Pelican’s approach to branding.


25+ Ecommerce Logo Ideas To Leave A Lasting Impression - Inkbot Design

If you plan to create an eCommerce store for health products, consider something with a medical look to highlight reliability.

You can take inspiration from Unihealth’s logo above for a logo with this concept.

Ready to Build Your eCommerce Store?

Do you have your logo and branding materials ready? Choosing the best eCommerce platforms for small businesses should be the next step.

Take time to study your options and compare features and prices. Make a list of non-negotiable features and find the eCommerce platform that provides those. 

Most eCommerce store builders are relatively easy to use and require little to no coding knowledge. You can quickly build an eCommerce store with some branding elements, an online store, and great products.

The Bottom Line

Branding helps your eCommerce store stand out. Ensure you have a memorable logo portraying your business and what it offers.

Hopefully, these tips, ideas, and inspirations will give you a fantastic headstart and help you get the best possible outcome for your online business.

Author Bio: Omar is the Co-founder and CEO of OJ Digital Solutions, an agency that helps E-com sellers 2X their conversion rate by creating high-converting product images and copy. You can connect with Omar via his website and Linkedin

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