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How Digital Flipbooks Could Empower Your Business Strategy

How Digital Flipbooks Could Empower Your Business Strategy

Let’s start with the beginning. Historically speaking, technology has become an essential part of us in the last decade; our personal and professional lives are strongly connected. 

Digitalisation has changed almost everything, from how we sleep or exercise using tracking devices to how we run our business using sophisticated software to make it more efficient and successful. 

When thinking about a business, we instinctively visualise growth and achievement. But, to accomplish that, we need a well-founded strategy. 

The most successful businesses I have come across are successful precisely because they have built their business upon a strongly developed strategy. 

First, you must understand your business’s core values and purpose and then trigger the right actions to achieve them. 

Nowadays, digital marketing is not only a purpose; it has become necessary when thinking business-wise. If used the right way, it is a road map to success. 

We talk about digitalisation and business strategies to find many examples of both benefits and more. But we rarely see them discussed as notions used together. 

We will find theory everywhere, but we will find very few concrete models to discuss. So, I’m going to talk about how a flipbook, as a digital tool, can help your business strategy, and I’ll give you some good enough reasons to pique your interest in trying to use a flipbook yourself. 

If you’ve never heard of digital flipbooks before, it’s about time. 

What is a digital flipbook? 

What Is A Digital Flipbook

Flipbooks are a digital representation of classic printed version documents, such as certificates, presentations, reports, catalogues, resumes, magazines, and any publication. 

Digital flipbooks are a more interactive and engaging alternative to PDF documents, which can seem somewhat outdated because they can’t keep up with the dynamic of a business. 

What makes digital flipbooks more appealing? Well, first of all, the 3D flipping effect perfectly mimics the hand gesture we use when turning a page. Also, it keeps the reader more engaged in the publication due to its interactive features.

When you create a digital flipbook, you can add audio, videos, photo slideshows, links to different websites, embed Google Maps, add social media buttons and even integrate Google Analytics to see what part of your publication keeps the readers more engaged. 

But let’s dive into it a bit more. 

Here are six reasons that might convince you that digital flipbooks are a powerful tool for your business: 

1 – Digital flipbooks are accessible and time-efficient

Among the first and most important reasons nowadays are time efficiency and accessibility. Yes, a flipbook is easy to use and even more accessible to share. 

A flipbook can be created in a few seconds to a maximum of a few minutes, unlike other publications requiring more time. 

In addition, you can upload your PDF document to the platform, and it will turn the dull document into a 3D one in about 30 seconds. 

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But if you don’t have a PDF document you want to transform and customise, don’t worry! You can create a flipbook from scratch or use the variety of templates you have at your disposal. 

You will have a flipbook ready for action in just a few minutes. Because it is easy to make, you can be sure it is straightforward to share! 

You are just a click away from sharing your flipbook via the link. You can copy the link and send it to your friends, teammates, or customers in seconds. 

Social Media has become extremely important for many businesses as it is no longer a platform for entertainment. 

So, it is evident that you will want to provide quality content to your customers and increase the traffic on your website. 

Using a flipbook, you can share it quickly and easily on any social network you want, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or LinkedIn. 

2 – Digital flipbooks are secured 

Technology also requires security measures. Flipbooks have advanced security features at your disposal at any time! 

There have always been documents or offers not intended for the general public. For example, we can discuss a presentation for a new client you want to bring to your company or a tailored offer for someone who must remain confidential. 

We cannot get help from the Secret Service; anyone can see any document exposed to the general public. Well, using a flipbook changes radically! 

Once you have prepared the flipbook, you can choose who can see and download the document you sent or limit the people who have access to the document, and you can also set who can edit its content. 

Depending on the situation or circumstance, you can decide whether or not you can print the document. Moreover, you can make your flipbook password-protected for an extra security feature. This way, you can access only the people you shared your password with. 

Regardless of the security measure you need, using a flipbook, you will have these features at your disposal, and the information will only reach whom you want it to reach! 

Getting out of the classic patterns is always an advantage. Use your imagination and send an interactive document to put you in pole position! 

3 – Digital flipbooks are interactive 

Interactive Digital Flipbook Example

We all want to stand out of the ordinary and impress, no matter the situation or circumstances. 

Therefore, we want the offer sent to a possible new client to be the most financially attractive and the one that stands out in creativity. 

The resume sent to a company where you want to get that much-desired job must be completely different from the hundreds or even thousands sent by other applicants. 

The presentation you have to make to your superior should attract his attention and, why not, see that you deserve the promotion you have been craving for some time. 

By using a flipbook, you can be the one to impress and get out of the already dull patterns. 

Your document can become an extremely easy and fast interactive flipbook, which will be able to include videos, audio content, virtual tours, links, popup frames, captions, or tags. 

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If the circumstance allows, you can associate interactive elements with emojis or GIFs used, for example, in messages. 

If we are discussing a resume, you can attach your LinkedIn profile or links to any publications or projects you have worked on. 

The offer to a new customer will certainly be able to become an unforgettable experience if, in addition to the text, he will have a personalised video or a virtual tour that he has at his disposal through the flipbook you just sent. 

Furthermore, you can link your social media page or the website where you want to present different projects. 

Also, in case of a more extended presentation, you can insert internal links, which will help readers jump over dozens of pages to browse and get directly to their subject of interest. 

Why not drive traffic to your website or blog? Your channels can redirect your users and potential customers to your flipbooks as well, as long as they are public. It’s a win-win situation. 

To reach a larger audience and easily add links in your flipbooks to get more views and clicks. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to impress quickly!

4 – Digital flipbooks are mobile-friendly

You can access your flipbook from your smartphone at any time and anywhere. Smartphones have become an extension of us, and our daily activity is carried out a lot through our devices. 

We have online meetings, receive emails that require a quick response, receive documents on our smartphones, and I’m sure you can complete the list without any problems. So, adaptability to smartphones is a mandatory rule! 

You must have received at least once a document that you could not open from your phone, and I bet the situation was unpleasant. 

Regardless of its format, there are situations in which our phone cannot open certain documents because those documents were not created to support a mobile format. 

It is undoubtedly unpleasant if you are not at the office or don’t have another device at your disposal. 

Using a flipbook, you can “Stay calm and keep working”! Flipbooks are adaptive and rapidly responsive to mobile phones, so your readers or customers will have quick and hassle-free access to your document without problems directly from their smartphone or any other device. 

It may seem a detail, but it is a must nowadays, and it can convince you that many will appreciate it! 

5 – Digital flipbooks offer you vital statistics

Features Subpage Statistics

Flipbooks can provide you with your most needed marketing statistics! 

In any business, statistics are essential. It helps us see the feedback of a promotion campaign. We can see the demographic situation of those interested in our company and see what content the target audience likes most. 

You never thought you’d have such a tool on hand with a digital flipbook, did you? Well, find out it’s possible! 

Using a flipbook, you can track statistics such as the number of clicks, average time spent, number of views, what kind of device they use to view your flipbooks and many more. 

You can use the built-in statistics function or integrate your Google Analytics account, with which you can receive even more specific pieces of information. 

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You can see how many visitors you had on all your flipbooks or just on a specific one, the country and the city your visitors come from, and demographic information that can help you target your desired audience. 

If you have a Google Tag Manager account, you can use it for your flipbooks. It is a vital tool that helps you improve your marketing strategy, collects additional information about your visitors, and makes remarketing possible. 

6 – Digital flipbooks are cost-effective

Business owners often think of marketing as an expense, and they aren’t entirely wrong because marketing materials usually require a generous budget. 

But digitalisation has worked its magic, and by using a digital flipbook creator, you can save a significant amount of your finances. 

How? First of all, because all the documents or materials you require are digital, you don’t need to spend your budget on printing. 

Last, you don’t need to pay for distribution because you can share your flipbooks via social media or email without additional cost.


A successful business implies a variety of critical elements, such as analytical thinking, a determined organisation and last but not least, a detailed record-keeping of all your actions. 

Digital marketing is a crucial part of every business; it’s the most efficient “tool” for helping you stay focused on your business and customers’ needs and be constantly aware of your competitors’ strategies. 

Therefore, a digital flipbook can play a significant role in your marketing campaign because its features help you highlight your business's key points and target and engage more customers.

The list of reasons why a digital flipbook can help you develop your business strategy could go on. 

Still, if you have read up to this point, I am convinced that you already know the benefits this tool would bring to your strategy. 

So remember, every business requires strategy, sustainability, technology and creativity. 

Therefore, get started today and create some interactive and eye-catching flipbooks to make you stand out and put your business on the map.

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