Top 5 Tips for Designing a High-end Animation Video

Top 5 Tips for Designing a High-end Animation Video

We live in a time when information is passed by quickly through various channels and sources.

For that reason, different kinds of videos are increasing in popularity on various channels such as social media and more long-form content on YouTube.

One of these video types is animation videos.

As a general designer, animation is seen as one of the most challenging skills to master.

It could take years of practice and dedication to become a specialist and develop your style.

A simple example of the process of designing an animation video is:

Research: Find out about your target market and audience; this will help you decide on the shapes and colours to feature.

Pre-production: Write, or familiarise yourself with the existing script and storyboard.

Production: Get to work designing the graphics and animations

Post-production: (If this is also your responsibility) this includes editing the video, adding music, sounds and voice-overs.

Making a perfect animation video can seem like a daunting task.

Whether you do it all by yourself or have access to a video production company, without a clear plan, designing even a simple video can be a challenging task – which can be more challenging if you are a newbie to this type of design.

A high-end animation video needs to be engaging enough to keep the attention of the audience during the process and will require a professional to execute them.

These tips will help you jump over the ‘beginner’ hurdles and have delivered high-end animation videos.

1 – Use a good video script

Animation Video Script

Just as the foundation of a building is the blueprint for its construction, so also is a stellar script for an animation video.

While writing the script, you are the one deciding on what will appear in the video.

Although this process can be intimidating at first, a little research can make it easier.

Scriptwriting can be easily broken down into these steps:

Create a brief: Before beginning working on your script, write a concise video brief that’ll give you a clear purpose and determine the objective, main message and target audience. Basically, before writing a script, you should have clarity on:

  • Why you’re making the video
  • What you intend it to achieve
  • Who your target audience is
  • What you want your audience to do after watching the video
  • What is the main message your video needs to convey

Make your main message a simple story: All animated videos have one or more critical messages.

The challenge is in converting the most important message into a simple and engaging story.

The story should have three elements:

  • The hook: Which will last for the first 8-10 seconds
  • The patty: Is the central part of the video; it should live up to the expectation of the hook
  • The CTA: When viewers get to this stage and take action, it means your hook and patty are good.

2 – Create a storyboard

Animated Video Storyboard

In any animation video creation process, the storyboard plays an important role.

It gives decision-makers and collaborators an idea of what your final video will be like even before you create it.

As a newbie, creating a storyboard will tell you whether the concept of the video will be effective or not.

It gives you the chance to adjust your visuals and make the necessary changes that’ll make the video compelling enough.

A storyboard is like the comic strip of your animation video, which serves the purpose of helping to organise the scenes of your video.

You can use rectangular boxes to highlight various scenes and smaller boxes to represent dialogues or actions.

The small boxes can also be used to plan the ‘camera’ angles of your animation video.

To create a good storyboard, you can use free online storyboard tools.

There are various tools online that only require a simple drag and drop process for creating a storyboard.

3 – Select the style of your animation video

There are various styles of animation videos, but not all forms will be suitable for your business.

All the methods have their pros and cons.

If one sets an inspirational and serious tone, another might look fun and creative.

Some common style choices of animation videos are:

2D videos: This is the most common style of animation video. It is made by sequencing images consecutively by following various steps to create a life-like motion. This style is suitable for B2B and B2C viewers because they all (well most) grew up watching animated cartoons. 2D animation immediately creates a good emotional connection with them, and in the process increases their engagement.

Typography animation videos: This is a technique of combining motion and text to express ideas. This is usually used in making lyric videos for songs. It is ideal when you want your audience to focus on the words displayed, and it takes less time to prepare.

Whiteboard animation videos: They are most suitable for creating videos aimed at explaining a product or service. If done with a compelling script, it can give you more engagement. The video works by simulating the effect of objects and characters created before the viewers on a whiteboard. It grabs the attention of the audience immediately and remains in their memory for a long time. Whiteboard animation videos are perfect for educational purposes, as teachers use them to explain complex ideas to students.

Infographic videos: They can be used to convert data which could seem boring into an engaging story. They are usually packed with lots of numbers, graphs, animated charts and other visuals, making them eye-catching.

4 – Add the animations to make your video

Video Course Personal Branding

It can be challenging trying to figure out how to animate your video because there are many styles to choose from – with each having their pros and cons.

Follow these steps to start off creating your animation video.

Hire a set of professionals: If you intend on making lots of videos and have access to a considerable budget, hire an in-house team of professionals. You’ll need scriptwriters, animators and voice artists. After hiring them, you’ll be required to provide them with the right equipment and software.

Outsourcing: Outsourcing to an animation studio will suit you best if you intend to go for a one-time project. You’ll be tasked with selecting the appropriate studio, considering how much they’ll charge you. Before diving in, you have to consider how much time you have and your budget. The lesser time you have, the more money you’ll have to spend.

5 – Include suitable background music/sound

Benefits Of Audio Branding

Finding the perfect music to use is like putting a cherry on a cake.

Without it, your video will feel like something is missing.

With millions of music online to choose from, finding the perfect one can be a difficult task.

When choosing a background, consider these things:

The emotion you intend to evoke: Music can cause different feelings. Some can make you sad, while others can make you happy. The perfect music can set the mood for your animation video.

Understand your audience: People have different taste in music. It also depends on age and gender. Most kids like happy songs, while teens prefer rock.

Have different songs: Select different songs and apply them one after the other to see which ones will be most suitable for your video.

Author Bio: Rob Oliver is the co-founder and passionate film director at CoolBox Films. A full-service film and video production company based in Brighton, UK. Rob has over 15 years of experience as producer/director at a range of large production companies, now heading up CoolBox Films projects for global brands including Sainsbury’s, KPMG, Adidas and the World Federation of Advertising. Rob enjoys sharing his insights into video production and how businesses can use it effectively to communicate a message to their audience.

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