How to Build Your Business Brand with Limited Capital

Remember your brand is the identity of your business and it is the overall image that your customers associate when they think of you.

The process of brand building is uniform for all companies whether they have an excess amount of capital or a limited budget.

If you have a limited budget and do not wish to get trapped in a sea of debts, it is prudent for you to seek out cost-effective alternatives for brand building over television and print advertisements.

This is where web and graphic design will help you as they are cost-effective and are powerful online tools when it comes to connecting with the targeted audience and bringing in better customer loyalty and profits for the business with success.

How do web and graphic design play a role in the brand building process?

The following are the steps of the brand building process with web and graphic design.

Even if you have a limited budget, the following steps will help you create a compelling campaign.

Your Logo Design

7 Types Of Logo Design

The first step to the brand building process is to create a logo for the business.

The logo design should be professional and unique so that it attracts the attention of the target audience in the marketplace.

The logo invokes the right emotions in the customer.

For instance, look at the logo of Nike.

The moment you see it invokes a rush of energy and speed in mind.

This is a significant attribute of every sports company.

The target audience of a sports company will be athletes and sports enthusiasts.

This means when you are creating a logo for your business with the help of an excellent graphic designer, keep the needs of your targeted audience in mind.

Talking with a professional graphic designer will help you create a professional logo for the brand building process with success.

If money is a concern, you can always hire a skilled and experienced freelancer for the job.

There are several websites like Upwork where you can hire a qualified graphic designer for creating the logo for the brand.

You may examine work samples and compare them with other graphic designers before you make the final choice.

Remember, when you are using the logo for trade and commerce, ensure you trademark it.

The tagline of the brand you wish to promote

Famous Taglines Top 10 1024X649 1

This is the second step of the brand building process with web and graphic design.

It would help if you created a powerful tagline for the brand.

In case, you are new to the concept of taglines; it is a short sentence that complements the logo of the brand.

If you wish to use the tagline in trade or service, it is prudent to register it as well.

For instance, retake the example of Nike.

Its tagline is “Just Do It.”

This tagline is very powerful, and it complements the swoosh logo of the company.

It encourages lazy people to get up and start moving.

It invokes speed and movement in the minds of the people.

Likewise, if you own a salon, you can create a tagline like “Make Heads Turn.”

In this way, you can promote your professional hair cutting services and appeal to the targeted audience to get a new makeover!

Develop the voice of the brand

Authentic Brand Voice

This is the message that your sales team will use to communicate with the targeted audience.

The voice of the brand should be in sync with the logo and tagline.

The voice has to be powerful enough to connect with the targeted audience so that they develop an emotional bond with your brand.

For instance, if you are a business that deals with academic products and services, the voice of your brand should use language that is elevated and formal.

The voice should have high standards to appeal to the targeted audience so that they feel the urge to connect with your brand.

At the same time, when you are creating the voice of the brand, you must make sure that it does not sound too snobbish to deter people away.

Brand all materials

Dunkin Donuts Branding

The visibility of the brand should not be confined to the business logo alone.

In fact, the logo should be printed on all company materials and products.

While doing so pay attention to the budget or else, you will incur substantial technical debt in the process.

This is why when you are working on this step of the brand building process, make sure you pay attention to financial management.

Remember, you have limited capital, and so you cannot afford to waste money when it comes to branding materials.

Conduct market research and take steps prudently so that you do not overspend and incur huge debts.

Choosing the right spokesperson for your brand

Branding Influencers

When you want to market your brand to the targeted audience, you must choose the right spokesperson for the task.

If you have a targeted audience that is in the age group of 18 -30 years, it makes sense to hire a young spokesperson for them.

If you can afford a celebrity spokesperson, do so.

Employee training

Hot Dog On A Stick Uniforms

Your employees should be trained to communicate with your brand effectively.

Remember, the targeted audience will associate your brand with the quality of communication imparted to the public by your employees.

So, make sure that you train your employees well so that they can communicate with the targeted audience of your brand effectively.

You can help your employees by scripting their communication.

You can conduct workshops and training sessions to ensure they are communicating your message to the targeted audience in a practical way.

Never imitate your competitors

Competitor Analysis Quote

You must ensure that you never copy or imitate your rival or competitors in the market.

This sets off a very unprofessional image to the targeted audience.

As a player in the market, you must establish your unique voice and style that will set you apart from the rest in the marketplace.

Consumers are always looking for something new in the market, and this is where you should create a USP that is distinctive and unique in every way.

Your brand should have character

Headspace Branding

The first impressions are always the last impression.

It is here that you should focus on building the character of your brand.

It would help if you sat with team members that are crucial to your business.

They will give you tips and creative ideas on how to create a brand with character and appeal.

Remember, your brand has a mission statement, and when you are focusing on the brand building process, it is vital for you and your company to incorporate the mission statement in all your brand building activities.

In this way, you can build character, and this does the extra mile in winning the confidence of the targeted audience.

The brand building campaign should be consistent

Consistent Visual Identity

Remember to keep a high degree of consistency when it comes to promoting your brand.

In case, you are not consistent with your brand building campaigns; you will not be able to survive in the market competition.

Experts say that you should stick to one marketing segment when it comes to advertising your brand.

You will commit a grave mistake if you start to advertise the brand in different marketing segments.

For instance, a brand that caters to clothes for pregnant women will not be able to connect with its targeted audience anymore if it launches a line of sexy lingerie for women.

The brand will mix two different messages and this, in turn, will harm the image of the brand.

Customers might start to leave.

Improve customer loyalty for your business brand

Successful Brand Loyalty

If you want to introduce new products and services, make sure they align with your current customers.

If you wish to improve customer loyalty, make sure you focus on successful branding campaigns for the business.

Last but not least, remember your brand should have an authentic message.

It should pinpoint on your message and depict the values as well as benefits of the products and services you offer.

Experts say you must depict a truthful message to the targeted audience so that they can trust you.

Remember, why you started the business, the goals you wish to achieve during brand building, the number of people you want to benefit and how your company has a competitive advantage in the market over others.

If you wish to create a strong brand, ascertain how you want to be seen.

Its easier to think as your brand to be a living entity.

This paves the path on how you should create the brand and build it to connect with the targeted audience.

If you have a limited budget, make sure you pay attention to effective financial management so that you do not go overboard with the costs.

Plan well and research the market so that you effectively can understand the needs of your targeted audience and promote your brand to them effectively with success!

Author Bio: Marina Thomas is a marketing and communication expert. She also serves as a content developer with many years of experience. She helps clients in long-term wealth plans. She has previously covered an extensive range of topics in her posts, including money saving, Budgeting, business debt consolidation, business and start-ups.

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