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Top 10 Tips for Branded Vehicle Wrap Design

Top 10 Tips for Branded Vehicle Wrap Design

Branding and marketing a product or service never gets old. 

Without creating a great brand image out in public, it is impossible to attract more customers and increase business profits. 

To create a brand identity that is unique in today's world has become essential and the surest way to increase customers. 

And one of the best ways to increase the visibility of your business in potential customers' eyes is through planning out your campaigns from the beginning and trying out a unique approach. 

Among the prevalent digital marketing concepts, vinyl stickers for vehicle wrap designs are the best option for small businesses as it requires lesser investment while the returns provided are fantastic. 

Populating your brand among potential customers through a vehicle is an excellent idea as it becomes a moving advertising board for your business.

Branded Vehicle Wrap Design – Promote Wherever You Move

Marvel Alaska Airlines Vehicle Wrap

Branded vehicle wrap designs are years old concept that has become accustomed to many small businesses. 

However, ditching many other branding and marketing techniques and choosing this is somewhat a tough decision for businesses. 

And also for designers, it is a great challenge in itself. 

Branding a business with the right graphics and generating a required response is what every designer aims at. 

However, following the best practices of crafting compelling and attractive designs requires a designer to think creatively and come up with plans and suggestions that can make a brand vehicle trending wherever it travels.

10 Tips for Crafting Creative and Eye Delighting Vehicle Wrap Designs

Whether you are starting to craft a compelling vehicle wrap design or just learning it for fun, keeping these tips in mind will help you get excellent outputs that everyone will love and adore.

1. Measure, Map and Create

Vehicle Wrap Design Ideas

Do not jump directly into designing the wrap without knowing the vehicle size and type. 

Accurately measure the type and size of a vehicle and keep them in mind when designing the vehicle wrap for the same. 

Gather complete details of the vehicle to design the wrap that covers the entire vehicle while not leaving a single spot. 

The design should be ready to print at the end of the process to ensure zero wastage of time, and it also proves the excellence of designing.

To create the right design suiting your clients' needs, it is essential to understand their brand and the services they provide. 

Moreover, the design should be created after performing enough research to ensure that no future queries or problems are raised after the design gets ready. 

It helps save time for designers and businesses too. 

Ultimately, while creating a design, the first and foremost criteria to keep in mind is, the design should fit the vehicle measurements.

2. Study the Competition Thoroughly

Custom Vehicle Wrap Design

Before starting to work upon the design, check for any possible competitors of your clients in the market. 

And if they use the vehicle wraps, study them thoroughly. 

Check for the designs they use and the graphics added.

Research thoroughly before starting with the design and consider every possible way where the competitor design can outrun your designed wrap.

Work on them to correct and make your design more excellent than ever. 

Keep your client businesses' choices and suggestions in mind but do not copy them directly in the design. 

Instead, look for possible inspirations from any competitors or any other sources and then experiment with colour combinations to craft an excellent design.

3. Less is More, Literally!

Real Estate Branding Vehicle Wrap

Create a design that conveys more by stating fewer words. 

A design that is too crowded with words can never succeed in capturing a viewer's attention. 

Instead, think that the design is not supposed to be read but viewed by the customers. 

How will a user read off from the truck or a car moving at the speed of 70mph? 

Therefore, it is advisable to make use of figurines and images rather than text to display and promote a business. 

Moreover, the things you put in the wrap design are supposed to be wholly business-related and customer attracting. 

If a design fails to impress even the client business, there is no way it will influence the customers. 

Hence, make sure the design you craft has enough space to let a viewer understand what it aims to deliver.

4. Bold is Beautiful

Virgin Train Vehicle Wrap Design

The best way to grab the attention of any viewer is by using bold colours and designs. 

Do not just create designs that stand out from the crowd but throw some bold colours in there to make the vehicle wrap ravishing and also visible from long distances. 

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The bold and excellent colour combination immediately catch the eyes of viewers and consequently, the business can market their name on the streets without having to do anything.

For example, a small business running taxi services through an app solution asks for a vehicle wrap design. 

Therefore, the layout must include the logo design of their app and the name. 

As small businesses are priorly using a solution that provides them with the convenience of choosing their name and logo, they can choose to apply the design to all the vehicles from their fleet to promote their services. 

A bold colour combination will ensure the user's attention is grasped even from long distances and hence, it can provide more leads.

5. Highlight the Brand and Their Message

Fire Engine Decal Wrap Design

It is essential to highlight the brand business is promoting to help them reach more potential customers. 

Moreover, the message should be conveyed clearly. 

For example, if a pest control business is asking for designing a vehicle wrap design for them, it is vital first to understand what their pest control permanently removes and later use the graphics that depict what they are doing. 

The message should be clear from the design to let a viewer understand what services they include. 

And do not forget to add the contact details as viewers can note from the vehicle and contact the business later.

6. Font Choice and Size Matters

Vehicle Wrap Design Inspiration

How can you expect a customer to understand what is written on the vehicle that is travelling at high speed from the streets? 

Therefore, the font sizes and style you decide to use and especially, the form you use is essential. 

Taking a daring decision that implies the use of fancy fonts that are merely readable from the computer screen is not a good idea. 

Instead, try to focus on using the fonts that convey the message you have printed loud and clear.

Therefore, ensure to choose the font type and size that impress users while also being readable from a certain distance without having to strain the eyes.

7. Amazing Illustrations = More Attention!

Vw Car Illustrations

The ultimate aim of a vehicle wrap design is to gain the attention of customers from the roadside and connect them with the brand. 

Illustrations and graphics that delight the eyes and also contain an element of mystery are most welcomed by most businesses. 

Therefore, do not forget to design the wrap containing amazing illustrations that can help in attracting more viewers and promoting the business.

8. Clients Should Agree

Custom Vehicle Wraps

Ensure the design you craft is good enough for your clients. 

Do not put a step further without their permission and if required, be ready to accept changes in the design. 

Without consulting them and knowing their views on it, do not finalise any decision of adding up an object or removing one. 

The clients should be at the centre of the entire process, and it should reflect on the work you have been assigned.

9. Follow the Constructed Plan

Custom Vehicle Signage

It is essential to follow the plans and suggestions your clients have made. 

Understand their requirements and follow the steps that you have planned together, and it helps in completing your tasks on time. 

Moreover, it helps you in earning the trust of your clients as you can assure them of completing the given tasks on time. 

Therefore, you should build up a plan and later execute it when crafting the design of vehicle wrap.

10. Try to Avoid Seams

Graphic Design Fails

The vinyl sheets are going to be applied to the vehicle, and the artist will try to reduce as many seams as possible, but seams will surely be there.

Therefore, your design should be optimised for seams as a great design crafted by keeping the possible chances of seams in mind never fails to impress users and hide most of the seams. 

Therefore, understand where the possibilities of seams can ruin the overall look of the design and craft it accordingly to minimise the effects of seams once the prepared stickers get applied to the vehicle.


A great brand vehicle wrap design will consist of all the measures that can change the entire look of the vehicle and promote the brand at its best. 

Also, when crafting the design, it is crucial to abide by the laws that may stop you from painting the window or using a tinted shadow over it. 

Keeping all the laws and enforcement in mind, you can create an excellent design that gives your client business a significant boost while also keeping them safe from possible controversies.

As the concept of vehicle wrap design is most popular among small businesses, it becomes your priority as a designer to provide them with enough exposure by creating compelling designs for their vehicles to promote their services and help them expand their customer base.

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