How to Make Your Brand Stand Out Online

The internet has changed almost every aspect of our lives.

From the way we shop to the way we socialise, online technology and apps have ushered us into a new era.

For businesses, it has brought about a new way of connecting with customers — more importantly, a new way of doing marketing.

If you have yet to create an online presence for your brand, you need to make one ASAP.

Keep reading to learn tips for how to make your brand stand out online.

Redo Your Website

Website Redesign

You probably already have a website for your brand.

If you don't, contact a web designer to have one created.

For those of you who already have one, when was the last time you did a redesign?

When was the last time you performed a site analysis to see how well you're comparing to the competition?

When was the last time you updated your blog?

Your answers to these questions are pertinent to your ability to stand out online.

By answering them, you can refine your website design plan and branding.

Your website should be easy to navigate and have company contact information listed on every page.

Your blog should be updated on a weekly basis, preferably daily.

You must also carefully consider the website's colour scheme.

Are the colours easy on the eyes?

The way your website looks is a reflection of how serious your company is about providing an excellent online experience for its customers.

This is key to make your brand stand out online.

Create Cluster and Pillar Content

Cluster Pillar Content

Another fundamental way to stand out online is to start creating cluster and pillar content.

A pillar piece of content is a long blog post or landing page that you add to regularly.

It should extensively cover a topic your customers are likely Googling.

The goal is not to make the pillar piece promotional, but instead educational.

Your pillar pieces are going to be extensions on subtopics of the pillar piece.

Pillar and cluster content are important for boosting your site's visibility, which is crucial to standing out online.

Include Visuals in All Content Pieces

Visual Storytelling Design

Whether it be a blog post or a social media post, it's imperative to include some visual with your content.

Infographics are especially effective at garnering attention and increasing click-throughs to your site.

Interactive content also performs well, but not just any visual is going to do.

You'll need to team up with a professional visual marketing company that excels at creating stunning imagery.

You'll also want to share videos on a regular basis, as they are known to improve conversion rates significantly.

Getting your brand to stand out online takes strategic planning.

Depending on how large your company is, you might want to devote an entire team to handle your online marketing.

If you're a smaller company, you can still stand out, and all the tips mentioned above are great starting points.

Redoing your website followed by publishing quality content on a regular basis should be the heart of your online marketing efforts.

Make Your Brand Stand Out
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