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4 Tips to Choose the Best WordPress Maintenance Services

4 Tips to Choose the Best WordPress Maintenance Services

When it comes to WordPress maintenance, you need a reliable team to provide you with all the comprehensive services you want. 

Your maintenance team should understand your website needs and provide you with regular monitoring services. 

The quality of services can differ from one provider to another. 

As such, it is essential to choose the best WordPress support services for you. 

Read on to discover some tips for selecting the best WordPress maintenance services.

1 – Type of Support

WordPress support providers have varying levels of service and work in different ways. 

As such, you must decide what kind of service you need before selecting a provider. 

These types of service include 24/7, hourly, technical and occasional, and updates. 

Knowing what you want will prevent you from contacting companies that do not offer what you are looking for. 

Also, consider whether you want a more personal service to get to know your WordPress team or do not want to build a relationship with your support team.

2 – Organisation

Wordpress Maintenance Service

Ensure that your potential company has a service level agreement and terms and conditions for their services. 

Remember that WordPress developers and support agencies are not regulated. 

There is no set of rules to follow or any governing body to check the companies. 

As such, anyone can set up as a ‘WordPress Expert’ at any time. 

Also, several back-room service providers are either one-person company or farm services out off-shore. 

Check whether they are a limited company, look them up on Google maps, check for company and VAT numbers, and inquire whether they have an office and staff.

3 – Investment

A good company invests in its staff, plugins, and technology. 

A good provider will also pay dividends to ask a potential supplier if they have plugins to use on your site. 

A good WordPress support provider can also provide you with a to-the-minute breakdown of time used and completed actions. 

Also, look for a company who can provide you with references. 

Some of them reach out to family and friends to get quick online reviews. 

If they are willing to give a reference, the chances are that they are legit.

4 – Are They Established?

WordPress companies disappear all the time. 

If you intend to build a lasting relationship with your support company, ask them how long they have been in the business. 

Ask them about their total full-time employees and how many clients they have. 

With this information, you can now decide on whether to employ their services. 

If they set up one year ago, the chances are that they will be around for another year. 

Ask them about their range of experience and whether they have senior staff. 

Having a wide range of experience and more senior staff can make the difference between a proactive support team and one that will only do what you ask.

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