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The Best Video Camera for YouTube & Vlogging

The Best Video Camera for YouTube & Vlogging

Do you want to bring your YouTube channel a step further? 

Video cameras are essential for vloggers, filmmakers and all other content creators. 

This guide will give you more information about video cameras, present the best choices for YouTube creators, help them decide wisely, and let their subscribers hit the like button faster than saying “action”!

Let’s be honest; amongst millions of videos on YouTube, it is difficult to distinguish yourself from others. With such fierce competition, you need an upper hand where half a thousand hours’ worth of footage is uploaded every minute. 

And this is what a high-quality video camera provides for you. It does not just record moving pictures but also enables one to tell their story visually in the most compelling manner possible.

Understanding Your Needs

Youtube Content Creators Best

Take a moment to think about what you need before you get into the details of camera specifications and features. 

Do you need something compact and sturdy because you’re a travel vlogger? Or are you making high-end beauty tutorials that require crystal-clear close-ups? The type of content largely determines the kind of camera that’ll be most useful for you.

Vlogging vs Cinematic Content

Casual vlogging is worlds away from creating cinematic masterpieces. Vloggers prioritise ease of use and portability, while those looking more polished might need things like interchangeable lenses or advanced manual controls.

Budget Considerations

Let’s talk money, honey. Cameras can range in price from a couple hundred quid to several thousand pounds. It’s tempting, but it's wrong to think that the most expensive option is always the best. There are plenty of budget-friendly options out there capable of producing stunning results.

Key Features to Look For

Best Camera For Youtubers In 2021

While shopping for the perfect video camera to use on YouTube, here are the fundamental factors that you should consider:

  • Resolution
  • Frame rates
  • Low light performance
  • Autofocus capabilities
  • Image stabilisation
  • Audio quality
  • Connectivity options

Resolution: 4K or Not 4K?

That is the question. 4K resolution gives incredibly detailed footage but needs more storage space and processing power. Most YouTubers still find 1080p Full HD more than enough, although a 4k investment might be worth considering.

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Frame Rates: Smooth Operator

High frame rates allow smoother motion and the ability to create slow-motion effects. Many cameras have options of 24fps, 30fps and 60fps, with some having even up to 120fps or more for those buttery smooth slow-mo shots.

Low Light Performance: Don’t Be Left in the Dark

Unless you always shoot under perfect lighting conditions (which nobody does), ensure your camera has good low-light performance. Larger sensors and wider aperture lenses work best for this.

Autofocus: Keep It Sharp

Modern cameras have impressive autofocus systems that can track subjects accurately like magic! Vlogs and interviews where you need continuous AF over face detection and eye-tracking features would be ideal.

Image Stabilisation: Steady as She Goes

No one likes shaky footage; it's sickening! Good image stabilisation is a must-have, especially when shooting handheld or on the move, whether in-body or in-lens.

Audio Quality: Sound Advice

Let's not forget audio since we’re talking about video cameras here. Some have better built-in microphones than others, but if you want top-notch quality, look for models with external microphone inputs.

Connectivity: Stay Connected

Quickly transferring your footage or even livestream directly from your camera can change the game today, so look for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI output, etc.

Top Picks for YouTube Video Cameras

Now that we have gone over the basics, let’s move on to specific camera recommendations for different types of YouTube content creators.

Sony A7 III – Best All-Round Camera

When it comes to YouTube, there is no such thing as too much. This is why Sony developed the A7 III; this camera does everything with a full-frame sensor, incredible ISO performance, and a fantastic auto-focus system.

Sony a7 III ILCE7M3/B Full-Frame Mirrorless Interchangeable-Lens Camera with 3-Inch LCD, Body Only,Base Configuration,Black
  • Advanced 24.2MP BSI full frame Image Sensor w/ 1.8X readout speed.Aspect Ratio – 3:2, Headphone Terminal : Yes (3.5 mm Stereo minijack), Mic Terminal : Yes (3.5 mm Stereo minijack). Brightness Control (Viewfinder) : Auto/Manual (5 steps between -2 and +2).


  • Great image quality
  • Amazing low-light capabilities
  • Superb autofocus
  • In-body image stabilisation


  • Expensive for beginners
  • Complicated menu system

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III – Best for Vloggers

Travel vloggers need lightweight cameras that can multitask. Enter Canon’s new PowerShot G7 X Mark III. With 4K capability, live streaming function and vertical video shooting mode for all those Instagram stories and TikToks, this compact shooter could quickly become a vlogger’s best friend.

Canon PowerShot G7X Mark III Digital Camera with 4.2x Optical Zoom Lens (Black)
  • 20.1 Megapixel 1.0” stacked CMOS sensor and DIGIC 8 Image processor.
  • 4.2x optical zoom Lens (24-100mm f/1.8-2.8) with optical image Stabilizer.
  • 4K 30P/ FHD 120P video.


  • Portable size
  • Flip-up touchscreen display
  • 4k recording capability
  • Live streaming to YouTube directly from the camera itself


  • Fixed lens doesn’t offer much customisation beyond zooming in/out physically with your hand(s)
  • Battery life leaves something to be desired during long shoots or when using power-intensive features like continuous AF tracking mode, etc.

Panasonic Lumix G7 – Best Budget Option

The Panasonic Lumix G7 might be priced like an entry-level model, but its feature set is anything but basic. 

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It offers 4K Ultra HD video recording (and 4K Photo mode), creative control over depth-of-field effects via interchangeable lenses (Micro Four Thirds mount) and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for sharing images wirelessly without having to use a computer first — all at a price point that won’t break your bank account whether you’re just starting as YouTuber or already established as one looking to add second/third camera setup etc.

Panasonic LUMIX G7 4K Digital Camera, with LUMIX G VARIO 14-42mm Mega O.I.S. Lens, 16 Megapixel Mirrorless Camera, 3-Inch LCD, DMC-G7KK (Black)
  • Professional photo and video: Performance: 16 megapixel micro four thirds sensor with no low pass filter to confidently capture sharp images with a high dynamic range and artifact free performance; Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2412 MHz, 2462 MHz (1 11 ch), Wi Fi / WPA / WPA2, Infrastructure mode


  • Affordable 4K recording option
  • Interchangeable lens system
  • Decent low-light performance at this price range


  • Autofocus is not as advanced as higher models within Panasonic’s lineup or other brands like Sony.
  • Plastic build quality feels less premium than metal-bodied cameras in a similar price category.

Accessories to Elevate Your YouTube Game

Merely having a great camera won’t cut it. If you want to bring your YouTube videos up to the next level, you must do more than that. You should buy these accessories:

  1. Stabiliser (tripod or gimbal)
  2. Microphone (external)
  3. Illumination (LED lights)
  4. Memory cards that record 4K fast
  5. Extra batteries for extensive shooting days

Tripods and Gimbals: Steady Does It

Nothing screams amateur video more loudly than shaky footage. A tripod is required to keep your shots steady while standing still, whereas, for moving shots, a gimbal can give them that smooth, professional look.

3 Legged Thing Pro Range 2.0 Winston 2.0 Kit Carbon Fibre Tripod System – Adjustable Camera Tripod with 3 Counterfold Detachable Legs for Monopod Conversion – Earth Bronze (WINSTONKIT2)
  • Winston 2.0 is our most stable tripod yet. Brought to you by 3 Legged Thing, this powerful carbon fibre tripod system is from our Pro Range 2.0. It is designed with landscape, studio, and architecture photography in mind, and is capable of supporting heavy burdens in demanding circumstances

External Microphones: Sound Matters

Although most modern cameras have decent on-board microphones, nothing beats an external microphone for video audio quality. Consider getting a shotgun mic or a Lavalier mic for interviews and vlogs for general use.

Lighting: Shine Bright

Even an average camera can produce stunning results with good lighting. Therefore, invest in some LED panels or a ring light so subjects never appear underexposed again.

Memory Cards: Speed Demon

Shooting in 4K requires high frame rates and fast memory cards. Dropped frames can be avoided by looking for cards with high write speeds.

Spare Batteries: Keep Rolling

Running out of battery halfway through recording is annoying and time-wasting, if not anything else. Always stay prepared by having at least one additional battery around.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Camera

Best Beginner Camera

Having the best video camera for YouTube is good, but it is better when you know how to use it. Below are some tips that will help you maximise the potential of your new equipment:

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Manual Mode: Seize Control

While the auto modes may be convenient, grasping manual mode shooting grants total authority over one’s picture, so feel free to play around with aperture, ISO, and shutter speed until you are satisfied with the appearance.

Frame Rates: Vary Them!

Never shy away from trying out different frame rates. For instance, shoot a B-roll at 60fps or 120fps to produce smooth, slow-motion shots, which can create visual appeal in the videos.

Composition: Rule of Thirds

This is a straightforward yet efficient method of composition. Consider dividing your frame into three columns and rows, then placing key elements along these lines or at their intersections.

Background Check

Always pay attention to what is happening behind the subject because a cluttered or distracting background can divert attention from the main focal point.

Test Recordings All The Time!

Before embarking on significant shoots, it is essential always to make quick test records. Framing, audio levels and camera settings should be checked during this stage to avoid any unpleasant surprises later.

Post-Production: Making Your Footage Shine

Videopad Video Editing Software Review

The best camera footage can still be improved with post-production. Here are some areas to concentrate on:

Colour Grading: Adjust the Atmosphere

Grading can help adjust the atmosphere of your video and create a uniform appearance throughout your channel. Start by learning how to modify exposure, contrast, and colour balance.

Audio Enhancement: Sound Check

Make sure you clean up your audio by removing background noise, adjusting levels and, if necessary, adding music or sound effects where appropriate.

Transitions and Effects: Smooth Operator

Use transitions to move between scenes smoothly, but don’t overdo it; simple cuts often work best, while more elaborate ones should be used sparingly for effect.

Titles and Graphics: Brand It

Add professional-looking titles and graphics to your videos; this will help with branding and make them more engaging and informative.

Future-Proofing Your Setup

Technology is rushing in the field of video. You cannot predict the future, but you can make decisions that will keep your setup relevant for longer.

Firmware Updates: Keep It Up

Your camera can get more features and better performance as time goes by if it receives regular firmware updates, extending its lifespan.

Lens Options: Room for Growth

Ensure that the system has a wide selection of lenses when you choose a camera with interchangeable ones. This will allow you to expand your kit as required over time.

Advanced Codecs: Quality Matters

Cameras supporting advanced codecs and high bit rates give you much flexibility in post-production and can lead to final videos of higher quality.

Live Streaming: Be Prepared

A camera with built-in streaming capabilities is useful since live streaming is becoming more popular on YouTube.

Conclusion: Lights, Camera, Action!

Picking out the most fantastic video camera for YouTube should be effortless. You can find a camera that will help you create unique content for years by knowing your requirements, considering essential features, and thinking about long-term goals.

Keep in mind that the most important thing is to start creating. The fanciest camera won’t make great videos alone. Your creativity, personality, and passion will make your YouTube channel shine.

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Now, what are you waiting for? Pick up that camera, press record, and show the world what you’ve got. Your audience is waiting!

Best Video Camera for YouTube FAQs

Do I need a 4K camera for YouTube?

Only sometimes. Many viewers still watch in 1080p even though it offers higher resolution. However, apart from giving you more flexibility in editing, 4K also future-proofs your content.

What matters most, the lens or the camera body?

Both are important, but an average body with a good lens usually produces better results than a good body with an average lens. If possible, invest in quality lenses.

Can I use my smartphone instead of a dedicated camera?

Modern smartphones can produce high-quality videos; hence, they are recommended for beginners or specific types of content creation. Nevertheless, dedicated cameras provide more control and perform better under low light.

How vital is audio quality when making YouTube videos?

Extremely important! Although viewers might forgive slightly lower video quality, lousy audio will make them leave quickly. Consider purchasing an external microphone.

Should I buy new, or is used okay?

Purchasing secondhand cameras allows people to acquire advanced equipment at lower prices. Just ensure that you transact business with accredited dealers and verify the condition of the gadgets before paying for them.

When should I upgrade my camera?

There is no particular duration, but think about replacing it when your current one restricts creativity or there are new features that would significantly enhance your content.

What is the best low-light YouTube video camera?

Full-frame models, especially those fitted with larger sensors, perform better under dimly lit conditions. The Sony A7S III has earned praise for being highly sensitive to light.

Is in-body image stabilisation necessary?

It may not be mandatory, though quite helpful, particularly during handheld shooting. Lenses with built-in stabilisation or a gimbal can be used if your camera lacks this feature.

How much should I spend on a good YouTube camera?

You can get decent quality for around £500. However, professional-level ones may cost over £2000, excluding lenses and accessories.

Are mirrorless cameras better than DSLRs for YouTube?

Since they are more compact and have superior autofocus in video mode alongside electronic viewfinders, mirrorless cameras tend to be preferred for shooting videos. Nonetheless, certain DSLRs still possess remarkable video capabilities.

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