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Exploring the Top 10 Best NHL Logos Beyond the Ice

Exploring the Top 10 Best NHL Logos Beyond the Ice

Ice hockey is beloved for its fast-paced, hard-hitting action on the ice and its teams' unique identities and branding. The National Hockey League (NHL) is home to historic franchises with devoted fan bases across North America. An integral aspect of each NHL team's identity is its logo – a visual symbol that encapsulates the club's history, spirit, and relationship with its city and supporters.

Beyond serving as an emblem on team jerseys and merchandise, NHL logos are potent representations of communities' shared bonds through the game of hockey. The iconic designs blend team colours, regional imagery, and clever concepts to create an instantly recognisable signature. For fans, seeing their team's crest sparks a visceral sense of pride and belonging.

This comprehensive analysis highlights the top 10 NHL logos that have become legendary emblems in sports branding. These logos have stood the test of time as visual encapsulations of their franchises' legacies. We explore the compelling narratives behind each logo, decoding the cultural meaning and psychology encoded in these expertly crafted designs. These logos reveal critical insights into the NHL's greatest teams, from the Montreal Canadiens' storied ‘CH' lettermark to the San Jose Sharks' ferocious shark fin. By better understanding the origins and impacts of these iconic hockey symbols, we gain a deeper appreciation for the indelible bond between a team and its fans.

The Art of Logo Design

Designing a logo for an NHL team is a challenging task. It requires blending artistry and symbolism and understanding the team's identity and fanbase. A logo serves as a team's visual fingerprint – encapsulating its history, values and regional influences into an iconic mark.

The creation process begins with brainstorming. Designers research the team's origins, name, location and target market. For example, the San Jose Sharks logo contains triangular shapes reminiscent of a shark's dorsal fin. It incorporates orange and black – a nod to the Northern California teams like the SF Giants. Design mood boards are created, pulling visual inspiration from the region and past eras.

Next is sketching initial concepts. Hundreds of hand-drawn drafts are developed, exploring mascots, colour schemes, fonts and symbolic representations. Refinement follows through digital iterations, narrowing down to a select few directions. The best concepts are shown to stakeholders who provide feedback.

With a final design chosen, every detail is scrutinised. The shape, spacing, hierarchy, colour values and negative space are carefully perfected. Visual brand guidelines are established, ensuring logo integrity across mediums.

Finally, the logo was launched to great fanfare. Jerseys, pucks and merchandise bear the mark. When done successfully, the logo embodies the soul of the team. It connects with fans across generations, sparking pride and loyal fandom. The iconic NHL logo is a timeless representation of the team's storied history.

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Top 10 Best NHL Logos

1 – Montreal Canadiens

Montreal Canadiens Logo Design

The iconic logo of the Montreal Canadiens is a shining example of effective design that has stood the test of time. Featuring the stylised letters ‘C' and ‘H' fused, the mark elegantly represents the storied hockey franchise in a straightforward yet memorable fashion.

Though the origins of the logo date back to the club's formation in 1909, the current version we recognise today was formally adopted in 1917. Over a century later, it remains one of the most famous and recognisable logos in professional sports. Its longevity is a testament to the simplicity and boldness of its split-letter motif.

The ‘C' represents the French term “Club de hockey Canadien,” nodding to the team's Francophone heritage as an original member of the National Hockey Association. The overlapping angular ‘H' pays homage to their home province of Quebec. The juxtaposition of the two letters forms an abstract image reminiscent of a hockey stick lying across a puck, perfectly encapsulating the game within the mark.

The iconic red, white, and blue scheme further embraces the team's Canadian roots. The logo has undergone minor tweaks over the decades, but its basic form has remained intact throughout the franchise's countless triumphs and tribulations. As one of the original NHL clubs with a record 24 Stanley Cup victories, the Canadiens' logo has become synonymous with excellence in hockey.

Both elegant and bold, the Canadiens' emblem evokes a sense of history and pride. For fans young and old over multiple generations, it immediately calls to mind the team's status as record-holders and hockey royalty. Though other NHL franchises have tinkered with complete redesigns, the Canadiens have stayed true to their traditional look, a refreshing constant as so much else changes around it. Transcending sport, the iconic logo has come to symbolise francophone cultural identity within Quebec and across Canada. In today's flashy graphics and mass merchandising, the Canadiens' mark stands out for remaining dignified, uncluttered, and timelessly effective.

2 – Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks Nhl Logo Design

The Chicago Blackhawks logo, featuring the profile of a Native American man, has long been a controversial symbol in professional sports. The bold image of a stoic Indigenous man adorned in face paint and a feathered headdress has elicited strong reactions from supporters and critics.

On the one hand, fans and the team argue the logo pays respect to Native Americans by using iconography representing courage, pride and strength. The distinctive red and black palette evokes the team's competitive spirit and honours their origins – the franchise was named after the 86th Infantry “Blackhawk” Division, many of whom were Native American soldiers. For decades, the logo has been beloved by generations of Chicago hockey enthusiasts as a symbol of their team's identity.

However, many Native American groups and advocates have protested the use of Indigenous likenesses and cultural symbols by sports teams, arguing they promote stereotypes and fail to honour Native people properly. They contend Native mascots and logos reduce multifaceted cultures to crude caricatures. The appropriation of spiritual images like feathers and headdresses for commercial purposes has also been criticised as disrespectful.

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The debate surrounding the Blackhawks logo reflects more significant conversations about diversity, cultural sensitivity and representation in sports. While some defend the logo as an emblem of strength, others see it as an exploitative appropriation of Native symbols that ignores real Indigenous issues. The team has faced growing calls to change its name and branding to avoid promoting reductive stereotypes. As views on diversity evolve, teams have been encouraged to move away from ethnic mascots and more carefully consider the messages sent by their branding choices. The Blackhawks' logo continues to ignite discussions about how to balance tradition and identity with respect.

3 – Detroit Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings Logo

The iconic logo of the Detroit Red Wings is widely regarded as one of the most elegant and visually striking in all professional sports. Featuring a sleek red wheel with boldly winged spokes, the logo embodies the speed, finesse, and aerial artistry that has defined the Red Wings franchise for nearly a century.

First introduced in 1932, the winged wheel has remained unchanged over the decades, a testament to the timeless beauty of its design. The colour scheme of red and white evokes the team's jerseys while symbolising power, passion, and the hot streaks that Red Wings teams would ride to championships.

How the winged wheel appears to spin conjures up visions of the fluid, graceful skating style and crisp passing that has long been the hallmark of Red Wings hockey. It captures a sense of movement and momentum, much like the team, as it transitions swiftly from defence to offence. The symmetry and balance of the logo reflect the coordination and chemistry between players that has enabled the franchise's sustained success.

As the logo has been worn by Red Wings legends like Gordie Howe, Steve Yzerman, and Nicklas Lidstrom, it has taken on an air of mystique and come to embody the storied hockey tradition in the Motor City. It connects generation after generation of fans, from the early days playing on the frozen rivers to the modern era at Little Caesars Arena.

The Red Wings logo has become an iconic part of the team's identity and NHL history. Its crisp, graphic aesthetic sets it apart from the symbols of other Detroit sports teams and franchises across the leagues. Now synonymous with excellence at the highest levels of hockey, the winged wheel is a mark of pride for the players and fans, inspiring future generations of Red Wings to take flight.

4 – Toronto Maple Leafs

Toronto Maple Leafs Logo

The Maple Leafs logo symbolises both tradition and innovation in hockey. The iconic blue maple leaf at the centre pays homage to Canada's national symbol and the team's homeland. Its clean, stylised design represents a bridge between old and new – fusing classic hockey heritage with a modern aesthetic.

Yet the logo also hints at the rich, century-long history of the franchise. The sharp angles of the maple leaf's veins are reminiscent of the 11-pointed leaf logo used by the team in the 1940s and 50s during their dynasty years. Its royal blue colour has been part of the Maple Leafs' visual identity since day one. For fans today, seeing that familiar maple leaf crest reminds them of the team's legacy and the past legends who proudly wore it.

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Beyond visuals, the logo captures the spirit of hockey's heartland. Toronto is home to one of the world's most passionate, devoted hockey fanbases. The Maple Leafs emblem serves as a gathering point for that community, representing both the local roots and far-reaching branches of Leafs Nation. It reflects the enduring hope and passion of fans stuck with the team through triumph and disappointment.

So, while the Maple Leafs logo pays tribute to tradition, it has been carefully adapted into a contemporary icon. Its balance of old and new forges a link from past to future. This refreshed emblem will carry that legacy forward as the team continues its quest for another Stanley Cup victory.

5 – Las Vegas Golden Knights

Las Vegas Golden Knights Logo Design

When the Las Vegas Golden Knights entered the NHL as an expansion team in 2017, they made a bold statement with their team logo and colours. The logo features a medieval knight's helmet in sleek, modern lines. The helmet's façade is accented with glimmering gold, representing Las Vegas glitz and glamour—intense red and cool steel grey complete the colour scheme, evoking themes of intensity and grit.

This innovative logo broke the mould for hockey branding while linking to traditional hockey icons like the helmet. The knight's helmet symbolises the virtues of strength, courage, and bravery that hockey players exemplify on the ice. The Las Vegas Golden Knights adopted this medieval symbol but re-imagined it with contemporary materials and shapes. The emblem feels fresh and unique while underscoring the team's connection to hockey history.

The team's raw ambition and competitive drive are embodied in the logo's intense red glow from the helmet's eyes and mouth. At the same time, the glittering gold acknowledges Las Vegas as a city built on excitement, fortune, and showmanship. Blending regional spirit with hockey ethos was crucial for establishing an expansion team's identity.

Just as medieval knights were loyal protectors of their realms, the Golden Knights logo suggests that the team will be fierce but honourable competitors. The logo seamlessly balances history and innovation, allowing the Golden Knights to respect the NHL's traditions while bringing new energy to the league. The team demonstrated confidence and savvy as an expansion franchise through its phenomenal logo design.

6 – New York Rangers

New York Rangers Logo Design

The New York Rangers logo is an iconic symbol of one of the NHL's oldest and most storied franchises. With its diagonal text spelling out “Rangers” in a bold, no-nonsense font, the logo embraces simplicity and pays homage to the team's origins.

The striking blue and red colour scheme instantly recognises the Rangers' patriotic ties to New York City and the United States. The red, white, and blue palette connects the Rangers to other classic New York sports teams like the Yankees and conjures images of the American flag.

While the logo has remained the same since its inception in 1926, its straightforward, minimalist aesthetic ensures it always stays in style. The slanted text represents the speed and intensity of hockey, yet the classic serif font grounds the logo in tradition. Even non-hockey fans can quickly identify the Rangers by their timeless logo.

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Over nearly a century of play, the Rangers have built a storied history as an NHL cornerstone. The dignified Rangers logo reflects the team's prestige as one of hockey's most celebrated franchises. Players and fans take pride in sporting the iconic emblem as they carry on the Rangers' legacy of excellence into each new era. Though teams come and go, the Rangers' logo symbolises stability, tradition, and New York hockey pride.

7 – Edmonton Oilers

Edmonton Oilers Logo Design

The Edmonton Oilers' iconic logo neatly encapsulates the hockey franchise's deep connection to its home city and thriving oil industry. The bold, stylised oil drop at the centre of the symbol refers to the black gold that led to Edmonton's founding and propelled its growth throughout the 20th century. Just as oil helped build the city into an economic engine and hub connecting West and North, the team that bears its name would become a juggernaut on the ice.

Beyond the oil drop, the slanted text spelling out “Oilers” evokes a sense of speed and forward momentum, speaking to the blazing talent that would soon carry the fledgling team to glory. First unveiled in 1972 when the upstart World Hockey Association awarded Edmonton a charter franchise, this logo has been worn proudly on the chests of Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Jari Kurri, Paul Coffey and other legends who led the Oilers dynasty of the 1980s.

Over decades of highs and lows, since the team joined the NHL in 1979, the Oilers' crest has remained a constant reminder of the club's roots in a blue-collar city and the gritty determination of players and fans alike. The bold orange and blue palette speaks to the resilience required of those working demanding jobs under harsh northern skies. Through booms and busts, the logo stands as an unchanging emblem of Edmonton's work ethic and fighting spirit. After five Stanley Cups in seven years under Gretzky and Messier, the hope remains that this mark will soon sit atop the hockey world again.

8 – Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins Logo Design

The Pittsburgh Penguins' logo is one of the most recognisable in professional sports, featuring a skating penguin with a hockey stick. This iconic emblem has undergone several stylistic changes, evolving with the franchise.

The original Penguin logo debuted in 1967, the team's inaugural season. It depicted a simple cartoon penguin in a scarf and ice skates, set against a triangular background. This whimsical design reflected the optimism surrounding the NHL's expansion into Pittsburgh, though the ensuing years brought little on-ice success.

In the 1970s, the logo was updated with a more serious, realistic penguin sporting a stoic expression. This change mirrored the team's efforts to build itself into a contender after years of futility. The no-nonsense penguin captured the club's emerging grit and determination.

By 1992, the Penguins had become a powerhouse, winning back-to-back Stanley Cup championships behind superstar Mario Lemieux. The logo was revised again, now featuring a stern, muscular penguin in a dominant pose wielding a hockey stick. This powerful emblem matched the team's newfound confidence and competitive drive.

The modern Penguin logo debuted in 2002, streamlining the ferocious 90s penguin into a sleeker, cleaner design. The angular outline shapes the speedy, athletic penguin, reflecting the club's continued excellence into the 21st century. While the logo has been updated, the iconic skating penguin remains at its heart, representing the joy, perseverance, and championship mentality that has defined the Pittsburgh Penguins for over 50 years.

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9 – Philadelphia Flyers

Philadelphia Flyers Header

The Philadelphia Flyers hockey team logo is an iconic symbol of the franchise's identity and history. With its bold orange and black colour scheme and graphic winged “P,” the Flyers logo encapsulates the team's reputation for being intensely competitive, hard-hitting, and relentless on the ice.

First unveiled in 1967 when the Flyers entered the NHL as part of the league's expansion, the logo was designed to represent the fast-paced, high-flying style of play the new team hoped to exhibit. The orange and black colours were chosen to evoke images of speed and power, with the orange also nodding to Philadelphia's reputation as the “City of Brotherly Love.” The winged “P” symbolises victory, as if the letter is flying across the ice toward the goal.

Over 50 years later, the Flyers crest remains an unmistakable emblem in hockey. The winged logo had become synonymous with the Broad Street Bullies era of the 1970s, when the Flyers established themselves as one of the most intimidating teams in the league with their physical, pugnacious brand of hockey. The logo fittingly represented the ruthless mentality that delivered two Stanley Cups to Philadelphia in 1974 and 1975.

While evolutions in the game and league have pushed the Flyers away from their rough-and-tumble origins, the logo exemplifies a team and fanbase driven by passion and determination. The fiery colours and imagery maintain the Flyers' reputation as a club that plays with heart and without fear. The winged “P” symbolises the spirit that Philadelphia fans expect from their hockey team – a spirit ready to battle and hungry to win.

10 – Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver Canucks Logo

The Vancouver Canucks have had several logos throughout their hockey franchise history, but the orca whale design has become their most iconic and beloved symbol. Introduced in 1997, the stamp features an orca whale in a unique Pacific Northwest Coast Indigenous art style. The whale's ocean blue colour represents the Pacific Ocean and British Columbia's coastal environs—the accent colours of silver, red and yellow nod to Vancouver's multiculturalism.

The logo was designed by a local Vancouver artist in collaboration with the Canucks organisation and local First Nations groups. Combining indigenous artistry with modern aesthetics, it reflects the cultural diversity of the city and region. The orca depiction also connects the team to its environment and the wildlife of the Pacific Northwest.

For fans, the orca logo has come to represent the spirit and identity of the Canucks. The whale's fierce appearance captures the team's competitive drive. Its graceful, fluid form echoes the fast-paced, strategic nature of hockey. While the logo has evolved slightly over the years, the orca has endured as an iconic emblem of team and city. Through changing times, the symbol remains a celebration of Vancouver's multiculturalism and deep ties to the natural landscapes of British Columbia. For Canucks fans, the orca elicits immense pride in the team and place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do NHL teams decide on logo redesigns?

Logo redesigns are often motivated by the need to modernise, stay relevant, or honour the team's legacy. Teams work with designers to create logos that resonate with tradition and evolution.

Do NHL logos impact merchandise sales?

Absolutely. Well-designed symbols can significantly boost merchandise sales as fans want to display their allegiance through apparel and collectables.

What's the significance of colour choice in NHL logos?

Colours evoke specific emotions and associations. NHL teams carefully choose colours that align with their identity and resonate with their fan base.

Have any NHL logos been controversial?

Some symbols have sparked controversy due to cultural sensitivity concerns or drastic redesigns that fans didn't resonate with.


The logos of the National Hockey League teams are far more than just sports symbols. They encapsulate the spirit, history, and identity of the cities and fans they represent. Whether it's the iconic Canadiens logo with its graceful lettering and proud heritage, the ferocious Penguin charging forth, or the stylised Hurricane warning flag, NHL logos transcend the realm of mere sports insignia.

Each logo tells a story about the team's origins, its championship triumphs, and its lasting connection to its devoted fans. The Original Six teams, in particular, have logos that evoke decades of battles on the ice, dynasties won and lost, and generations of fans passing down their love of the team. The Canadiens logo brings to mind the ghosts of the Montreal Forum, the Maple Leafs logo makes you think of the passion of Leafs Nation, and the Blackhawks logo conjures up images of the Madhouse on Madison.

But newer teams have also created logos that tap into the unique spirit of their cities and fanbases. The Senators logo echoes the valour of ancient Roman legions, the Lightning logo evokes the power of the infamous Tampa thunderstorms, and the Golden Knights logo captures the mystique of the city of Las Vegas. Each emblem serves as a rallying point, bringing fans together in their shared love for their team.

Whether they evoke classic elegance or modern minimalism, traditional colours or bold new palettes, the logos of the NHL teams capture the essence of each franchise's identity. They inspire fans, connect to cherished history, and contribute to the rich legacy woven into the very fabric of the National Hockey League.

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