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5 Best Free Alternatives To Photoshop For Image Optimisation

5 Best Free Alternatives To Photoshop For Image Optimisation

Identifying the best app for improving your images may feel intimidating. Although Photoshop is usually a great option, it can be expensive, requires a steep learning curve, and only sometimes fits your specific needs. That's not to say Photoshop isn't a valuable tool for serious editing; it certainly can be.

However, you don't need to jump in on the Adobe Suite to optimise photos for your site. Sometimes, a more straightforward and free tool with similar features may do the trick. To identify the best choice, consider the key aspects and examine the available free alternatives to Photoshop.

What Key Features to Look For

How To Use Actions In Photoshop

Choosing the best free image cropper or plugin for compressing your images is more complex than it may seem. What you need to do at first is to make sure the software contains several features:

  • Resizing capability to reduce the file size
  • Ability to optimise photos upon upload
  • Bulk compression option for processing multiple pictures simultaneously
  • Support for various formats such as PNG, JPEG, JPG, PDF, GIF, etc
  • Conversion capability to WebP and AVIF, which are new-generation formats
  • Option to utilise their server for the entire process

These are the key aspects that require your attention. However, with the influx of so many image manipulation tools available, it is crucial to identify which one best suits the demands of your project.

To help with that, we'll compare and analyse some of the most popular alternative options to Photoshop and why they are ideal for devs, marketers, and other users in need of creating quality visuals while optimising their size.

The Best Alternatives to Photoshop

We've gathered five spectacular alternatives to Adobe's suite for your photo optimisation needs. These include:

My Crop Image

My Crop Image offers a user-friendly interface, allowing you to swiftly and effectively resize and crop your pictures into a circle or rectangle without needing any professional editing proficiency. With just some simple taps, get your photos cropped to perfection with no quality sacrifice by simply uploading them to the website and setting the output quality of your choice.

If you're worried about speed, this program works directly on your device, bypassing lag time. You can conveniently add all of your JPEG, PNG, and GIF pictures en masse without considering the quantity of JPEG images you have.


Photopea is another handy online utility for free-of-charge manipulation of Photoshop (.psd) files. Leverage its functionality to transform your graphics to WebP format, customise their size, regulate the resolution, and adapt the document's content concerning the new resolution.

If you're using Photopea, you can tailor a picture to the web, reduce its size and compress it. To make the size of the file suitable for use on the internet (50-250 KB), it's usual to sacrifice some quality, bringing it down to 18-20%.

Kraken improves WordPress sites' performance with algorithms that compress jpegs for superior optimisation. Leading the industry, the best-in-class algorithm designed by Kraken efficiently compresses your media to maximise performance.

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Kraken supports three popular image formats, JPEG, PNG and GIF (animated too), with a file size limit of 32 MB. Get the most out of your free account, offering a testing quota of 100 MB, or upgrade to one of the membership plans with five affordable options between $5 and $79 with robust compressed data up to 60 GB at your fingertips.


Utilising advanced compression technology, TinyPNG is the go-to solution for manipulating WEBP, JPEG, and PNG format files. Through the intelligent use of lossy compression techniques, its simple-to-use interface helps dramatically reduce the size of your raster image files.

You can use TinyPNG for free if your file size does not exceed 5 MB. If you need more, they offer annual subscriptions at an affordable price of $25 a year per user, which includes 75 MB of storage space and comprehensive analytics for tracking your usage.

Not to be overlooked, gives users a seamless and gratifying way of supplementing image quality. It's compatible with multiple data formats, such as JPEG, PNG, SVG, GIF, and WEBP. Depending on their requirements, those who use it can decide on the kind of compression they want – either lossy or lossless. offers a free version with a file size limit of 10 MB. You can upgrade to their paid subscription plan for just $50 annually if you need more features. This version enables the ability to resize images to match any screen size and access additional options.

The Bottom Line

These are among the top alternatives for finding straightforward yet powerful tools for changing your photos for good. You won't have to sacrifice quality and resources while getting optimal results.

Test-driving these free tools reveals how effective their optimisation results are without any financial risk. Enjoy the perks of a no-obligation trial before selecting the pricing and subscription plans that best fit your needs.

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