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15+ Best AI Marketing Tools for Success in 2023

15+ Best AI Marketing Tools for Success in 2023

Here is a list of the best AI marketing tools to help you create engaging content, grow your business, and earn more profits in 2023.

Artificial intelligence isn't new. This unique technology has been making groundbreaking changes in different industries for many years. Every brand struggles to improve its business efficiency with artificial intelligence, from small companies, entrepreneurs, and individual sellers to multinational enterprises. Artificial intelligence in marketing provides many great opportunities for business owners to improve their marketing strategy.

With the help of AI marketing tools, you can now perform many intelligent tasks and strengthen your marketing efforts. Whether you want to run a personalised marketing campaign, offer relevant recommendations to your customers, or create engaging content for individual users, many AI marketing tools can help you perform these intricate tasks.

Many established brands, including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, and IBM – to name a few, are using AI marketing tools to gain a competitive edge. Your brand can also use AI marketing tools to increase productivity, improve business operations, and achieve impressive results. Today, you will find the best AI-powered tools, apps, and platforms for marketing, but the question is, which is best for you? In this blog, I'll explain the best AI marketing tools. Let's check them out.

Top 15+ Best AI Marketing Tools You Need to Try

1 – ChatGPT

Chatgpt Marketing Tool Review

Price: Free

ChatGPT is a revolutionary tool that is helping marketers strengthen their social media, SEO and email marketing efforts. Yes, it is an all-in-one AI platform that writes catchy social media captions, engaging email copy, interesting sections for your blog and much more. You need to give a specific command to the ChatGPT, and you will get an accurate response.

This unique tool can help you streamline your market research, gain valuable insights into the audience, generate better customer service feedback, and engage in social media conversations. These capabilities enable marketers to focus on meeting customers' needs and make quick and well-informed decisions.

  • ChatGPT can be integrated into websites and social media platforms to provide instant customer support 24/7. It can answer frequently asked questions, resolve customer issues, and even recommend relevant products to customers.
  • The tool can generate marketing copy, such as product descriptions, blog posts, and email subject lines, saving marketers time and effort.
  • ChatGPT can act as a chatbot, which you can use to chat with website visitors and collect information about their needs and interests. This information can then personalise follow-up communications and convert leads into customers.
  • ChatGPT can be trained on market research data and be used to analyse customer sentiment and preferences. It will help marketers to develop effective marketing strategies and product development.
  • ChatGPT can automate customer service and sales processes, freeing up time and resources for marketers to focus on other tasks.
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ChatGPT can help marketers streamline business processes, improve customer engagement, and make data-driven decisions.

2 – ChatSonicAI

Chatsonic Home Page

Price: Free

ChatSonicAI is a great AI-powered tool for marketers, allowing them to generate engaging content for your websites and social media. The best part about ChatSonicAI is that it can generate visually appealing digital artwork that you can use for your social media posts, digital marketing campaigns and websites. ChatSonicAI, like Google Assistant and Siri, can immediately understand and respond to your command.

Many companies are harnessing the power of ChatSonicAI to perform different business operations:

  • The ChatSonic API lets you connect ChatSonic with your website or mobile app, offering a seamless user experience.
  • It acts as a conversation partner that helps your customer support team to offer quick customer service and engage with customers.
  • ChatSonic helps marketers create targeted campaigns to fulfil the individual customer's needs.
  • It has incredible text-to-image generation capability and can create outstanding visuals for your digital marketing campaigns and social media posts.

3 – Synthesia

Best Ai Video Marketing Tools

Price: $30/month

Synthesia is an AI-powered tool that has an excellent capability to create videos from text. This AI-generation platform can create videos in different languages, saving marketers time, budget, and digital marketing resources. This AI video creation tool helps marketers create exciting videos for social media campaigns, landing pages and email campaigns.

Synthesia offers many benefits for your marketing team, including:

  • Create professional videos faster
  • Intuitive interface with easy-to-use features
  • Access 100+ AI avatars to fulfil your video needs
  • Affordable video production starting at $30/month Web-based app accessible in your browser
  • Allows you to edit and update the video
  • Localise videos in 120+ languages and accents

4 – Semrush

Free Semrush Account
Source: Semrush

Price: (Monthly) $119 for Pro / $229 for Guru / $499 for Business

Semrush is one of the best AI marketing tools that can fulfil all your SEO, social media, content marketing, and advertising needs. Whether you want to run a killer social media campaign or create a content marketing strategy, Semrush is the best choice for marketers.

It is an excellent tool for your SEO team, allowing them to perform technical SEO audits, do keyword research, and analyse the domain's backlink profile. Many SEOs and marketers use Semrush as a rank-tracking tool, as it can figure out which keywords are top-performing and track your SERP positions.

With the Semrush advertising toolkit, you can find the keywords for your PPC campaigns, monitor your competitors' ad copies, and optimise your advertising spend. It helps content marketers find relevant topics for the audience, track brand mentions, and audit website content.

These AI Marketing tools allow you to analyse the traffic of your competitors' websites and unveil their strategies. You can get ideas for your social media marketing campaigns, analyse the performance of your posts and schedule content on social media.

5 – Grammarly

Grammarly Tool For Freelancing

Price: Free for Basic, $12.00/month for Premium, $15.00/member/month for Business

Grammarly is an AI-based writing assistant that can help marketers to write error-free content for their consumers. Whether writing social media captions, email copy, blog posts or website content, these AI marketing tools allow you to write clear and engaging copy. This writing assistant provides many comprehensive suggestions, from grammar and spelling to style and tone.

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Grammarly is packed with a lot of unique features, including:

  • Grammar Checker
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Citation Generator
  • Essay Checker
  • Tone Detector
  • Style Guide
  • Snippets
  • Analytics
  • Brand Tones

Grammarly helps you improve the overall quality of your content – from grammar to readability, punctuation, tone, and spelling; you can check the copy in real time to improve tone, clarity, and style. This intelligent AI-based writing tool helps marketers proofread and edit documents and develop compelling and error-free content for their campaigns and social media posts.

6 – Jasper AI

Jasper Ai Review Scaled 1

Price: $29/month for Starter Plan

Jasper is one of the best AI marketing tools online, allowing you to write 100% original, SEO-optimised content for your websites and blogs. Marketers can harness the power of Jasper and write well-researched blog posts, engaging social media posts, stories, and email copy. All you need is to tell Jasper what exactly you want, and it will give you high-quality output with better context.

It is an excellent tool for writing SEO-optimised long-form content, blog posts and website content faster. The tool is integrated with SurferSEO, allowing you to optimise your website content and blog posts to rank higher on search engine result pages. Jasper will enable you to write content in 25 different languages and offers many writing templates that you can use to meet your writing needs.

  • Text Summarizer
  • Paragraph Generator
  • Product Description
  • AIDA Framework
  • Creative Story
  • Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) Framework
  • Content improver
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas
  • Blog Post Outline
  • Blog Post Intro and Conclusion Paragraph
  • Feature to Benefit
  • Sentence Expander
  • Personal Bio
  • Social media ad copies
  • SEO title and meta descriptions
  • Amazon product features
  • Engaging questions
  • Quora answers
  • Photo post captions
  • Website headlines and subheadlines
  • Email subject lines

With Jasper, you can write engaging content that is plagiarism-free, SEO-optimised and can convert immediately.

7 – Manychat

Best Ai Chat Marketing Tools

Price: Free for Basic, $15 / month for Pro

Today's tech-savvy customers want quick and accurate replies from brands they prefer to shop for. Engaging with your existing and current customers has become possible with Manychat, an AI-based tool for chat marketing. Manychat can generate interactive and quick responses that you can send via Instagram direct messages, Facebook Messenger, and SMS.

Automated conversations can strengthen your Instagram marketing strategy and lead-generation process. Manychat acts as a customer support representative that can help customers find the right product, send automatic responses, create product quizzes, and generate highly qualified leads.

It is a great lead-generation tool to increase follower count by running messaging-powered campaigns. It can build personalised conversations, engage more prospects, and get more leads. No matter which channel you use for your brand marketing – Instagram, Facebook, SMS text messages or WhatsApp – Manychat helps you build personalised conversations.

8 – Lumen5

Lumen5 Ai Video Tool

Price: Free

Lumen5 is an AI marketing tool that can transform content into engaging videos. Whether it's a blog post, zoom recording, Whitepaper, or any interesting story, Lumen5's intelligent AI and machine learning algorithm can help you create captivating video clips that you can use to promote your brand. You can access hundreds of customisable designs, video footage, images, and music options to make your brand video super engaging.

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The advanced AI technology automatically searches relevant stock footage and calculates text positioning and scene compositions to create the best visual output. You can edit your video by changing colours, adding watermarks, adding typography, and reformating it into different aspect ratios.

9 – MarketMuse

Marketmuse Ai Tool Review

Price: Free, $149 /month for the Standard plan

MarketMuse is an AI content planning and optimisation tool to help marketers create a solid content marketing plan. Its intelligent AI technology analyses the website and offers personalised suggestions and objective insights that you can use to create a better plan. You can perform automated content audits with MarketMuse that quickly analyse what is suitable for your website.

MarketMuse can create a content marketing plan for your brand in minutes without manual research and keyword planning. You can quickly gain page level, site level and SERP insights, saving your time and resources. With MarketMuse, content cluster creation and analysis have become an easy job. You can build clusters with MarketMuse and analyse what topics would suit best for your website.

Competitive content analysis allows you to identify gaps in your content and optimise keywords to gain a higher position in the SERP. MarketMuse's clever AI gives you real-time feedback to improve your content quality and measures your content quality before publication. You can optimise content and create the best version to enhance your brand authority.

10 – Poised

Poised Ai Tool For Marketing

Price: Free, $13/month for Pro

Poised is an excellent AI-based communication tool that helps marketers engage with their customers and build stronger connections. The tool gives you real-time feedback, analyses different speech trends, and creates a personalised content plan for your customers. Poised tools are excellent for marketers, business founders, product managers, and sales teams.


  • Live feedback
  • Key meeting moments and analysis
  • Learning content
  • Filler words, energy, talk time, positive and negative tones, and pace feedback

11 – Phrasee

Phrasee Email Ai Tool

Price: No pricing plan is mentioned on the website

Phrasee is an AI-based content platform that delivers personalised and engaging marketing messages for your customers. Whether you want content for product launches, newsletters, welcome campaigns, status updates, or push and SMS notifications, Phrasee can help you write content for multiple channels. From punctuation to grammar and context, the Phrasee AI platform allows you to generate natural-sounding brand marketing messages.

The tool lets you generate, optimise, and automate real-time marketing messages. You can get customers' insights to improve your marketing plan and make changes in the AI-generated content. The innovative AI-based automated system generates the content you need for each customer journey phase. You only need to enter your campaign goals, customer data, and brand requirements to get the desired results. With AI-generated social media captions, you can improve the performance of your social media campaigns, which will generate more engagement and revenue.

12 – Optimove

Optimization Bot Min

Price: No pricing plan is mentioned on the website

Optimove is an AI-based customer data platform that helps marketers understand their customers and delivers real-time personalised digital experiences. With Optimove, you can access valuable customer data for different engagement opportunities. This data can be used to improve the customer journey and marketing campaigns. The self-optimising algorithms and real-time decision engine let marketers create personalised messages for each customer for multiple channels.

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With Optimove's AI bots, you can manage customer and campaign data to maximise your marketing efforts' impact. With the help of valuable customer insights, you can optimise your relationship marketing activities. Intelligent machine learning and AI optimisation bots automate the analysis of marketing campaigns, which eventually results in effective CRM communications and better campaign results.

Optimove allows you to use different native marketing channels for CRM, such as email, mobile push notifications, web pop-ups, and digital advertising platforms. With real-time content recommendations, timely personalised messages, AI-based search engines, and personalised retargeting, marketers can create a holistic journey that delights customers and maximises customer engagement.

13 – Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense Ai Tool

Price: Marketo – $360/month, HubSpot – $64/month

Seventh Sense is an AI marketing tool designed to improve your email marketing campaigns and get the desired results. It is an excellent email delivery optimisation platform for HubSpot and Marketo to enhance reporting capabilities. The ultimate goal of Seventh Sense is to ensure increased deliverability, engagement, and conversions.

Its intelligent AI system automatically identifies the right email delivery time for each individual in the database. This unique feature will help you achieve impressive results from your email marketing campaigns. With email frequency optimisation, you can automatically send emails to your customers at a preferred frequency.

The fantastic email throttling feature allows you to pause campaigns anytime, make necessary changes and spread the load on your customer support and sales team. You can improve your sales cycle and boost conversion rates by optimising send time and frequency.

14 – ChatFuel

Chatfuel Ai Chat Tool

Price: Free Trial, $14.99 for Entrepreneurs, $24.99 for Startup, $59.99 for Small Businesses

ChatFuel is a customer support and sales platform that can attract, interact and retain more customers through chatbot marketing. Whether you want to increase organic leads or boost your conversion rate, ChatFuel can give you an excellent opportunity to engage with customers. You can provide instant customer support throughout the customer journey and better interact with your customers. ChatFuel lets you retain your customers by sending reengage messages.

You will find hundreds of pre-made answer templates of questions for direct messages and comments. It will provide analytics for common inquiries so that you can better automate your conversations. You can drive more sales by sending promo codes, answering FAQs, recommending products, and collecting user feedback. Internal CRM management can help you segment your audience so that you can create messages according to customers' interests and needs.

ChatFuel can easily integrate into different platforms, including websites, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. It lets you easily communicate with your customers on your website. It will allow you to engage with your customers, nurture them and encourage them to buy your products or services. With

15 – Beacons

Beacons Ai Tool Review

Price: Free for Creators, $7/month for Entrepreneurs

Beacons is an all-in-one AI platform for small businesses, packed with easy-to-use tools specially made for creators. From email marketing to audience management, brand outreach, managing social media posts, and easy payment methods, Beacons can perform multiple tasks.

The intelligent website builder allows you to create engaging landing pages that you can use to promote your products, connect to storefronts, and link to your existing channels. The dashboard lets you track, plan, and analyse social media post activities. Beacons' intelligent AI-based audience manager helps you gain valuable insights into your audience and build better relationships with your followers and fans.

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It also acts as a great email marketing tool that you can use to send emails to your target customers. Beacons have made brand outreach easier for marketers. The AI-powered tool can auto-generate high-quality brand deal outreach email messages you can send to the brands you want to work with.

Beacons are loaded with many useful features and tools that can help your small business grow, including:

  • Link in bio
  • Media Kit
  • Invoicing
  • Post Activity
  • Income Dashboard
  • Pricing Calculator
  • W-9 Generator
  • Early Pay
  • Link Shortener
  • Audience Manager
  • Email Marketing
  • Store
  • QR Code Generator
  • AI Brand Outreach

16 – 

Ai Paraphrasing Tool

Free for Basic, $7/month for Premium, an AI-powered platform, is a top-tier tool in the marketing arena. This all-in-one platform isn't just about rewriting existing content. It's about transforming your marketing content to make it more engaging, readable, and optimised for SEO. The advanced machine learning algorithms the platform employs ensure your content maintains its original meaning while presenting it fresh.

The tool is designed to be versatile and adaptable, capable of handling various content types, from blog posts and articles to social media updates and press releases. Beyond text paraphrasing – the platform's multimedia rewriting capabilities mean it can rephrase image text, convert speech to text, and even paraphrase audio clips.

Critical features of include:

  • The tool offers versatile rewriting capabilities with eight different paraphrasing modes to suit any context or audience. From academic to creative, every paraphrasing mode is designed to serve a specific purpose.
  • The tool can rephrase text in images and convert speech to text, making it a powerful companion for marketing teams in various content formats.
  • Many tools are available for text generation, grammar checking, plagiarism checking, and more. This suite ensures your content is original but also high-quality and engaging.
  • The intelligent AI editor offers functionalities like translating content, adding bullets, and generating summaries. This means you can do more than just paraphrase – you can create comprehensive, well-structured content.
  • Leveraging the GPT-3 model, its chat feature can help create conversational content crucial for interactive marketing channels like social media and chatbots.
  • Browser extensions, apps, and MS Word add-ons are available for easy access and instant paraphrasing while browsing the web. This can save valuable time and streamline your content creation process.

Simply put, is an invaluable asset in a marketer's toolkit. Its advanced features and user-friendly interface make it the ideal companion for marketers striving for efficiency, creativity, and quality in their content. 

Wrapping Up

So, these are the best AI marketing tools that you can use for your business. Choosing the right AI marketing tool is vital to promote your business, create a positive impact and grow your business. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, experiment with any AI marketing tools, and you will achieve the desired results.

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