Belfast Design City

Belfast Design City

For all you Belfast-based Designers out there, (myself included) this short video entitled Belfast Design City will offer an inspiring snippet of some of our local design delicacies.

Looking for a Belfast-based Graphic Designer?

In a beautifully shot, professional video, (like everything DiscoverIreland produces) scenes feature local architecture, products, fashion, photography, retail, interiors and the designers themselves –  showing an exciting city with design at the heart. The Mac, Lyric Theatre and St George’s Market are prime examples of places in Belfast you could spend a day just absorbing the design that surrounds you.

Irish Design 2015 is a year-long initiative to promote, support and inspire design activity on the island of Ireland and internationally.

If you’re not from here or have never visited… just come.

It’s not a huge city; you can do it in a long weekend! I also recommend checking out the DiscoverIreland Youtube page for gorgeous videos.

To find out more, visit:

Belfast Graphic Design

Look at that typography! – St. George’s Market

If you’re a Belfast designer or creative, be sure to say hello with a comment!

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