11 Annual Report Cover Design Ideas (with Examples)

11 Annual Report Cover Design Ideas (with Examples)

A company’s annual report is a physical representation of its success, communicating its strengths and weaknesses to investors, employees, and members of the media.

Obviously, it’s essential to include the facts and figures most relevant to the company’s progress.

However, one element that’s sometimes overlooked is the report’s cover page.

Despite the old proverb, people do judge a book by its cover—which means if it looks unprofessional or uninspired, people will think of the company in the same light.

A great annual report cover calls for careful planning and strategy.

Here are 11 inspiring annual report cover design ideas and design examples to help you craft the perfect layout.


1 – Showcase the Most Recognisable Brand Iconography


Annual Report Cover Examples


Source: https://www.companyfolders.com/2-pocket-reinforced-3-ring-binder?popup=PG-000-328

It’s a good idea to make your annual report cover design visually connected to the company’s brand in some way—preferably, a way that is quickly recognisable at first glance.

To that end, try placing your most iconic logos, products, or other imagery on the cover of the report.

This presentation binder from Sanrio, for instance, features the company’s most well-known character, Hello Kitty.

Even though the business’s name is only on the back (not the front), recipients are likely to know who it’s from right away because of the recognisable mascot.

The business’s most famous “icon” could also be a person (like the company spokesperson), a location (like their building), or a symbol that represents their industry.

Be sure to choose the image that makes the most sense.


2 – Make Good Use of Photography


Annual Report Design 2019


Source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/71238385/Local-Government-Association-Annual-Report-Title-Design

Photos engage people in a way that few other forms of visual media can.

Images of beautiful environments, friendly human faces, or exciting products are very useful for drawing your recipients’ attention or evoking feelings of warmth and happiness.

The photos in your design should be professionally taken; using something amateurish can do a great deal of harm to the company’s image.

A blurry, out-of-focus image might evoke feelings, all right, but not the feelings you’re hoping for.

If you use four-colour process printing, full-colour photography is a great way to add a splash of visual interest.

Alternatively, you can use PMS printing to reproduce monochrome photos for a cost-effective look that’s easier to coordinate with a particular colour scheme (since they will consist entirely of the colour of your choosing).


3 – Use Inspiring Illustrations


Beautiful Annual Report Design


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/4401257-Cover-Art-Naftogaz-Annual-Report-2017

Symbols and drawings are powerful tools; they can communicate a great deal of information in just one glance.

With illustrations, you gain the advantage of employing imagery that you might not have immediate access to.

That could mean an environment, a person, or even abstract images that don’t necessarily exist in real life.

You can also use this technique to create a more cohesive image—tailoring your illustration to match the rest of the design and your overall branding.

Take the rest of your cover into account when deciding on an art style.

For some designs, a photorealistic look is more appropriate, while other report covers might call for something more stylised or cartoonish.

Your choice of illustration has the potential to send a powerful message to the people impacted by the brand.

For instance, a nonprofit that provides services to children might use drawings and thank-you messages from the kids to show stakeholders the impact of the organisation’s work, attaching an emotional element to the figures of the report.


4 – Express the Company’s Values


Amazing Annual Report Covers


Source: https://www.companyfolders.com/tax-return-report-cover-w-top-file-tab?popup=PG-000-221

People read an annual report to understand how a business is doing financially, but also to understand their values and where their priorities lie.

Whenever possible, use text and images that do more than just “look cool,” but instead, somehow represent who the business is and what it stands for.

The example cover above, for instance, makes use of Skybridge Lofts’ tagline and a light, airy background pattern to suggest “wide open spaces.”

These elements emphasise the business’s eco-friendliness, sustainability, and harmony with the natural world.

Investors and partners will want a sense of what the company values most, so do what you can to convey that actively (without necessarily beating them over the head).


5 – Use Whitespace with Purpose


Annual Report Design Services


Source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/5764197/Mid-Ohio-Foodbank-2012-Annual-Report

In graphic design, empty space isn’t something to be afraid of.

In fact, it’s often the most critical part of your artwork.

A roomy, “open” look is very popular for many annual reports because it puts recipients into a more relaxed state of mind, ready to digest the complex information contained within.

Note that this isn’t an excuse to leave your cover completely blank; you’re going to want something to hold the recipient’s interest.

Instead, use whitespace strategically to draw attention to the most critical elements without overcrowding your cover.


6 – Pay Attention to Colour


Annual Report Designs


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/4832032-PLCB-Annual-Report-Final-Cover-Concept

The colours you use in a cover design can have a drastic effect on the emotions that a recipient feels when looking at it.

In the example design above, for instance, the warm red and gold tones make the cover feel welcoming and cheerful.

However, that might not always be the tone you want to go for, especially if the news inside your annual report isn’t entirely pleasant.

If your cover clashes with the overall message of the report, readers might feel a bit misled or deceived.

Make sure that your colour scheme matches the feeling that you want your readers to walk away with.


7 – Get Creative with Die Cuts


Cover Design Services


Source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/10121457/Dutch-Lady-Annual-Report-2012

Sometimes the most creative design choice you can make doesn’t involve adding something to your annual report cover, but rather, taking something away.

A creative die cut gives your design both visual and tactile interest, encouraging a form of play and interaction.

The die-cut window in the example above, for instance, gives recipients a look at the farm illustration inside while also accentuating the word “milk.”

Die cuts don’t necessarily need to be windows, either.

They might also be on the edge of your cover, giving it a serpentine or otherwise stylised appearance.

Because this is a design technique that’s often overlooked, it’s a reasonably effective way to draw readers’ attention.

After all, we tend to take notice of the unexpected.


8 – Experiment with Visual Texture and Pattern


Ibm Cover Design


Source: https://dribbble.com/shots/3680264–Annual-Report

We tend to think of “texture” as something that we can physically feel with our hands—but visual texture and patterns can play an essential role in your annual report cover design, as well.

Like die cuts, visual texture encourages interaction.

Even if a design only looks like it has an unusual tactile texture, that still encourages the recipient to reach out and touch it.

A regular pattern (like those seen on a sheet of wallpaper or decorative fabric) is suggestive of order and structure.

More chaotic patterns can represent creativity or dynamic motion.

They might also suggest a particular theme or concept.

The example above, for instance, resembles a relief map, calling to mind mountainous landscapes.


9 – Play with Typography


Western Union Annual Report Design


Source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/67832141/Western-Union-Annual-Report-Cover-Designs

Text can transmit information in more ways than one.

Sure, you can communicate through language itself—but the way that text looks convey a message all on its own.

Try thinking of your typography regarding a graphical element.

Pay close attention to its overall style and aesthetic.

Choose a typeface that matches the voice and tone of the company.

For instance, script fonts are typically more feminine and friendly, while block lettering is more commanding and authoritative.

With annual reports, in particular, one common technique is to make the relevant year a central feature of the design (as seen in this example).

Alternatively, use a unique typeface for the business’s tagline or a cloud of words related to their brand.


10 – Stay Consistent with the Pages Inside


Annual Report Ideas


Source: https://www.coroflot.com/joannejuskus/Annual-Report

As with any graphic design, your annual report cover should be visually consistent with the rest of the company’s brand—and that includes the materials that will be placed inside of it.

If you’re not designing the annual report itself, make sure you get ahold of it or understand the way it’s going to appear.

This doesn’t mean your cover has to look the same as the report, with the same colours—only that it should complement the documents in some way.

Have a good understanding of harmonic colour schemes so that your annual report maintains a cohesive look.


11 – Make Use of Annual Report Cover Design Templates


Annual Report Design Template


Source: https://www.companyfolders.com/design/office-architecture-single-pocket-folder-template

Templates have gotten something of a bad reputation, often associated with quick, simple fixes and derivative designs.

However, using a template doesn’t necessarily mean copying an existing design.

Many annual report cover design templates are highly customisable, allowing you to replace the images, text, and virtually every other aspect of the design.

They can save you a ton of time when it comes to creating a basic layout.

Plus, even if you don’t end up using a template for the final design, experimenting with one might give you the inspiration you need to create an original concept of your own.


An annual report isn’t technically an advertisement, but it’s a form of marketing all the same—and the company in question is the product.

For that reason, it’s vital to give your cover design the care and attention it deserves.

Do you have more tips or ideas for creating an annual report cover design?

Share them in the comments below!


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