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Check out these amazing Logos for Sale – Get a professional Logo Design for £99!

Providing a huge range of professional logo templates for your business, we’ve got affordable company logos for as little as £99!

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How does buying logos in the store work?


All Purchases include customization free of charge


Logo design templates in the store are usually created with generic brand names which can be easily changed to your company’s name. If you want to get any logo template adapted, with a change of colours or minor tweaks after purchase, let me know via email – ([email protected])


What rights you receive upon purchase of a logo template


When you buy a logo template you receive full rights to the logo upon payment. This means you have exclusive and complete control over the logo’s publication, distribution, and reproduction without any time limit. We only sell each logo once to retain exclusivity to you. You have the right to resell or change the logo as you fit.


What logo files you receive


You will receive your new logo in vector format, created in Adobe Illustrator, along with PDF, EPS, PNG and JPEG variants on white, coloured and transparent backgrounds. Let me know if you have specific requirements and I’ll be happy to help. Click here to learn more about the logo design file formats.


Payment options

Our Logo Store allows you to pay with PayPal or Credit Card (processed by PayPal). If you have questions, issues or comments please let me know and I’ll respond asap.

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