Uniform Design for Professional DJ EDX

Stuart was great. Inventive, reliable, accessible and thoughtful. I really wasn’t clear what I wanted but he was able to take concepts that were important to me, listen and draw out what was important somehow in the process.

Don’t hesitate to get him on board!

Andy McBride

Uniform Design Services


Uniform design and promotional work clothing are amongst services offered by Inkbot Design. These are generally within the scope of a larger branding project.

If you have an expensive restaurant and need professional work shirt uniforms for the staff, we can help.

Maybe you are a DJ or Musician that wants to sell T-shirts with your logo on the front at gigs and live events, we can look into that.

Perhaps your office uniform design is just as important as the new logo design, or you need clothing design such as caps, scarves or helmets?

Whatever the case, nothing is outside the scope of the graphic design services we offer.

Everything from basic T-shirt design, to uniform design for office staff with the logo embroidered.

We can work together to make your business look as professional as your brand deserves.

Using local manufacturers and suppliers will save money on international shipping and handling.

As a professional uniform designer, we can work to any standard worldwide. Sending files to the supplier who will then in turn ship to your location.

Check out this post on the advantages of corporate clothing and how it benefits your Brand Identity.

Looking for a Professional Uniform Designer?