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If you are looking to grow your business, but are unsure of how to go about it, our Brand Consulting services will be of value to you.

Maybe you are struggling to find the new creative name of your company, why not get in touch and we’ll throw in a tagline for free!

We are a brand consulting firm that can bring your brand to life.

We can help you become a successful business through a structured growth and action plan.

We’ve worked on strategy and tactics, in a wide range of industries, with companies from all over the world.

From web startups to construction companies, freelancing entrepreneurs to large non-profit Organisations.

Brand Consultation Services


Inkbot Design offers full Brand Consultation Services.

From a website review to advice on Branding across social media, we have you covered.

A brand design consultation can be arranged no matter your location.

If you are unsure of how people perceive your brand or need expert advice on your brand marketing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Whatever you are comfortable with, we can work with.

If you prefer an online Brand consultation over a formal design consultation, that’s what we can do.

Working with Stuart was like stepping into a totally different world.

Having worked with a few designers who I felt were severely lacking in understanding their clients requirements, Stuart was a pleasure to work with. Within a few days, I felt like I had known him for a few years and not days.

His clarity is unrivalled, his ability to seek out my requirements, provide astute observation and suggested direction while still making me feel I was in control is a skill you can’t make up.

As a brand existing in the complex world of e-commerce, classifieds, Auctions and affiliate marketing, we needed to appeal to all those varied demographics (Business and private) without alienating any of them and I believe we pulled it off brilliantly.

The journey was pleasurable and fulfilling. I will certainly use Stuart and Inkbot Design in out future projects. Everything felt so easy.

Thank you Stuart.

David Longe


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