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Inkbot Design offers a range of creative Brand Identity Design services.

Your Brand is the core of your Business. No matter whether you are a sole trader or a multinational business, it is a critical factor to get right in order to be successful.

Your Business is your Brand. Your Brand is my Business.™

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Brand Identity for Your Business


Your Brand or “brand image” is the reputation that your company has built up within the marketplace and how it is viewed by your current and potential customers.

Your Brand is also a powerful communication tool which connects your product or service to its target audience.

When a brand identity design is executed correctly it creates a powerful connection between the customer and the product or service and conveys the messages required by the company to generate business.

The message could be anything from ‘Buy Me‘ to ‘Choose me over the competitors‘ and communicating this message must be done with care if you wish to encourage customers into taking action. A clever Graphic Designer (that’ll be me then!) can achieve this with style, subtlety and flair.

Ultimately, a graphic designer cannot create a brand image, as the brand image is how the public respond to the devices created under the larger umbrella of a Brand Identity.

Brand Identity design is the collected principles and visual elements that make up your company’s public face. It paints a picture of your business and tells the world what you’re all about, what you do, your beliefs and how you represent yourselves.

The aim with my branding services is to ensure your identity and ethos meshes perfectly with the image you project.

Although brand image can’t be designed, Brand Identity most certainly can.

Your Brand Identity design can be the key to success or it can be the reason for failure – it’s that important. If your brand identity fails to represent and put across your business’ principles and if it doesn’t show a customer what is on offer then it’s unlikely to be a success.

If you feel your business needs a more developed Brand Identity then working with Inkbot Design is a great move.

Our Brand Identity design services are carefully tailored to your company and I create materials which specifically meet your business requirements.

With the right branding, businesses can increase their product’s perceived value, establish relationships with their customers that span ages and borders, and nurture those relationships into a lifelong bond.

David Airey

Freelance Graphic Designer

Brand Identity Design Services UK

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Corporate Brand Identity Design Belfast

With the experience to help companies define the entire spectrum of their brand design, I am equally happy working on a complete re-brand project as I am designing a single business card or corporate stationery.

Working with Inkbot Design means you can discuss your project every step of the way and I’ll be on hand to clear up any confusion or ambiguity. If you need any of my branding  services please request a quote.

There is also a wide range of my branding design projects in my graphic design portfolio so you can see how I have helped other people.

Here’s how I’ve helped other Brands succeed

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Client Testimonial Laura Quick-AdamsWe asked Stuart to design a new logo and help with rebranding our company. We were really pleased with the results. He listens and really takes note of what you want to achieve, he is creative and inventive and quickly produced lots of beautifully presented ideas for us whilst remaining within the boundaries specified. We were really impressed with both his creativity and the professional way in which he works. We recommend him very highly. Thanks Stuart – we will definitely be in touch soon with another assignment!

Laura Quick

I approached Stuart to design the logo for Aubrey & Brummell based on the strength of his portfolio and the glowing recommendations he has received for his branding services.

I’m so glad Stuart was able to help, as he has done a fantastic job which reflected the complexities of the brief. He was always available to answer questions and provided a very professional service. I was delighted with the initial concepts Stuart put forward and the final logo we settled upon required very little adaptation, which is a testament to his skill.

I would recommend Stuart to anyone serious about their branding needs.”

Keir Aubrey

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