First impressions

First impressions

According to a study published by researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology,  website viewers took only 0.2 seconds to form first impressions. Although this makes total sense, it surprised me just how little time that was to work with as a designer.

The longer the viewer remained on the site, the better their impression of that site is. The most important thing to note with this is that the thing they spent most time looking at to form the first impression was the logo.


To quote Dr. Hong Sheng:

We know first impressions are very important. As more people use the Internet to search for information, a user’s first impressions of a website can determine whether that user forms a favorable or unfavorable view of that organization.


What this means is that having an effective logo design will ensure a better and more favourable first impression, therefore retaining the attention of the viewer for a longer timeframe. A poor logo design will really set off a bad first impression, leading to higher bounce rates – unless of course your content is incredible. This is entirely subjective, but that’s the point.

Conveying your message quickly and legibly is essential.


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