Colours In Logo Design

Colours In Logo Design

Picking a colour combination for a logo may not seem like the most difficult task in the world, but if you get it wrong, your logo design will suffer. Don’t let that put you off trying though; experimenting with colour combinations is one of the most enjoyable aspects of logo design. Below are some tips and tools to help you along the way.

Why Is Colour So Important?

A well-chosen colour scheme is the finishing touch to a logo design and can take it from being a good logo to being a great one. Your colour scheme is what makes you stand out, what makes you recognisable and what makes you you. If you get it right it can attract an audience and gain you a following. It will also make people remember you, which is one of the most important functions of a logo; without that there isn’t much point.

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The Effect Of Colours in Logo Design

Colours in logo design and branding can evoke powerful emotions, which drive an audience to invest in that brand. To give an example of just how powerful a colour can be, think about Cadburys chocolate. Their logo design and branding is based around that all too familiar shade of luxurious purple. Everyone knows that purple and instantly thinks of Cadbury when they see it – now that’s powerful.

Cadbury chose this shade of purple very carefully; it represents power, richness, quality and imagination – everything you want in a chocolate bar. Cadbury has had so much success with this hue that they spent 5 years battling to trademark it, making other companies unable to use it.

So, if you put plenty of thought into the meaning of the colours you use, you could really reap the benefits when you become a recognisable household name.


How Many Colours Should You Use?


Colours in logo design


If you look at most of the big brands in the market today, you will notice that they tend to incorporate just 2 or 3 colours in their logos, with the third tone usually being used as an accent shade. The other 2 usually act as the main ‘brand colours’.

When approaching your logo design it would be wise to avoid using more than 3 colours as a maximum. This is mainly because too many can confuse your logo design and cause no end of nightmares when it comes to printing. It can also look gaudy and messy, in the same way a poster design would if you used 4 different fonts. Keep it concise and simple for the most effective outcome.


How To Choose Your Colours

Here are some useful tools to help you experiment with and choose colours for your logo designs:

Adobe Kuler


Kuler colours in logo design


This amazing free online tool is probably the best known and most popular. Integrated with the Adobe Suite, it’s perfect for playing around with any colour you could ever want in your logo. There are a lot of scheme creators out there that allow you to do different things, but Kuler combines them all into one tool.

The best thing to do, if you haven’t already, is to create an Adobe ID in the ‘My Themes’ tab. This way, you can create and save the themes you create, revisiting them if you want to. Kuler is great because it makes creating colour schemes incredibly easy and gives you lots of options. You can even upload images and create colour schemes from them. If you’re making a logo with a nature theme, for example, you could upload a photograph of a landscape and create multiple themes just from that.

The Colour Wheel tool helps you choose themes by giving you various options, which you can choose from depending on what type of scheme you want your logo to feature. For example, you can create monochromatic, complimentary or analogous schemes. Or you can create a series of shades of the same colour. You can do all this within seconds, and what’s really great is that this tool can give you new inspiration as well as produce what you originally had in mind. To use colour schemes you have created and saved, all you have to do is click ‘download’ and save it to a location of your choice. If you have recent versions of the Adobe Creative Suite you can even access your themes within the programs; just look for Kuler in your ‘Windows’ menu.




Pantone colours in logo design


If you are a professional designer working for a client, you may want use specific Pantone colours in your designs and projects. These colour guides can help you choose colour schemes for your design, making sure they will print out the way you want them to, avoiding issues with screen and printer calibration.

Flicking through the Pantone books is a nice, tactile way to gain inspiration and can provide a welcome break from the screen. You can browse palettes, put them next to one another and see what will work best when combined. Pantone also makes a point of telling you the meaning behind each hue. This can help you choose colour schemes that will tell the right story for your brand.

Once you have found the colour you like in the books you can then go back to the computer and find the exact variant in Illustrator and use them in your logo designs. They also correspond with the CMYK and RGB values for print and screen. This ensures you are using the best colour values for all display formats.


Other Useful Tools

Inkbot Design 2.0
Audio Branding: How Sound Impacts Your Identity

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Terri Nakamura

Thanks for an interesting post. I’ve done a lot of reading and research on color and feel having knowledge of what is effective or appropriate is an advantage to any graphic designer.


Totally agree Terri, its amazing how different colours effect people differently too. Matching colours to your site or logo theme is essential and best left for the professionals.

Ingrid Khadijah
Ingrid Khadijah

Wow this is amazing, I’m just now working on some logo’s so this is something to take into mind thank you so much for sharing this!

Pushpavathi V
Pushpavathi V

thankful to u for giving a excellent information on this subject .. i am researching this subject from almost 6 months..
thanx. can u suggest me some books related to this. ?

Business Logos
Business Logos

Perfect colors make the logo attractive and adorable. The choice of colors is really important for logo.

Joan Stewart

Some great content and ideas in this post thanks Stuart. Selecting on the ‘fly’ is a little tool called Pixie on this link for getting exactly what a client may request.


this was very helpful for my blog! thanks for sharing 🙂


Fascinating topic, even for amateurs.

Sue Ann Simon

WOW! Great tools for amateurs. I was considering colour in my logo design and now I know where to start!

Bruce Chantler

Great tips and guidelines. We all know that how important colors are in logo design. So, choosing the perfect color for your business logo is as essential as the logo itself.

Philip Turner

Another aspect to consider is how your target audience are typically affected by colour. Men and women are affected differently, as are different age groups. Culture is a third factor.
The links below are from my Evernote file on the subject