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Colours In Logo Design

Pantone Colours Logo Design

Picking a colour combination for a logo may not seem like the most difficult task in the world, but if you get it wrong, your logo design will suffer. Don’t let that put you off trying though; experimenting with colour combinations is one of the most enjoyable aspects of logo design. Below are some tips and tools to help you along the way. Continue Reading →

Paula Scher

Paula Scher Famous Graphic Designers

Famous Graphic Designers Paula Scher

Nationality: American

Born: 1948

Famous For: her album covers, illustration and branding at Pentagram


Paula Scher is an American designer, illustrator and the first female principal of Pentagram, which she joined in 1991. She is probably best known for her recent work on large brand projects such as Citibank, Windows 8, MoMa and The Metropolitan Opera in New York.

In saying that, she has been recognised with more than 300 awards from international design associations, with work being showcased in the Museum of Modern Art, the Library of Congress, the Museum für Gestaltung and the Centre Georges Pompidou.

Outside of actually designing, she is a well-known educator, teaching at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Her 2008 TED talk entitled “Great design is serious, not solemn” can be viewed below. Continue Reading →

5 Typography Artists Worth Following


When expressed in artistic and inventive ways, typography moves away from being simply words arranged for print and becomes inspiring and exciting forms of design. In this article we look at 5 of the best typography artists and their work. Continue Reading →

Audio Branding: How Sound Impacts Your Identity


Audio branding (or Sound Branding) is the use of sound to reinforce a company’s brand identity. It is becoming an increasingly popular method of providing customers with a memorable message and utilises the powerful memory sense of sound. It can be an extremely effective way to spread the word about your brand because almost everyone loves music, yet not everyone enjoys being bombarded by advertising.

Consider this, the average person is exposed to anywhere from 200 to 3,500 adverts PER DAY which is why so many marketing efforts fall flat on their face. Audio branding comes at it from a different angle and consumers seem to be more receptive to it. Yet sound branding is not just about playing a jaunty tune in the background – marketing teams need to know how a brand actually ‘sounds’ to the general public. Continue Reading →

Design Trends in 2014

Design Trends 2014

We all know that things can be fiercely popular one minute and shamefully old-fashioned the next. Design trends in the graphic design and communication mediums are no exception and are constantly emerging, thriving, dying and then re-emerging. This process is valuable as it allows us to look back at what has been done in the past, decide if it still works and use this to inform our design decisions of the future.

Here we take a look at some of the graphic design trends we can expect to see in 2014.
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