100 Famous Logos

100 Famous Logos

A great little book arrived today entitled Logo Life : Life Histories of 100 Famous Logos, compiled by Ron van der Vlugt. I had pre-ordered it a month or two back and had almost forgotten, making it a nice surprise.

I’ve seen blog posts and tumblr images of famous logos and  how they’ve developed over time, but this is the first book I’ve come across that compiles most of the well-known and popular logo designs, showing an almost chronological step-by-step guide to how their brand has developed over the years. What is nice in particular is that most of the very early, if not very first logo designs that companies have adopted are included allowing for a sort of before and after view to show the extremities of the contemporary and vintage logo design styles. Excerpt from their site:

Apple’s first logo was a complex picture, a tribute to Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree, captioned with a phrase from Wordsworth: “Newton…a mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought…alone”, with a tag line containing the brand name: Apple Computer Co. This is where the short history of the Apple logo begins. The apple shape was introduced not long after, with a bite taken out of it to increase brand recognition, first with rainbow colours and later in monochromatic tones. In Logo Life, you can read the short histories of the Apple logo and 99 other famous logos for world-famous brands, seeing all the little steps and great leaps in the visual evolution of these logos, as well as some of their most iconic uses in brand advertising. 100 Famous Logos is a great book full of visual details and facts worth knowing about the evolution of many of the world’s greatest logos.

At a very reasonable €24 from the publisher, I would seriously recommend this as a solid addition to every logo designer and graphic designers library. I’ve included some pics below.



100 Famous Logos Book Review

Logo Design Book Review

Logolife Book

100 Famous Logos Book

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[…] Logo Life: Life Histories of 100 Famous Logos by Ron van der Vlugt shows an excellent visual history of famous brand’s logos. What I find interesting is that some brands struggle to find their identity throughout the years, with regular and ‘extreme’ changes, and others such as Coca-Cola seemingly having nailed-it since the turn of the century. I have a more in-depth look at this book here – 100 Famous Logos. […]

mulat asgedom
mulat asgedom

these logs are real interesting .I have special interest in branding and logo development I am from marketing back ground so would please help me to develop my knowledge in this field.

Christopher Prins

Great write up Stuart. All the best.



Interesting, thanks Stuart